Saturday, July 03, 2021

Karisa Chiu

Yellowstone Season 4 Premiere Delayed

Perfect Representation of a Gynocentric Social Order

The Faster It Dies, the Better

"Old McDonald Had a Farm"

"Toxic Positivity"

Friday, July 02, 2021

More Mass Marketing Gimmicks

Those Whom G*d Wishes...

7th Group Demo

Imperial Shift, Continued

Massachusetts Republicanism

MCC Podcast: What comes after liberalism? (Patrick Deneen)

ConInc.'s Version of "Civic Education"

Get Fit

Libertarians Can Dream!

Archbishop Gomez Still Pushing Forth His Version of CivNattery and the American Mythos

The latest draft.

Anne Akiko Meyers

Rhonda Vincent and Daryle Singletary

Charles Murray's Latest

Auto Shotgun

Helena N. Hodge at FutureSeeds Byron

Thursday, July 01, 2021

Not Disney

But just as bad...

Waging War Against the Historic American Peoples

Thomism Nerds Doing the Nerd Thing

What leadership skills do they really have?

They Couldn't Afford Martin Sheen?

Civnattery for the sake of sales. Wait until Budweiser goes woke.

The Diet of Early Humans

Tennessee a Battleground Between Reds and Blues

This is only one battle.


A Pistol Duel in 1896 France

Did a SoCon Write This?

No mention of feminism.

First the Office of the Queen of the Mediocrats, and Now This...

Why are Kamala Harris and the Arizona "senator" being targeted for this?


Declare Them in Schism

3B + PU

Edit. More from the tour:

The Crackdown Continues

The Rock of SCOTUS

Thanks Hart-Celler

The nuAmericans are pushing the nu-civic nationalism, inspired by the cultural Marxists.

Team Six Pistol Shooting Standards

Unfit for Republican Self-Government

Wednesday, June 30, 2021


Why such an emphasis on the imagination? Because it is easily unmoored from principles and reality and linked to emotion for instead - it's a form of manipulation.

The 25th Anniversary of the First Decentralist Conference

World Localization Day

Wall It Off

Oka Midori

Another Visit by Bartholomew to the US

The Feminization of the Churches?

A New Temple Dedicated to St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco


Healing from Imperialism

Magic Johnson in Greece

How Close are Constantinople and Rome?

How long before Constantinople begins to mouth Great Reset language?

"This Is Conservatism"

The "Galileo Project"

At Least She Was a Super-Powered Vampire in Underworld

More girl-power trash... this time from Amazon.

Feminism Cannot Be Salvaged

Trevor Lynch Reviews The Bostonians


Latin Integralist: The EU Isn't Integralist Enough

Alan Fimister

A problem with Latin integralism is that integralists never have to back up their beliefs with any proof that what they advocate actually works. They can merely hide behind the appearance of "orthodoxy" and "loyalty" and "obedience."

Lord Have Mercy

Latins Are Blind

Not one used much by... Roman Catholics. Because they don't know or acknowledge that Catholics other than those of the Roman rite or the patriarchate of Rome exist.

Universalism? Or Imperialism?

If one cannot enforce universalism without imperialism, then to advocate universalism is to advocate imperialism, in this case Caesaropapism, the imperial structure that is the second millenium papacy. And the Russians should be rightly wary of that, even if the patriarch of Moscow may go too far in his pretensions.

Liberalism (and statism) can thus be understood as atheist offshoots of this Latin ecclesial imperialism striving to compete with secular imperialism.

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

If We Adhered to Scale, We Wouldn't Have a Gynocentric Social Order

Community Land Trusts

Propaganda for an Agenda

The Solution to Latin Legalism

is not the modernist separation of caritas from veritas. To confuse Phariseeism with Tradition (i.e. the Divine Commandments) or authentic religion, is Bergoglio just so sloppy or is it deliberate?

Monday, June 28, 2021

Joe Norman Interview

An Empire in Decline

But Community Requires Freedom of Association

Using an AR-15 for Self-Defense

Demon Empire

The New Dean of Architecture at Notre Dame

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Latin Ecclesiology is a Dead End


Chris Thile: Typical Millennial?

RPG's Brand of Conservatism

Lord Have Mercy

Another in the Mold of Tagle?

The old boss...

"Muh Vatican I"

Has the sin of scandal been committed? Heterodoxy?

Deciding on the RIght Caliber