Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Twinkie Diet

A certain PUA blog continues to blame Americans for being fat, using the recent news about the twinkie diet to support its position. Free the Animal has links to various low-carb/paleo diet blogs that take a more critical look at the profesor's interpretation of his results.

More links:
Primal Wisdom
The Paleo Solution
Extreme Human Performance
Modern Paleo
Mark Haub

Mark's Daily Apple: Jumping on the Barefoot Bandwagon
3 More Primal Blueprint Tales of Transformation

SSG Salvatore Giunta

The Sal Giunta Story from Ryan Blaind on Vimeo.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Point shooting vs. aimed shooting

I forgot to mention this--I also brought up the question about point shooting (or instinctive shooting) vs. aimed shooting with Mr. C. I hadn't seen much discussion of this question lately, but I haven't been looking at shooting forums much either. It was a big point of dispute a while ago in online forums. Mr. C rejected the claim that "Delta operators learn how to do point shooting" -- in SF and Delta, they learned aimed shooting. It's just that some learn it so well that it seems like its instinctive, when it's really habitual and the aiming is something they do but are no longer conscious of it. As a result, it seems like something else when they think about it--they don't remember the aiming. The young are prone to making this claim when asked about their skills, but those who have experience and enough self-reflection realize what is going on. Mr. C even said, "It becomes like second nature." The use of habits to describe the state of certain abilities has not become obsolete.
Paul Craig Roberts, Licensed to Kill
MacIntyre on money
John Cornwell
20th October 2010 — Issue 176
The influential moral philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre has long stood outside the mainstream. Has the financial crisis finally vindicated his critique of global capitalism?

(via John Médaille)

E. T. phone home

Last week, when the President was visiting Indonesia, I could only think that the Alien had returned home.

President Barack Obama, first lady Michelle Obama, Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, and his wife Kristiani Herawati, participate in an arrival ceremony at the Istana Merdeka in Jakarta, Indonesia, Tuesday, Nov. 9, 2010. (AP/Daylife)

The American Way of Life

Today at the graduation for little C's basic training class the guest speaker talked about infantry's role in protecting freedom and the American way of life. This was echoed in the movie that was shown at the National Infantry Museum. What, exactly, do they mean by this? Government under the Constitution? That's gone. The current political economy? The continued destruction of tradition by liberals?

The end of growth
Richard Heinberg, Post Carbon Institute 
Economic growth as we have known it is over and done with.
Gene Logsdon,
The abandoned farmsteads shown here are not far from where I live. Such sad scenes are easy enough to find. They have been a part of the landscape of my life, grave markers of the agrarian culture that I love.

Online Course: Building Sustainable Health Systems: The Essential Role of Public Health
Dan Bednarz, Nancy Lee Wood, Health after Oil
In spring semester 2011 the Institute for Sustainability and Post-carbon Education at Bristol Community College in Fall River, Massachusetts will offer an online course titled, “Building Sustainable Health Systems: The Essential Role of Public Health.” The premises of this course are that 1) the structure and content of public health, medicine and nursing will be deeply transformed as society reaches the limits to growth and 2) public health is critical to all socioeconomic localization and community building.

Strengthening our health
John de Graaf, Solutions
America's health care system is more expensive by 40–60 percent than health care systems in any other industrialized country (it makes up nearly half the health care budget of the entire world), but the results it produces are arguably the worst of the group.
Stuart Staniford, Early Warning

The IEA's position is summarized in the graph - conventional crude oil production has already peaked in 2006! Suddenly, the subject of impending peak has gone from not worthy of discussion to in the past already!
IEA World Energy Outlook 2010: questionable assumptions and major omissions
Gail Tverberg, The Oil Drum
The WEO 2010 report just released by the International Energy Agency makes quite a number of assumptions that seem wrong, and omits important ideas. Here are a few that Oil Drum staff members have mentioned.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Off to Atlanta...

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Counterpunch: Paul Craig Roberts, Phantom Jobs and Thomas Healy, An Interview with Wendell Berry
One of the K'ers I had last year gave me a hug today; she's never done that before. I don't know what brought that on--the purple card she received today for good behavior? Last year she said she was shy, but I wonder if she doesn't have nervous energy or some other behavioral condition--at times she is moving or fidgeting a lot.

The Story of Electronics

Another Story of Stuff short.
NLM: Compendium of the Reforms of the Roman Breviary, 1568 - 1961: Part 10.2 - The Matins Lessons in the Reform of 1960

Monday, November 08, 2010

The teacher was still trying to persuade me today to become a full-time teacher, telling me about the pay and the pension. I was trying to hint that California might not be able to afford such a generous benefits package for teachers in our discussion of the governor's race and the economy, but I don't think she got it. Just 2 more days to go for this assignment.
The Oil Drum: Jeff Rubin: Oil and the End of Globalization - ASPO-USA

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Allan Carlson offers his Commentary on John Medaille’s Toward a Truly Free Market.
I was thinking about knives and tomahawks again, so I took another look at the Tactical Tomahawk.

H. John Poole has continued writing

as I discovered when walking through several stores at Bragg last month. A list of his books can be found at the main page for Posterity Press. I decided not to pick up any more titles at this time, but I should read through The Last Hundred Yards.

The Ranger manual; Global Security.
Doctrine and Training - The United States Army Homepage (infantry field manuals)

Beware the DMCA

Welmer offers blogging advice for Americans.

Anthony Daniels on the masochism of John Stuart Mill.

A taste for wormwood & gall

Tarquinio Merula - Su la cetra amorosa

Amor con fortuna

2 from Rome Reports

Pope dresses as pilgrim to visit tomb of St. James

Papal trip to Spain. Benedict XVI consecrates the Sagrada Familia: "You are the temple of God"

Jeff Culbreath reviews The Church and the Libertarian