Saturday, November 23, 2019

A Definition of Community with Which Statists Would Be Pleased

A community exists between a people, not between strangers.

Junger is wrong on this score:
Yeah, I mean, so first of all like the idea of banning the car, I was speaking very theoretically like if there were no cars, the communities would regain some vibrancy. But I’m suggesting we do that. I don’t think it’s feasible. But you as sort of a mental experiment, I think that would probably do it. So what I find is that people have a real longing to feel like they belong to something and they say the phrase, I'm looking. I haven't found my tribe yet. Which means you’re not going to…I mean, if you’re looking for tribe, your tribe is around you. Your tribe is your community.

You might say that there are people with sort of similar interests. Like say your sports fans or whatever. That’s different from your community and sometimes they word tribe and community get conflated. They’re actually somewhat different things. So I think the safe way to talk about it is, when you look out the window, the people that you…the houses that you see and the people that you see, that’s your community. And those are the people you need to connect with. Even if you might have more in common with people that live across town just because you’re part of a kite flying club or something or whatever.

But it’s the people around you in the neighborhood that are your community. Communities are really different, and I don’t know how to…I can't give you a sort of one-size-fits-all like how to create and bond in a community. But you have to…I think a crisis will immediately spur sort of community commitment by people. So you have to figure out how to create that commitment without a crisis and I don't quite know how to do that. I think it’s a real problem. I think people are reluctant to do it, when they don’t need to. Hold on one more second. They just had to test it. So I honestly don't know what the solution is and I'm not sure there really is a very good one.

Should Have Stuck to Music That Could Be Used for Dramas

Breitbart: Coldplay Sings Anti-Gun Anthem on Latest Album ‘Everyday Life’

Peak Prosperity Interview with Sebastian Junger

Peak Prosperity: Sebastian Junger: Is Our Material Wealth Undermining Our Happiness & Health?

So if you can't defend yourself against an outside group like that, you’re in enormous danger. That's one great threat to the welfare of a community. The other great threat is the community splitting because of that moral conflict. Often those moral conflicts are the results of unfairness. So unfairness within the society can be as dangerous as an enemy outside the society and typically, they’ve done a lot of genetic studies of this. Liberalism and conservatism are not just political ways of thinking in modern America. They those says of seeing the world go way, way back and they’re genetically encoded into us.

So there are genetic conservatives whose primary fear is threat from the outside. Conservatives are oriented toward an outside threat in a very basic sense. Genetic liberals are oriented towards an internal threat. An abuse of power. Unfairness. That kind of thing. The genetics for these political viewpoints are divided roughly 50-50 in the population. So essentially what you have is, in any human community about half the people they’re worried about outside threats and half the people are worried about internal problems. In a kind of stasis. I mean, you sort of need both just like you need both men and women in the society.

So the trick is to sort of balance those very, very legitimate concerns. But they’re sort of antithetical to each other. So like the _____ [00:15:47] sort of moral hierarchies that are good at protecting the society from an outside threat are terrible when it comes to things like that within the society. So that's where you need government. That's where you need wise government and you need the two opposing parties to acknowledge that each one needs the other in order to correctly…in order to protected and run the country in a proper way.

The distinction being made here is not between "conservatives" and "liberals" but between "Republicans" and "Democrats" but both parties serve the state and the oligarchy. (Whether it can be claimed that the Democratic Party, before the rise of urban mass population centers in the industrial period, was not statist I have not investigated yet.)

It is men who would be concerned both with external threats and internal threats arising from injustice committed by other men, and men who would be protecting the community from both threats and maintaining the common good and order -- men are the backbone of the republican form of polity ; female moral psychology is such that it is less concerned with justice and more with outcome, and this is of use to the state, which seeks to increase its power.

Strong Towns

The Localist Theory of Charles Marohn's Wonderfully Practical Strong Towns (FPR)

Strong Towns

Trying to be open-minded and in the middle...

The Dumbing Down of a Woman's Classic

A Continued Decline in Numbers

Sandro Magister: Churches Ever Emptier. Two Shocking Surveys in the United States and Italy

The USMC Continues to Be Converged

Friday, November 22, 2019

Glock Ad

With What Authority?

CWR: In a meeting with Thailand’s Supreme Buddhist Patriarch, Pope Francis encourages peace

Another appeal to natural values – if this is legitimate it should be task of the local bishops, as a representative of Catholics engaged in political life with other members of that state. But the exaggerated munera of the bishop of Rome has consequences.


VDare: Mexican Immigrant Jose Gomez, New Leader Of America’s Catholic Bishops, Has A Top Priority. It’s Not Sacking Pervert Priests

Dr. Mahrt Reviews the Mass of Americas

At the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.


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A Woke MV

From Tay Tay. Proving her SJW cred here with her choice of a fictional partner?

Is it her make-up or is she starting to look her age?

Truly Scandalous

CWR Dispatch: Vatican officials: Swiss bank suspected of money laundering led to Pell conflict
Pell was reportedly reprimanded for “interfering in sovereign business” by looking into the Vatican Secretariat of State’s dealings with a Swiss bank with a long track record of violating fraud safeguards.

Thanks, Francis

CWR: Chinese bishop in hiding after refusal to register with Communist authorities

More Words from the Archbishop of Los Angeles

CNA/CWR: Archbishop Gomez: The Church belongs to Christ

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The Irishman Final Trailer

Devil Mouse Adaptation

Nor Just Industrialism

But Japanese Catholics are struggling with the expectations of Japanese society and culture at large.

CNA/CWR: Archbishop of Tokyo: ‘Collapse of traditional family system’ a challenge for irreligious Japan

Archbishop Isao Kikuchi

“I acknowledge however that the Catholic faith not being passed on by the parents to their children is a big problem. This is due primarily to the collapse of the traditional Japanese family system in the context of our present society.”

The Japanese sense of the “traditional family system” to which the archbishop refer is straightforward: a hard-working father who puts bread on the table; a mother dedicated to keeping the wallet, house, and kids in check; the children, who spend time between the home, school, and community groups such as sports teams; and the grandparents, typically parents of the mother, who help raise the children and maintain the house as best they can.

This style of family has also been called a “multi-generational household,” and is becoming increasingly rare in Japan, especially in major metropolitan areas such as Tokyo.
“The collapse is caused by the situation in the workplace that goes along with the changing Japanese economic situation (non-regular employment, overtime, working parents),” said Archbishop Kikuchi.
“And the excessive activities in the education of children," the archbishop added, noting that extracurricular activities are held on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, and students are often tied up for extra hours in "cram schools" due to the deterioration of the quality of education.

Japan’s ruthless work culture is hardly unknown. The image of the exhausted salaryman working unpaid overtime deep into the night is a symbol that is recognizably Japanese in countries around the world, and one of the most enduring stereotypes of the Japanese people.

In recent generations, women have also more frequently entered the workforce – willingly or sometimes without a choice due to the economic pressures of raising children.
Less well known, however, are the strict expectations put on middle school and high school students to join and participate in after-school groups with their peers. More than just the competitive sports teams –  clubs for music, art, and dance prove to be highly demanding of children’s time.

Just as their parents are burdened with work expectations, children often spend more time out of the house than in it.

“From abroad, we even hear voices pointing out that school and community events held on Saturdays and Sundays are silently persecuting religion,” laments the archbishop.
Many athletic groups demand members to practice on Saturday and Sunday – the time when most families should be going to mass.

“In addition, such a collapse in the traditional Japanese family system has caused marriages to break down, with single mothers raising their children in poverty,” said the archbishop.
“Under such circumstances, it has become difficult to find time to bring children to church on Sundays, and likewise difficult to find time to share the faith at home.”

Monday, November 18, 2019

Nordic Combat Uniform

More BS

Another Latin Cult?

They broke away from TFP. Any distinctions in dress between male and female lay members?

Colegio Internacion Heraldos del Evangelio Femenino

1P5: Vatican Investigates Heralds of the Gospel: A Cautionary Tale

Brazilian website - the founder
US website - FB

Pope Francis appoints Brazilian cardinal to watch over ‘Heralds of the Gospel’
Heralds of the Gospel reject papal inquiry as 'illegal'

USASOC MOH Recipients

Unleash the Gospel

What the archdiocese of Detroit has been up to...

CWR Dispatch: As Pope Francis calls for a ‘synodal’ Church, some US dioceses are holding synods by Matt Hadro

Archbishop Vigneron on Unleash the Gospel

Unleash the Gospel
Detroit Archdiocese unveils 'Unleash the Gospel' missionary movement
Detroit Archdiocese launches new publication to build up discipleship

Everyday Evangelism for Catholics


CWR Dispatch: “All Christians are called to evangelism”
Author Cathy Duffy on the universal Christian call to spread the Gospel, and why certain approaches to doing so are more effective than others.

But how does the Christian relate to others? As an isolated individual without sex? Should women be evangelizing men?

Core Values

Nothing New or Enlightening Here

Crisis: ‘A Crisis of Saints’: An Interview with Archbishop José Horacio Gómez by Michael Warren Davis

To me, the promise of America, America’s exceptional place in history, is to carry forward the beautiful Judeo-Christian vision of the sanctity and dignity of the human person—created in God’s image, endowed with God-given rights and responsibilities, and called to a transcendent destiny.

So, individualism, secularism, relativism—a society where a lot of people don’t believe anymore that it’s even possible for us to know God—this is all mission territory for us as Catholics, as Christians.

We need to be salt and leaven, to use our Lord’s terms. And there’s that beautiful image from the early Church: “The Christian is to the world what the soul is to the body.”

We need to work to purify our culture and our politics, and our own hearts and intentions. And we need to work to restore the centrality of the human person, the sanctity and the mystery of the human person. At least, that’s how I see it.

Liberal exceptionalism.