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Who is subsidizing this BS?


Been out of touch with Kpop for a while

Girls' Generation-Oh!GG 소녀시대-Oh!GG '몰랐니 (Lil' Touch)' MV

The Real Deal?

Jim Kwik

The Constitution Is Dead

A Cover...

US Army RECONDO School

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More on the Sniper Competition

Once again, Army snipers outshot Marines at USASOC's annual sharpshooting competition by Jared Keller
Army Times
USASOC Takes Top Honors in 2019 Sniper Competition

John Plaster
Posterity Press

Stephanie Zimbalist

Laura's Theme

The Southern Tradition

Abbeville Institute: The Challenge of the Southern Tradition by Brion McClanahan
In 1966, Senator Jim Eastland of Mississippi walked into the Senate Judiciary Committee and asked, “Feel hot in heah?” A staffer replied: “Well Senator, the thermostat is set at 72 degrees, but we can make… »

More on Southern Music

Abbeville Institute: Scotch Snaps and Southern Music By Tom Daniel
I need to tell you one story in order to tell you another. The Czechoslovakian composer Antonin Dvorak moved to the United States in 1892, and immersed himself in American music while composing his New… »

We Remember


Will the new editorial board be slightly less pozzed?

CNA: Founder, editorial board resign from Vatican women’s magazine

Crux Now

NYT: Leaders of Vatican women's magazine quit, citing 'climate of distrust'

Irish Times

Lucetta Scaraffia and the others should never have been offered the role in the first place, but there are plenty of white knights and cuckservatives in the institutional Latin church apparatus.

John Shelton Reed on the South

AmConMag: The Motley South by MICAH MATTIX
It’s no longer agrarian but it’s still wonderfully different from the rest of the United States. Just ask John Shelton Reed.

Don't Care for the Soundtrack

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Austin, TX

AmConMag: The Banality of the Modern Hipster By JAMES JEFFREY
They set out to rebel. They ended up conforming to the same consumer-oriented diversions as everyone else.

And for something really cucked, check out:
The Weak Men of the Online West by PAUL BRIAN
The Christchurch shooter is the product of an internet edge culture that’s displacing and perverting masculine values.

A RooshV Interview

Girls Chat interview with RooshV

75th Anniversary of D-Day

John "Shrek" McPhee

What Exactly Was the Weakness Hiding Behind "Formal Dominance"?

Vooglaid is right: we do need militancy, but rightly targeted. Francoist Spain was thoroughly, formally Catholic. And when Franco died, so did a large part of the Church there. Similarly with Ireland, where the Catholic Church was formally dominant, but which had ceased to be able to convey its ideals to its people in ways that were inwardly compelling. This is why Irish Catholicism collapsed so quickly.

The institutional Church had its problems -- possibly because it was an "institution" rather than striving to be the Body of Christ.

AmConMag: Choose Your Enemies Wisely By ROD DREHER

What I’m hearing from my traditional Christian contacts around the country is frustration over the unwillingness of people who think of themselves as religious conservatives to do the hard work of building and sustaining a real resistance. One man told me not long ago that he and his wife took their kids out of their local Catholic school and put them into a classical Christian school because their kids weren’t learning anything at the Catholic school. He said that he and his wife finally concluded that most parents didn’t want the Catholic school to be challenging, not on faith matters or anything else.

I heard the same thing last year from a Catholic educator who told me that the Catholic school bureaucracy in his city was mediocre and fiercely devoted to protecting that mediocrity. And most parents, in his view, were happy with that, because they were only really interested in alleviating their anxiety over their children’s education. That is, they wanted to be able to tell themselves that their children were getting a “Catholic education,” whatever that turned out to be. This, in a deep Red State diocese.

A Most Valuable, A Most Sacred Right



Viking Axe and Shield Combat

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No Discussion of Immigration and Identity Politics?

It would seem that Alienated America, Why Some Places Thrive While Others Collapse by Timothy Carney is missing a book cause of alienation. (One should also be talking about the ruling oligarchy and its various factions.) But maybe Carney is just a cuckservative.

John Horvat II reviews the book - The Roots of American Alienation.

Having Someone Photogenic Makes the Message More Effective

Piero San Giorgio on Unauthorized

Unauthorized: Urban Apocalypse

Some recent videos on his youtube channel:

10th Annual USASOC Sniper Competition

62 images


NuAmerican Following the Lead of Michelle Obama

Kumail Nanjiani


How to Ruck Like the SAS

Brion McClanahan on the Selective Service Decision