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Feast of St. Edmund Campion

Once I Was a Clever Boy: Campion country

Mary's Dowry Productions

Kevin Lee, An Open Letter to Austin Ruse Regarding Ave Maria School of Law


Simon Dale's "Hobbit" Home

Couple build 'Hobbit eco-home' in just four months using basic tools
This amazing off-grid hobbit house cost less than $5,000 to build
I Like to Waste My Time

Simon Dale is helping to construct a village of "natural" houses in Sweden (well, a few, at least) - Hobbit village to be built in Sweden

Simon Dale
Green future is possible! The eco house of Simon Dale

Too Much of a Good Thing?

Some conservatives, traditionalists, or Catholics, may criticize certain bloggers within the androsphere (and their female allies) as being overly preoccupied with marital relations between spouses. How much is enough? Are men who are complaining that they aren't "getting enough" being selfish? Or, as their defenders claim, are they merely seeking to bond with their wives and channeling the sexual impulse into a manifestation of affection? (An emphasis on the unitive aspect of the conjugal act.) It would be a very poor pastoral approach to assume that husbands are "addicted" to sex.

This morning at the book sale I took a look at Catholic Sexual Ethics: A Summary, Explanation, & Defense by William E. May, Ronald Lawler, Joseph Boyle, Jr., and Joseph Boyle, Jr. (Google Books). I took a look at the section dealing with the duties of spouses and the married conjugal life. There was some warning against immoderation with respect to spousal coitus, though it (wisely) did not give any guidelines with respect to frequency, only saying that one should be able to handle not having sex with one's spouse for a period of time (several weeks) if there is serious reason.

I also saw a copy of Married Priests? I don't think any new arguments are advanced regarding clerical celibacy as an ideal, and it relies on much work already done by Cochini and Heid. It is unlikely, then, that this book would successfully persuade Orthodox (and Eastern Catholics).

Priestly celibacy in patristics and in the history of the Church by Roman Cholij (who has since then repudiated his original position, iirc)

He has also written Theodore the Stoudite: The Ordering of Holiness.

From earlier this year: Rome to US Eastern Catholics: New Priests Should “Embrace Celibacy”

A Curious Piece at the Imaginative Conservative

Down Home American Zen by Stephen Masty

The author recommends "Japanese aesthetics, particularly the portions derived from Zen Buddhism and specifically at what is called wabi-sabi" for American cultural conservatives.

Can the beauty of profane items also remind us of God?

I am reminded that this week there was this piece on the connection between the Japanese tea ceremony and Catholicism over at Crisis.

Recovering Masculinity

Boys will be Boys by Rollo Tomassi

You can find a link to the pdf file for No Mr. Nice Guy in the comments. (Well, it actually turns up in the Google search results...)

Art of Manliness podcast interview with the author, Dr. Robert Glover.

I flipped through Meg Meeker's Boy Should be Boys. It covers male leadership, and is probably good for the most part, though I wonder if it isn't too old-fashioned when it advocates imparting "chivalrous" behavior to boys. As far as I could tell, it does not give dating advice or give suggestions to parents on how to prepare boys for our contemporary dating/hook-up scene.

"The single mom is better off earnings gross income of $29,000 with $57,327 in net income & benefits than to earn gross income of $69,000 with net income and benefits of $57,045."

When Work Is Punished: The Tragedy Of America's Welfare State
Submitted by Tyler Durden

Thoughts on Wendell Berry, by Michael Pollan

Edible Schoolyard

Written on this occason -- A Conversation with Wendell Berry
"An Agro-Ethical Aesthetic"

Edible Education 103: "Food Movement Rising? Prop 37 and its Aftermath", by Michael Pollan

Open-Ended Turkey, Green Mountain College's 'Oxengate', and the Search for Food Sovereignty

Ron Paul: Why I Didn't Run as an Independent

Another Player for The Hobbit OST

Rolling Stone Magazine (This one allows you to listen to individual tracks.)

Jack Rakove Reviews For Liberty and Equality: The Life and Times of the Declaration of Independence

Kevin Gutzman recommended this review of For Liberty and Equality: The Life and Times of the Declaration of Independence by Alexander Tsesis as it goes against the Straussians.

On Those Happiness Studies...

Le Cygne Gris links to an article taking a closer look. What is happiness? And how is it different from a meaningful life? The old question of eudaimonia.

Why We Can't Shop Our Way to a Better Economy: Stacy Mitchell at TEDxDirigo

Institute for Local Self-Reliance

The Quebe Sisters Band on WSM Tonight

From their FB page:

The Quebe Sisters Band
‎12/1/12 - Nashville, TN.
Performing on the Sat. Nite Grand Ole Opry. Held at the historic Ryman Auditorium - 7 PM & 9:30 PM CST
Tune in to 650 AM WSM or listen online

WSM Online

Friday, November 30, 2012

Terra Madre 2012

Some Koreans in hanbok at the beginning of the video.

Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre
Terra Madre
Terra Madre at Home


Food Myth Busters - FB

No More White Knighting, Please.

CL's guest post at Sunshine Mary's blog, Why White Knights Are Worse Than Feminists


White Knight motivations I have observed (and some of which I engaged in before I learned better).
1) Thinking that if you let her cry on your shoulder eventually she will let you in her pants. In retrospect this is so pathetic I want to vomit.
2) Genuinely believing what you are taught in school and church, namely that women are innocent victims of predatory men, and that they need a “knight in shining armor” to save them from the bad guys they have between their legs. The women in question are, of course, entirely without responsibility for the bad boys being between their legs. Don’t ask why, it doesn’t really matter.
3) As a corollary to number 2, being taught by church/school/family that a “real man” takes care of women, even when the women in question created their own problems, and only want someone else to take the responsibility of their actions on their behalf.
4) As a corollary to number 3, failing to realize that the distressed damsel does NOT want to be rescued… She just wants somebody to pay the bills for her until the next hot bad boy comes along.
5) Actually believing that if you show her what a truly sensitive and caring guy you really are, and how you will always be there for her, she will someday realize that you are the one. And then let you into her panties. Because that’s how it works out in all the chick flicks, and that’s what all these women are telling you they “really want.”
6) As a corollary to number 5, believing what women tell you they want rather than actually believing what you see them doing with your own lying eyes. Because obviously women never lie, and your eyes deceive you all the time. Because if that’s not the way it is, you’ve been playing YOURSELF for a chump all along…. and you just can’t bear to admit that yet, now can you?
7) Desperately wanting approval from your family/church/female friends so badly that you voluntarily cover your own eyes to avoid seeing the truth. Because if you see the truth then you realize that you live in a fallen and sinful world, and women are just as guilty and depraved as men, and so…..

Photos From the Local Natural Movement Meetup Group

Move with MovNat Certified Trainers from FitHab!

Kalbi 갈비

[Search results for photos]

I was thinking of going to KH today for lunch, but at the moment I'm reluctant to do so because of the after-effects of the marinade (the quality of the short ribs too probably leaves something to be desired). Too much sugar in the marinade? Recalling the taste of the marinade I'm not inclined to eating the kalbi; rather my appetite is diminished.

What are the alternatives to using sugar in the marinade, if one is to make Korean kalbi? One paleo's experiment (which failed). The author mentions that honey is suggested as a substitute. Alternatively one could just use much less sugar, but would that affect the intended taste too much? Mark Sisson's recipe.

It could be that eating too much meat is causing this reaction - I have experienced it at Palace BBQ as well, but in both instances it's the taste of the marinade that is associated with the reaction. Hmm.

Meat Lover’s Guide to Marinating Meat (plus 10 Primal Marinades)

10 White People Problems by Gavin McInnes


Private schools cost a fortune in New York but the public schools are so terrible, the supply still can’t meet the demand. Once you’re finally afforded the opportunity to pay through the nose just so your kid doesn’t spend all day fighting Puerto Ricans, you’re still stuck with a teacher that says your boy’s progress is “Like, really amazing.” OMG. My father’s generation learned Latin for free. Today it costs tens of thousands of dollars to teach your kid to talk like a babysitter.

The Schola of the Dominicans

OP article. The schola's FB page.

Leah Darrow on The Journey Home

This is 40

The latest comedy from Judd Apatow.

We're supposed to sympathize with the two 40-something frazzled parents, but I find it hard to relate to them. Is parenting so bad, or does it seem so difficult because Uhmericans have made them so busy in the pursuit of other priorities? Compare the image of parents presented today on TV and movies with that projected half a century ago - the lack of confidence, maturity, control, wisdom. The new "normal" to be embraced?


Rotten Tomatoes

Rosamund Pike is in Tom Cruise's Jack Reacher. I'll have to remember that.

Bruce Lee Impersonator for a Nokia Commercial

Thursday, November 29, 2012

One of the Few Shows I Can Still Watch

Justified. I'm phasing out NCIS because the propaganda has gotten to be too much, especially as Gibbs pushes it. He should be a good model of masculinity, but the character is a tool of a misandrist system.

FX sets January premieres for 'Justified,' 'Archer,' 'Anger Management' & more
"The Americans," a period spy drama starring Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys as KGB agents undercover in Reagan-era America, will also be debuting in January, but no date has been set yet, other than that it will be later than the shows announced today.

An Interview with Alan Sepinwall

“The Sopranos,” “Mad Men,” And “24”: TV Critic Alan Sepinwall Breaks Down TV Dramas

KA: You hate Jack on Lost! So do I. You get into this question in the book with some of the individual shows that had disappointing endings, but I want to ask about your personal feelings: How much do you as both a fan and critic care about how a show ends? (I will say that I've found that terrible conclusions very much affect my memories of loving a show: I retrofit that love. And never want to re-watch them.)

AS: As someone who went back and re-watched large chunks of these shows in order to write the book, I really didn't find my experience affected by knowing how things ended, whether well or poorly. Those early Lost episodes are still amazing. My favorite Sopranos episodes aren't ruined because I'm thinking of the scene at the ice cream parlor (which I've kind of grown to like, anyway). For me, I think the opposite becomes much more true: that a great ending is more likely to retroactively raise my opinion of a show than a bad ending is to diminish it. The Shield was an excellent show throughout its run, but I think the thing that elevates it into the discussion with the HBO and AMC shows for a place in the all-time pantheon are those last two episodes. That's a case of a serialized drama doing everything we've said throughout this era that we wanted them to do: paying off almost every major story thread, and in the most emotionally powerful way possible. And when I was looking back over old Shield episodes, I found my interest raised even over some periods I found patchier at the time.

The ending for Lost did affect my opinion for the rest of the show. I have no interest in re-watching it.

Goi Peace Foundation Forum 2012 “Values of Happiness”

Helena Norberg-Hodge was in attendance and gave the commemorative address.

Video streaming by Ustream

Part 2

Anthony Esolen on CST

Catholic Social Teaching: It’s Time to End the Misrepresentations by Anthony Esolen

Also at Crisis:
Tea and Christianity by Karen Anderson
Political Correctness Reaches New Low in UK by Theodore Dalrymple

Consecration of Bishop Gregory of Nyssa

Archbishop Demetrios Consecrates and Enthrones Bishop Gregory of Nyssa as the Fourth Ruling Hierarch of the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese

via Byzantine, Texas:

American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of America
The Consecration (Ordination) Of An Orthodox Bishop
Bishop's Photo Galleries - Consecration of Bishop Gregory

Church of the Resurrection in Moscow

Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk celebrates Divine Liturgy at Moscow Representation of the Church of Jerusalem

The style of the art is a bit too modern for my taste, but I've seen worse, especially in Roman-rite churches.

I think the modern Byzantine mitre is too bulbous in shape.

We want a king, too.

Just like the Israelites of old?

A desire for self-rule is not bad, if a people is qualified for it... how many Uhmericans practically worship the Chief of the Federal Executive?

Washington’s General-Worship by William Astore (AmCon)
Our pampered brass are the proconsuls of the American Imperium

The Founding Fathers Made The Presidency For Washington; Letter of Pierce Butler
by Mike Church

The Idea That Will Not Die: Secession
by H. Lee Cheek, Jr., and Sean R. Busick

More from The Imaginative Conservative:
The Wonders of Democracy (?) by Bruce Frohnen
Secession, the Humane Scale of Politics, and American Identity by Douglas C. Minson
What Are American Traditions? by Russell Kirk

First MovNat Podcast Available!

Here it is.

John Medaille speaks on "The Vocation of Business”

Richard Nikoley at AHS 12


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Met Joel Salatin tonight at Book Passage in SF! Long day...

Edit. Chelsea Green is offer a 35% discount on any purchase - Mr. Salatin has self-published some books through the company and is planning to do so for his next book (which may be out next summer). The company also has books by Shannon Hayes.
The domain for the website of the Monastery of the Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple has not been renewed yet. Was there ever a FB page for the monastery?

News from earlier this year: Bishop Thomas, Local Priests Visit Holy Monastery of the Entrance of the Theotokos

For some reason I was sent a copy of the monastery's first newsletter - for fundraising, of course, but I'm not sure how my address obtained. Perhaps through a certain Orthodox online store.

The feast of the Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple was just last week.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Peter Victor on the Extraenvironmentalist

Extraenvironmentalist #53: Without Growth (Resilience)

lg - sm

Managing Without Growth - presentation
Limits to Growth
Nothing Grows Forever
Can we manage without growth? An interview with Peter Victor. Part One; Part Two.

A New Meme

Welmer is the second to state it, the first being L. Auster, who recently has been repeating "It's their country now."

Welmer, Yet More from our Brave Women in Uniform - "It’s time men finally recognized that this isn’t our country any longer. Let the girls play their games, take all the money, call themselves soldiers and so forth. The sooner it falls apart the better for us."

Reflections by Srdja Trifkovic on the Theme of the 2012 John Randolph Club Meeting

Democracy: Reflections on the 2012 JRC Meeting

More a critique of secularism than of democracy? I don't think that the deviant regime of democracy has a necessary connection with secularism, in theory, though in practice, those who rule for their own benefit rather than the benefit of the whole are sinning against God at least materially. But their justification may be grounded in something other than a rejection of divine faith.

Precious Cross to visit Holy Virgin Cathedral, December 1 and 2

Holy Virgin Cathedral/FB:

Precious Cross to visit Holy Virgin Cathedral Saturday, Dec. 1 and Sunday, Dec. 2.

Fr. Ioannis will be at the Cathedral from 9am on Saturday, December 1, and will remain in the Cathedral through the Vigil that evening. The following day, Sunday, December 2, he will be present during both Liturgies.

Here is more information:

Father Ioannis Maridakis from Greece is a priest at the parish of the Birth of the Theotokos in the town of Galata on the island of Crete. He has a metal cross with a piece of the Precious Cross of Christ with a drop of His Blood. The cross was given to Fr. Ioannis in September of 2003 by Maria Panou, the mother of the current representative of the Holy Sepulcher in Athens, who in turn received this cross from Patriarch Diodoros of Jerusalem. A month later after receiving the cross, Fr. Ioannis blessed with this cross a sick person at a hospital in Athens and the patient got well the next day. Since then Fr. Ioannis has blessed thousands of people with this cross in many countries. In the last several years, hundreds of people were healed from various illnesses, including cancer and infertility. Miraculous healings from various illnesses have been documented. The cross gives off a sweet scent and at times streams myrrh.

Vandana Shiva, "Cultivating the Future: The Land is Where We Write our History"

Dr Vandana Shiva gives the keynote address at Florens 2012 in Florence, Italy on 10th November 2012. - Lectio Magistralis di Vandana Shiva tenuta il 10/11/2012 a Palazzo Vecchio all'interno di Florens2012 (4 parts)

Kathryn Bigelow on Nightline

'Zero Dark Thirty': Real-Life Stories Behind Controversial OBL Film


'Zero Dark Thirty' Controversy Over Classified Materials

'Zero Dark Thirty' Focuses on Young Female CIA Agent


Joel Salatin in SF Tomorrow

At Book Passage at the Ferry Building, 6 P.M. (If you're interested in going, you'll need to reserve a spot through eventbrite.)


Paul Howe's Latest for Panteao

Combat Mindset with Paul Howe

The James Bond Myth by Richard Spencer
A Review of Skyfall

"Physical Fitness"

According to Erwan Le Corre, The first MovNat podcast will be available soon. Something he posted today on Facebook:

In today's fitness industry - because is an "industry" just like there is a car industry, food industry, etc,. - too many basic, universal, natural movements are completely overlooked. Completely. Movement as a whole is overlooked. Movement has become a tool for muscles..., while biologically muscles are mere tools for movement.

Back in the days...yes back, far back, a hundred, two hundreds, several hundreds of years ago, you know long long before Jane Fonda's "aerobic" and Arnold Schwarzenegger's body-building? "Fitness" did not exist. At least, our modern concept of fitness. But physical education did exist, and physical education was entirely based on preparing people's bodies and minds to demands of the real world. Practical physical competence and adaptability was at the core of their physical practice.

So you think they cared much about how "tone" their butts were? Or concerned about "core stabilization"? Or obsessed by the size and shape of their muscles? That's right, they didn't give a damn about those things. They did care about their ability to be strong in practical manners, i.e. physically competent in real world situations, where they could also be physically helpful and useful to themselves and others, to their community. 

The finality of it all, this whole modern fitness industry, has switched from the truly practical to the clearly superficial. What a mistake and what a loss! Most fitness "experts" think inside of the box, as indeed their approach is boxed, severely boxed within the limitations of conventional thinking. They can't help but compartmentalize all the time....compartmentalize body parts, muscles, joints, physiological adaptations. They You are not a whole being, no. You are upper body vs lower body. You are "core strength" vs "cardio". Though such an approach may work quite well for specific applications, it is not what the overwhelming majority of people need. You people need move naturally. You people need move humanly, to move the way humans do, beyond social and cultural or even historical differences. To revert back to your universal origins, to the deepest, most ancient forms of movement. The same way the eagle moves like eagles do, the bear moves like bears do, the dolphin moves like dolphins do, humans need move like humans, universally or at least originally, do.

I am not afraid to say that, except a few rare exceptions, a lot of what I see in today's fitness industry looks like a farce to me. What has this industry created in the last few decades that is so brilliant and so effective? Thousands of different exercise machines? Yeah!!! Tons of fitness plastic props and gadgets? Yeah!!! Thousands of gimmicky "conditioning" drills mostly based on muscle or joint isolation, that are terribly boring to do, and that for the most part do not relate to evolutionary, biological movement needs or function nor translate - or very minimally - to real world needs? Yeah!!! Have you ever heard that "less is more"? Because it is. What has this modern fitness industry invented that is so clever, so useful, so indispensable or so enticing? "Fitness", from a contemporary standpoint, has become 3 things. First, a temporary chore, an ineffective quick-fix for being out of shape. Secondly it is the delusional expectation of getting the physical appearance of those Photoshopped models and celebs you see in every magazine. Last, it is an industry that thrives on people's ignorance, vanity or despair. An industry that makes money on somatoform disorders, on body dysmorphic syndrome.

But moving naturally, humanly is not a chore, it is a biological duty. Furthermore, there is more to building a body than building muscle, and there is much more to building a human being than building their body. Ultimately, what we do should liberate and empower us. Now go step in a modern gym and tell me if you think you will liberate and empower yourself in such an environment?

I'm telling you, exercising the body is a stupid idea. What!?!? Yes, a stupid idea. I never exercise my body. I exercise my whole person through movement. I "exercise" my freedom; and the primary form of freedom is the freedom of movement.

In movement I am strong. In movement I am beautiful. In movement I am happy and free. In movement I am a physical expression of my spirit and a spiritual expression of my body. And I wish you the same, because you can experience the same, you can be the same, in your whole entire way. It belongs to all of us. It is our universal birthright. It is one of the most precious gifts of life.
Exercise your freedom. Get moving!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Don Livingston: Jefferson vs. Lincoln: Two Distinct Visions for America

The Zero Dark Thirty FB page: "Catch Zero Dark Thirty director Kathryn Bigelow and writer Mark Boal tonight on Nightline."

If the video becomes available I'll post it.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ethnic Ecclesial Communities

It has been noted that a number of Ibero-Americans have left the Catholic Church and joined Protestant communities, like the Pentecostals, in Ibero-America. Does the same trend exist here in the United States? Are those ecclesial communities even more "ethnic" than the ethnic Catholic parishes, reinforcing a separate or distinct group identity? Or are they more likely to promote some measure of assimilation because they better perceive its necessity for greater economic success and entry into the middle class?

Donald W. Livingston, "Size, Scale, and American Republicanism"

Aw, Shoot!

The Tuttles with AJ Lee at the F&S on January 3.

The same night Rhonda Vincent and the Rage will be performing over in Livermore. Decisions, decisions. (If I return to CA in time.)

Just checked their schedule, and they will be performing at Don Quioxte's on January 6. Good deal!

Wendy Burch Steel at Freight and Salvage

January 10, 2013 - a CD release party.

Her website. (FB)

According to her schedule, Annie Staninec will be playing as well.

Xylitol Lozenges for Dental Health?

Is flossing your teeth a waste of time?: Dentists nag us about it. Scientists insist it prevents heart disease. But now an expert says they've all got it wrong. (via Lew Rockwell)

Lew Rockwell on Secession

325. We Don’t Have To Put Up With This - Gary Franchi of WHDT World News interviews Lew Rockwell about seceding. (mp3)

Robert Levin: Improvising Mozart

More at Pravmir with Fr. Gabriel Bunge

Theological Study, the Spiritual Life, and Russia Today: A Conversation with Fr. Gabriel (Bunge)

Thomas DiLorenzo on The Peter Mac Show

The Peter Mac Show

The Founding Father of Economic Statism | Thomas J. DiLorenzo