Saturday, May 14, 2016

Playing up to stereotypes?

Just learned that the new Hulk is an Asian -- because what greater opposite to a mean, raging, physically strong monster can there be than an Asian male, right? Where's the protesting of this stereotype? Marvel needs to apologize to Asians.

BTS The Mirror of the Witch

Son Ye Jin in The Truth Beneath 비밀은 없다


Another Edition of Ran

Twitch review (Studio Canal) trailer

Akira Kurosawa's Paintings and Movie Frames Side by Side

Bruce Frohnen on the Second Amendment

Nomocracy in Politics: “The Militia and the Right to Bear Arms,” By Bruce Frohnen

2016 FPR Conference

Front Porch Republic: FPR Annual Conference: October 8 at The University of Notre Dame

L'Arche Chicco

Ron Paul endorses Ron Unz for senator for California.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Can Moderate Islam Prove Non-Moderate Islam is Heretical?

If not, then what's the point?

John Cho the Wrong Poster Boy for This Campaign

But even if someone more manlier and mature-looking were substituted, how successful would he be in persuading women, especially Asian and white women, to demand more Asian men in their audiovisual media?

Representation in the mass media just strikes me as whining, when the important issues of life remain unaddressed.
RoK: The Truth About People From The American South

An accurate history?
None embodied this more than the Border Reivers who were a wild bunch living along the borders of Scotland. Quickly the Borderers found that raising crops only to have them burned when warring factions came through was a waste of time. Raiding livestock however proved to be profitable, as did their riding ability as skilled horsemen and guerrilla tactics.

During war in this area allegiance to any one side could mean death whenever a new ruler rose to power so the Borderers remained loyal only to their kin and clan. To make matters worse the rulers who employed them to maintain law and as the first line of defense would often deal with them harshly in other times when their lawlessness got out of hand.

All this encouragement of predatory behavior gave rise to a way of life based around their own strength, cunning, and gain at another’s expense. Combined with their defiance to authority you have the beginnings of what would later become Ulster-Scots in Ireland and the Scots-Irish in America.
MoJ: Pope Francis: Europe, "What has happened to you?"

His Charlemagne Prize speech.

"What has happened to you, the Europe of humanism, the champion of human rights, democracy and freedom?"

One could argue that that same spirit of liberalism is what happened to Europe and is the root of the malaise.

The new Unholy Roman Empire.

The End of Political Christian Humanism in Europe? by Fr. Mark A. Pilon
Catholic leaders in Europe once shared a deep seated Christian humanism that guided their political activity as they worked to rebuild their own countries. What happened?


Thursday, May 12, 2016

Time to swear KFC for good... it'll happen this time!

Christ is Risen!

A Political Question, Not a Religious One

A Japanese Franciscan?


The Roman Saints Machine Chugs Along

Agent Carter Cancelled

Hollywood Reporter. Both shows have been doing poorly this year; Agent Carter doing worse than Agents of SHIELD. Not enough fanboys to watch both? How many female viewers are there for these shows? I bet neither won non-fanboy men over. Too much girl-power ruined the show? Someone should do an analysis of the viewer demographics. Maybe Disney can turn Peggy Carter into a Disney princess.

Hayley Atwell has a new gig on ABC. Another feminist heroine?

More on the New UK Oratory

Less Talk, More Action is Needed

And how well-catechized are the youth to begin with?

Would the time and money be better used on catechesis?

Looking for a Centralized Solution

Where none is forthcoming...

Back in March: Will Birmingham Give Birth to National Racial Reconciliation? (1957)
An ecumenical and interracial alliance of Birmingham’s Catholic bishop, mayor and Baptist dean of Samford’s divinity school provides a model for discussing and healing racial divisions in the U.S.


The struggle for racial harmony at any level must begin with the local and there is no guarantee that integration will be the result (nor is that the only ideal). Furthermore, it will take a lot more than the sort of superficial niceness that gets inculcated in public kindergarten.

Jack Donovan on The Pressure Project Podcast

Episode 223 -- he talks about his most recent book.

Fanning the Flames of "Catholic" Feminism

Cardinal Parolin -- Trusted papal aide says woman could be Vatican’s ‘Prime Minister’

I'd rather see an abolition of much of the Roman Curia instead. L’Osservatore Romano is "updating" itself with a section dedicated to women. How many readers does it have?

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

NYT Whit Stillman Interview

Female Academics Should Not Be Pundits

Donald Trump and the Catholic Vote by Rachel Lu

Ann Coulter is female but not an academic; is she doing the job that men can't or won't do?

But the Elites Don't Want This

Giving Preference to Christian Migrants by Filip Mazurczak

Since last fall, few political issues have both dominated international newspaper headlines and triggered debate within the Catholic hierarchy as much as the so-called migrant crisis. Recently, many thousands of…

St. John of San Francisco: A Living Legacy

Peak Prosperity: M. King Hubbert: The Limits To Oil (Resilience)

Chris Martenson interviews Mason Inman, author of The Oracle of Oil.

The Domestic Church

Jack Donovan on the Milo Yiannopoulos Show

Jack Donovan on the Milo Yiannopoulos Show: Men Need Tribalism

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

So Sad

They Shouldn't Have Had Women in the First Place

Citadel Rejects Muslim Student's Request to Wear Hijab

Looking Forward to the Campaign

Donald Trump’s New Ad Slams Hillary Clinton’s Judgment on Benghazi Attack in 2012

The b*tch won't know what hit her.

William Lind on Conservatism

William Lind: The Next Conservatism: What Is Conservatism?
Old Life: Dueling Videos (via Pertinacious Papist) -- Michael Matt responds to the papal May intentions video. Too much white-knighting in his essay: "He should advocate for the safe return of wives and mothers to the exalted pedestals Christendom built for them a thousand years ago (so despised by the modern feminists)."

Monday, May 09, 2016

Fr. Z: New Oratory of St. Philip Neri to form -- in Portsmouth, UK at Sacred Heart

Two from Rod Dreher

The Porcupine Option

All Politics (Henceforth) Is Local
For Christian conservatives in post-Christian America, that is — and almost entirely anti-political

Two from the June 2016 Issue of Chronicles

On Merle Haggard: Sing Me Back Home by Wayne Allensworth

The Mexicanization of North America by H.A. Scott Trask
For nearly 200 years the United States and Mexico coexisted as a series of antonyms separated by a desert. The United States was prosperous and free. Mexico was poor and despotic.

Related: Kacey Musgraves to Honor Merle Haggard at Oklahoma's G Fest

Sunday, May 08, 2016

A Deranged Pop Culture in South Korea

Something Worth Reading?

By Obama...

An Orthodox Take on "Being Spiritual"

Sand Art

But perhaps not a suitable media for a sacred image?
On Remembering Who We Are: A Political Credo by M.E. Bradford
The Catholic Thing: On the Importance of Friendship by Fr. C. John McCloskey III

A bit of pedestalizing here? "(Women, on the whole, seem to do much better in befriending one another.)"

And then there's this:
As one author once wrote, “the average American male has one good friend, and that is his wife” (or, more likely in our era of declines in marriage, his ‘significant other”). Anyone who has spent an extended period in a country with a Catholic cultural background (whether or not actual religious practice has plummeted) has probably noticed how profoundly American men have been affected by our overwhelmingly Protestant culture, with its emphasis on individualism. There is a very powerful image of the strong, isolated male figure in American culture: the autonomous adventurer who rides off into the sunset; the “strong, silent type” who hides his private feelings behind a crusty exterior; the man who is ultimately answerable only to his own conscience.

Is this ideal more true of one group of settlers from the British isles than the others? (The Scots-Irish, perhaps?) Or is it an erroneous projection of an ideal perpetuated by 20th century American pop culture onto Protestantism?