Saturday, December 28, 2019

Haven't Been Paying Much Attention to Events in HK

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Mere Rhetoric?

Any appeals to the US Constitution or the state constitution of VA at this point? Who thinks they hold power?

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Friday, December 27, 2019

Andy Williams

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Define Justice for Us, Holy Father

Where is the conservatism here? The caution that is supposed to mark the exercise of his office by the bishop of Rome? What authorities can the pope cite in support of his claims?

Here we have the following issues:
1. Judging that particular actions are to be categorized as forms of injustice.

Which is consequent upon:
2. The claim that certain actions according to their species are forms of injustice.

Neither claim is explicitly linked by Pope Francis to Sacred Tradition, and it is doubtful that he could make such a claim, even if he were to cite the hospitality required of the Israelites, as that precept would have to be analyzed first (an obligation imposed upon them by God as a way of showing gratitude or recognition that they had been delivered from bondage after being treated badly in Egypt or something of the Natural Law?).

What constitutes inhospitality? And how is it a form of injustice? What is justice or injustice? How is the word justice used in the Greek scriptures or the Hebrew?

Pope Francis makes a lot of assumptions in his claims but are his assumptions supported by what the Latins consider the Magisterium? To what authoritative documents could he cite for support?

One would think that if a pope wanted to be magisterial on this point then he would write a document on this issue, an exercise proper to a bishop acting as moral theologian with the clarity required of a bishop of Rome acting in accordance with Rome's claims about the papacy.

Christmas 2019: Woke Pope Attacks ’Walls’

Migrants Centerpiece of Annual Message: ’Injustice rejects them and makes them die’

Shades USA from Vatican: Knocks ’Inhumane detention camps’

"Assault Weapons"

Monday, December 23, 2019

Hard Times...

The New 6.8 Ammo

Ip Man 4

How to Enforce Accountability?

This is the current problem for the patriarchate of Rome.

Rod Dreher: Cardinal Sodano Deserves A MillstoneNo molester himself, but he was biggest protector of Father Maciel -- who personally abused 60 boys, says new report

A National Platform

and hence a statist one... could its platform be modified so that it is more localist and respectful of local traditions and identities? Or would that just undermine the Spanish national project too much?
Unlike American conservatives who prefer decentralization of power, the Vox party is centralist. It would abolish the regional parliaments of the 17 autonomous communities and create a unitary state with provinces as the next level of government.

Thus, Vox opposes the Catalan independence movement and is stronger in parts of Spain where people identify as Spaniards and not as Catalans or Basques.

SAID IN SPANISH: VOX’s Victory—Spanish Patriots Get A Spain-First Voice In Parliament

First That Statue of Migrants and Refugees and Now This

CWR: The Cross, the life jacket, and the dangers of idolatry by Ines Angeli Murzaku

The recently unveiled cross carrying the life jacket of an unknown migrant, now hanging in the Vatican, raises serious questions and concerns, as the Crucifix for Christians knows only one occupant: Jesus Christ.

Wilson Combat Colt 1911

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Is Leadership Tyranny?

This seems more blue pill than not, even if the problematic paragraphs could be interpreted in a way that explains patriarchy rather than overthrowing it. For example, joint decision-making does not mean that the wife has a role equal to that of the husband; rather she aids in his deliberation by providing information that he may have missed or be ignorant of.

Naval Aviation '80s Nostalgia

Task and Purpose on the Army Next Gen Squad Weapon


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