Saturday, August 10, 2013

Long day on the road, but a good trip to SLO with Ah Fai. Put some more miles on the tires. Very nice grilled meats - salmon, chicken, and tri-tip. Mmmm...

First-World Problems

The latest incarnation for everyone's favorite Gallifreyan was announced last Sunday: Peter Capaldi, who reminds me of Hugh Laurie in so far as they're both old and thin, with somewhat crazy hair. He will take over for Matt Smith after this year's Christmas Special. I'm glad that they decided to go with an older actor this time around - though it is not guaranteed that he will bring some needed gravitas to the role. We could get another clown, a la Billy Connolly.

Of course, there were people complaining about the selection - another white male.

NYT: Diversity and 'Doctor Who' by Jennifer Finney Boylan
The time is right for a female Doctor Who

A response at Twitch: Destroy All Monsters: There Will Never Be a Female DOCTOR WHO

From earlier this year: 'Doctor Who has a strong track record of diverse casting': BBC hits back at accusations the sci-fi series is 'thunderingly racist'

Unmasking Feminism: The Problem has a Name
Feminism Born from Boredom, Not Oppression

Related: Celebrating Fifty Years Of Doctor Who Jumping The Shark (UPDATE)

Tom Woods Interviews Pat Buchanan


John Branyan - The Three Little Pigs

Friday, August 09, 2013

Paleo Movement Interview with NuSI co-founder Gary Taubes

The Extraenvironmentalist: Sharon Ferguson // Beyond Transition

Taking the Permaculture Path to Community Resilience

Reviving Domesticity

Heading Home: Michael Pollan and Fritz Haeg on Reviving Domesticity

Fritz Haeg - Edible Estates
on Big Think

Fritz Haeg at the 2011 A+E Conference - Full version
Sustaining L.A.

The Back Porch of America

Bluegrass Situation: BACK PORCH OF AMERICA: Mark Newberry


Too Many Followed His Lead

Crisis: The Problematic Legacy of Fr. Hesburgh by Anne Hendershott

Not Even the Lead State.

California in the Red by 127.2 Billion

And check out the CA cities likely to declare bankruptcy: 20 Cities That May Face Bankruptcy After Detroit.

Prenatal Development

We are still learning what can happen during prenatal development and the consequences for later life.

Emotional Behavior of Adults Could Be Triggered in the Womb

Marie Miller MV's at The Boot

Marie Miller Debuts ‘You’re Not Alone’ and ‘Whiskey for Breakfast’ Videos – Exclusive Premiere

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Prep at Alexander's Steakhouse SV

Chiesa: Vatican Diary / The first saint of North Korea
He was the bishop of Pyongyang. For more than sixty years he was considered "missing." But now the Holy See has made his death official, at the age of 106. To permit the opening of his cause of beatification

USCCB Politickin' Through the CCHD

Why Are Catholic Bishops Funding Advocacy for Comprehensive Immigration Reform? by Susan Berry

VDare: Census: Language Diversity Has Proliferated in America—Nearly 38 Million In U.S. Speak Spanish At Home

Chris Thile Does Bach

Mandolinist Chris Thile Picks D'Addario
Punch Brothers: Chris Thile’s Bach: Sonatas and Partitas, Vol. 1
Nonesuch Releases Chris Thile’s "Bach: Sonatas and Partitas, Vol. 1" on August 6

Tonight, on Leno

The fiddlin' Carson Peters Band (FB)

Fiddlin' Carson Peters - Sweet Beulah Land - Music Videos

Rune Likvern on The Oil Drum

Rune Likvern: "My Experiences after Eight Years with The"
Presently and for the near term I do believe we are not primarily facing an energy crisis, but a continued growth in costs to extract resources and Energy is the master resource. This extraction is from increasingly marginal prospects that will make it demanding to replicate the recent decades unprecedented economic growth which also was facilitated by accelerating amounts of debt (borrowing from the future). This happens while society’s ability to pay for costlier resources rapidly diminishes. In this context I also believe that our institutions, governments and individual expectations (e.g. pensions, retirement plans, and ideas of future consumption, etc.) are not likely to come to fruition. These expectations and promises are therefore likely to become subject for revisions to the downside, as the reality of poorer and costlier resources slowly (or possibly suddenly) becomes more apparent and understood.

Yukio Mishima

Yukio Mishima - a parallel with Dominique Venner? The pagan "nobility" of suicide.

What Yukio Mishima Teaches Traditionalists by Daniel McCarthy - referring to Conservatives: don't despair of our corrupted, decadent age. Write about it by Tim Stanley

The Other St. Basil

SJ Mercury: St. Basil the Great Orthodox Church in Almaden remembers summer visit with fondness by Carol Rosen

St. Basil the Great
St. Innocent's Academy

Nora Jane Struthers and the Party Line

NPR: First Watch: Nora Jane Struthers, 'Bike Ride' by Ann Powers

Saw the first version of this video after the house concert last month. Looks like they had fun making it!

Philadelphia: Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

A Hope for the Pope Under the Gold Dome

website - FB

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

The LCs and RC: Cult?


Catholic Academics Pedestalizing Women

Catholic Moral Theology: The End of Sex

Who is hooking with whom? What of women's competition for the alpha and their pursuit of recreational sex or sex in LTRs over marriage?
Men and women are not subject to the same pressures or expectations, nor are they shut out of the market equally or in the same way.

Hookup culture on college campuses is not a problem for academics to address, except in so far as they are wise members of a community. But academics are not noted for being wise or being members of a community. The same egalitarian ideology that enables female academics to attain positions (in moral theology, no less) in the first place is also the ideology that is the basis of hookup culture.

Edit. How many would be willing to read, much less agree with, this: "Let’s talk about sluts"?

More Tweaks to FB's News Feed

Business Insider: Facebook Just Made A Major Change To What Users See On The Site

The Importance of Education

That is, providing reasons when asked "Why?" or even when not asked...

Scope: No bribery necessary: Children eat more vegetables when they understand how food affects their bodies

Archbishop Gomez on VDare's Radar

Los Angeles’ Mexican Archbishop Is a New Spokes-priest for Amnesty

Want to Sell Your Ova?

Saw this on Craigslist this other day: ASIAN EGG DONORS NEEDED. (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. $8000 and up (Greater SF Bay Area), posted by the SF Donor Network:
Would you like to help a couple realize their dream of becoming parents and be well compensated for your time? We are currently recruiting Caucasian donors and donors of all Asian ethnicities: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, etc.

First time donors earn $8000.
Repeat donors earn $8,500. You may donate up to 6 times total for maximum earnings of over $50,000.

We currently are working with several Asian and Caucasian couples that are hoping to find a young woman to help them to achieve their dream of becoming a family. We are the oldest egg donor agency in San Francisco, and work with fertility clinics throughout the greater San Francisco Bay area.
Who are their clients? Middle- and upper-class Asian and Caucasian career women who married lately and are having difficulty conceiving as a result? Do Caucasian women pay for eggs from Asian women in order to produce one of those "cute, mixed[-race] chldren"?

The kicker at the end:

*20 to 27 years of age (Asian donors may be up to 28 years old.)
*healthy and non-smoking
*mature and responsible
*have complete knowledge of family medical history
*willing to commit 20-25 hours of your time, over about 2 to 2 1/2 months
*currently enrolled in, attended for some period, or graduated from a four year college
*have a complete knowledge of medical history of family members including siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles

*It is helpful if you own a car, but it is not a requirement.
Compensation: $8000 to $8,500 plus expenses per donation. May earn up to $50,000

Women over 30 who haven't had children yet - as it has been pointed out by others, what does this requirement on the part of human egg brokers say about the state of your own eggs and your fertility?

Women in their 20s - if you're living it up and don't have any intention settling down, why not sell those useless eggs to someone who will pay you money for them - you can go on a shopping spree afterwards to celebrate! Or you can save up so that you, too, can purchase some eggs later when you decide it is time to have children. Better yet, maybe you can look into freezing some of your eggs now for use later!

The Good Mixed With the Bad

But mostly bad.

Contemporary Catholic dating advice - THE FEMININE HEART by Rev. Jacob Bertrand

There may be a crisis of masculinity, but telling men to 'man up' while ignoring the other social and cultural factors at work is likely to be met with indifference. As for the Catholic princess rhetoric, has the author been reading Protestant churchian advice websites?

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

A Papal Heart Pose?

From News.Va:

"A cute photo of Pope Francis posing with Fr. Oh Woong-jin, a South-Korean priest who is renown for founding the 'Flower Village' project, a house that since 1973 has been welcoming homeless and people with special needs in South Korea.

Fr. Oh Woong-jin came to pay a visit to the Holy Father on August 2."

The heart pose is popular in Korea - I think it originated there. Here are some photos of Korean celebs doing the various versions of the heart pose.

Facts and History of Kkottongnae
Kkottongnae Hyundo University of Social Welfare
ICCRS - Love in Action · Kkottongnae, South Korea
Making LOVE Bloom - Catholic Charismatic Renewal

There are houses in Haiti and Atlanta, along with the retreat camp in SoCal.

"Where have all the good men gone?"

They've been scorned and displaced by women - First female Citadel grad challenging Sen. Graham's seat

Wage Slavery and the Loss of Economic Freedom

Preindustrial workers worked fewer hours than today's

One of capitalism's most durable myths is that it has reduced human toil. This myth is typically defended by a comparison of the modern forty-hour week with its seventy- or eighty-hour counterpart in the nineteenth century. The implicit -- but rarely articulated -- assumption is that the eighty-hour...

Monday, August 05, 2013

Stile Antico on BBC3's In Tune

3 Days Left to Listen

Their The Phoenix Rising is being released.

Gramophone article

The Franciscans of Halifax (Documentary Demo)

What the New Scot has been up to...

Their website.

Pope Francis on Women in the Church


"A church without women would be like the apostolic college without Mary. The Madonna is more important than the apostles, and the church herself is feminine, the spouse of Christ and a mother."

"The role of women doesn't end just with being a mother and with housework ... we don't yet have a truly deep theology of women in the church. We talk about whether they can do this or that, can they be altar boys, can they be lectors, about a woman as president of Caritas, but we don't have a deep theology of women in the church."

"On the ordination of women, the church has spoken and said no. John Paul II, in a definitive formulation, said that door is closed."

Women also helpmates,lovers, companions and friends for their husbands - funny how this gets no mention.

Is he implying that the Church has a "deep" theology of men (as men), while women have been neglected? If he is, I don't see any evidence of that such a deep theology of men exists. If there isn't, and he is aware of this and not implying it, isn't this just PR statement for pleasing women or the liberal masses? He may be alluding to sex differences, but such a short sound byte doesn't do these (or the differences in roles that they entail) justice.

"Christian" Rejection of Patriarchy

Dalrock: No Room for Headship Here