Saturday, January 19, 2019

Gordon Ramsay with the Royal Marines

John Wick Chapter 3

I knew Halle Berry had been cast for the girl power element.

New Rector of St. Patrick's

Archdiocese of San Francisco: Bishop Robert F. Christian, O.P., named Rector of St. Patrick Seminary

The Archdiocese of San Francisco announces that the Most Reverend Robert Christian, O.P., Auxiliary Bishop of San Francisco, has been appointed Rector-President of St. Patrick Seminary, effective January 14, 2019. Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone said, “I am excited that Bishop Christian, a man of deep love for the Church and extensive academic achievement, will be leading the seminary during its next phase of development and growth.”


What Geniuses!

The creators of this ad -- no way it's going to backfire on them or repel even their supporters.


Breaking Bad + Witness + Banshee

Tripling Down

Rollo Tomassi, Gender War

It's Not Either/Or

Dreher's series on Spain published while he has been on his book tour there Has been interesting. But why should European Christians be resigned to the long defeat at a political level? European Christians can rebuild their local churches and embrace ethnonationalism and act accordingly at the political level. But Rod Dreher will never support the latter.

St. Vicente & The Benedict Option By ROD DREHER

An Announcement from President Trump in 2.5 Hours

From his visit to the border last week:

An Army in Decline

Season 2 of STD off to a Bad Start

Just an Excuse to Post Something About Japan

Impressionnants exercices des troupes aéroportées russes

The Tenth Week

What problems with seminary formation?

CNA: Sister resigns from Detroit seminary after sex abuse allegations

Salve Regina

Friday, January 18, 2019

Not Quite a Stay-at-home Dad

But close enough? Is there a gender message in the movie?

Armor Express

Another VS Chest Rig

Ops-Core Eyewear?


Buck Knives

Thursday, January 17, 2019

If I ever visit NYC again

I will go here.

But not any time soon...

Google Up to Its Funny Business

watch the Pro-Life Youtube Videos Google Doesn't Want You to See


The Big Red One

Mark Hamill's only movie worth keeping. Forget the last whiny Jedi franchise.

A Beautiful Juxtaposition

Not an Official South Korean Military Video

John Devanny Reviews Catholics' Lost Cause

Catholics’ Lost Cause by John Devanny

A review of Catholics’ Lost Cause: South Carolina Catholics and the American South, 1820-1861 (University of Notre Dame Press, 2018) by Adam L. Tate


I believe this is the same story that was told in Disney's 1982 movie Night Crossing.

Who's funding this one?

The PARAs: Men of War

陳果, "奔向未來的日子"

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Black Pill?

And yet Gottfried won't discuss the demographic question, or the domination of mass culture by the left, or identity politics in this article.

The New Nationalism Won’t Save the Right by PAUL GOTTFRIED
Most Americans don’t care about a border wall and politics lurches ever leftward.

Last TV Interviw with Yammie 藍潔瑛

Just read up on the rape allegations against Eric Tsang.

Kyrie eleison.

The Fighting Load Continuum

Bravo Concealment Attachment Paddles

SIG SAUER 2019 Catalog



Lots of negative reaction to the news. I guess soldiers will still be buying their own.

Combat Medic Essential Skills

DAKA Window Pouches

Also from Magpul:

The BCM Colonel Folder

And Boyd Cathey on Rep. Steve King

and today's cuckservative Republican Party

see also Paul Gottfried's essay on this matter

Boyd Cathey on Memory, Identity, and Culture

Remnant: Remembering Who We Are…Hope in the Midst of the Ruins of Our Culture

British Army Bugle Calls

Christopher DeGroot on the APA Guidelines

Psychology's War on Men

Cuckservative Academia

C.S. Lewis and Aristotle on Civic Friendship by Micah Watson

Apparently Professor Watson didn't read that part of the Nicomachean Ethics in which Aristotle explicitly talks about civic friendship. And it doesn't take much to develop his argument to the conclusion that civic friendship is incompatible with liberal pluralism, or competing identities. But the liberal must hold on to his liberal fantasyland as long as possible, rather than face the truth that utopia does not exist and he does not live in a community. Civility may be the appropriate response, or it may not be the appropriate response -- it depends on the circumstances and what the other person is saying or doing. Have we forgotten what Aristotelian phronesis is, too?

The Author Realizes There Are Limits to Dialogue

How to Talk to Someone Who Wants to Put You in a Gulag by GRAYSON QUAY
It can be done, despite today’s discourse of guillotine references and helicopter memes.

(This subtitle is misleading.)

Rachel Lu Gets Something Right

The Mud on Gillette’s Face By RACHEL LU
Their #MeToo ad called on men to be better but ended up doing them a disservice.

She starts off well but returns to being a tiresome nag by the end of the article.

TPTB Always Act Thus

Especially princes in the Union Army. SJW gammas?

Exclusive: Green Berets Targeted After Anonymous Email Exposed Lowered Standards links to the Breitbart article

Sohrab Ahmari

How This Neoconservative Found the Catholic Church By CASEY CHALK
Reading Sohrab Ahmari's fascinating journey out of Islam, through leftism, and into Catholicism.

Identity Politics in the Hereafter

But he needs to get out more and meet more people of the alt right because he is familiar with only one part of it.

Looks like there is a girl in their midst


Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk at the KoC Convention

Last August.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Part of the War on Boys

Peter Hitchens: As 'ADHD' Cultists Arrogantly Gloat: 'There is Nothing You can Do About it ' - my response is 'Yes There is. I Can Continue to Protest'

Hopefully the movement is not a bastard child of 1789

Though no doubt some traditionalists will see it that way.

I Shouldn't Be Surprised

that The Federalist Society is cucked and converged.

From an AmConMag review of On the Basis of Sex:

It’s worth noting that there’s a surer, less fraught path to Ginsburg’s ideal destination. Federalist Society co-founder Steven Calabresi has argued at length that the Constitution’s equal protection guarantee “was from its inception a ban on all systems of caste,” such that under a proper reading of the text, sex discrimination was unlawful from the start. That argument is very different from the one we hear onscreen: it isn’t rooted in evolving social norms, but in text and constitutional history. Though admittedly, “text and constitutional history” aren’t exactly the stuff of gripping cinema.

Boycott Gillette

Romantic Idealists

Catholic intellectuals who have no idea about what politics entails...

NCReg: Seeking Moral Coherence in American Political Life
EDITORIAL: Pope Francis said in 2015, when asked if politics is martyrdom, ‘Yes. It is a kind of martyrdom. But it is a daily martyrdom: seeking the common good without letting yourself be corrupted.’
The Editors

Neal McDonough

NCReg: Actor Neal McDonough on How His Catholic Faith Nearly Destroyed his Career by Matthew Archbold
Warning: Going to church every day and being faithful to your wife can be hazardous to your career.

RMG: The State of Masculinity

Know Your Enemy

What it means to be a Catholic feminist and why the church must embrace it

No, the Church must not.

Related: David Carlin, Five Kinds of Feminism
All 5 forms are to be rejected. (Carlin may believe that the first is acceptable but he is wrong.)

Kill the Beta


What did the Church do during the reign of Franco?

Very little to strengthen catechesis or to evangelize the non-believing parts of Spain. (Or were these parts heavily anti-Christian?)

Rod Dreher is on tour in Spain: The Pain in Spain

7th Group?

Believe It or Not

Vox Day links to this reddit: How Google Covered Its Tracks

Another KSK Video

Sunday, January 13, 2019

How many divisions does CRS have?

Catholic Relief Services: Immigration action must consider root causes

What an Ethnomasochist

Priest: Blame ‘White Tribe’ For Anti-Mass Migration Attitudes

Or maybe there are Italian conversos.

Where do these continental European SJWs pick this stuff up? Was it part of the broader 60s cultural revolution in the West?


Victory First

Another Woman Praising the Utility of Dialogue with Leftists

Where does Princeton find such people? A new Catholic who doesn't understand that charity cannot prescribed as if it were naturally attainable?

Elly Brown on Viewpoint Diversity, Civil Dialogue, and Conversion by Robert George

And were there no men to give speeches on this occasion? Or is George just practicing his own form of affirmative action?

Interview with Leon Podles

The New Emangelization: Discussion with Dr. Leon Podles – Author of “The Church Impotent – The Feminization of Christianity”


A 2014 post by Msgr. Charles Pope in which he tries to play it safe and moderate.

Podles' new book which may be published this year by St. Augustine Press; unfortunately the publisher has a reputation for delays.

How many Latin Catholic men, after viewing photos and videos of Pope Francis and reading transcripts of his remarks, would give a no confidence vote based on his speech and mannerisms? How many non-soy men would do so? I suspect that any natural "charisma" he may have is perceived only by women and it is not based on his words behavior but on a well-crafted image that appeals to emotion.