Saturday, October 14, 2017

Friday, October 13, 2017

Sell Those Mugs in the US!

Council Shuts Down Bookseller for Selling Knights Templar Mugs Deemed ‘Offensive to Muslims’

Indeed, He Is

Maybe someone in the alt right could put the poster to good use.


He plays a mainland Chinese who is causing trouble in the UK, pursuing vigilante justice. Of course that the villains of the movie must be Irish, instead of Muslim terrorists.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Start from Scratch

Jettison one's professed culture and history; this may be emotionally or psychologically possible only if one never had them in the first place. That is, one never actually lived and breathed it as a member of a community.

Monday, October 09, 2017

The Boy Should Have Saved Some Wood for a Coffin

The Giving Tree by S. Silverstein.

What did the boy give back to the tree? And why was the tree so pathologically altruistic? In fact, the book seems to be the perfect Boomer book. Boomers seem to fall in both categories, though they may be altruistic more with other people's resources (including their children's) than their own. There are definitely Boomers who are just takers.

From 2014: “The Giving Tree” at Fifty: Sadder Than I Remembered

SJWs Always Double Down

Vox Day blogpost

Understanding Myself


More on the 7.62 program

Let's see, what color crayons do I need?

Black, black, black, black... maybe a camo pattern for this one, black, black...

Piero San Giorgio Interview with Jack Donovan

For the Tribe


From a review of MG's class:

"When asked for a training triage template, the priorities of work from Mosby’s perspective for the every day citizen was medical, combatives, pistol, rifle, then team tactics. All to often it’s the exact opposite, particularly for folks of the prepper bent."

1996 Interview with Ivan Illich

The Freelance Teacher