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An Abortion Allegory?

I don't care for horror movies, but perhaps this one could be interpreted as an anti-abortion movie.

A Good Backpack?

Very Sloppy

This doesn't even rise to the level of moral theologizing, as there is no attempt to analyze the proof text for the relevant principles and a determination of their application to the current situation.

Rorate Caeli: Leo XIII -"Man Precedes the State": A State that Destroys Jobs is Destroying the Primary Instinct of Man -- Self-Preservation

AAM #StreamingSundays

Some Podcast Interviews

What do they have in common? They're not so quiet...

Andy Stumpf: World Record Holder & Navy SEAL Veteran - KILL CLIFF Podcast Interview

Cannonball Mindset Podcast - Chadd Wright, former Navy SEAL

Navy Seal Mindset For Living Your Best Life With Chadd Wright and Lewis Howes

The Power of the Spoken Word with Chadd Wright

Conversation #101 - Chadd Wright - Former Navy SEAL & Ultrarunner

Search Out 서치 아웃

Friday, March 27, 2020

The Witch Introduces Stricter Measures to Contain COVID-19

Time to Address This Inequality Gap

The photo is the joke.

A normal man would feel shame if he were unable to pull his weight in a combat situation or some other dangerous situation when other men were depending on him. Women? How many of them feel entitled to men pulling their weight for them because despite their choice of "profession," they need a man's help or protection? Plenty of videos online of LEOs making an arrest or engaged in a gunfight with a suspect. The females usually hang out in the back, taking a fake "support" position. This moral sickness needs to end.

Culture as Indoctrination

RMJ Tactical S13 Shrike

and product page

It's Not So Easy

In urban mass population centers, as anywhere else, it’s going to take more than “Hi” and “How are you doing?” Community is not formed overnight nor through superficial interaction, and meaningful interaction takes more than simple personal contact. There must be observation of the other, acting for the other, “judging,” and the development of trust.

CWR Dispatch: Forming virtual communities in viral times by Russell Shaw
In an odd way, the pandemic is—or at least can be—a community-forming event.

Academics should be the last (but ideologues are the very last) to be lecturing others about "us" and "community." Why is there selfishness? Why is there a lack of solidarity? And what details did Gilkey gloss over or ignore in his narrative? Was there any informal (or even formal) means of discipline by the interned community to police itself?

“The thin polish of easy morality” and our present crisis by Dr. Randall B. Smith
What does it mean when a crisis brings out our worst qualities, rather than our best?

Langdon Gilkey: Shantung Compound: The Story of Men and Women Under Pressure

Intro to Night Vision Use

Another Plenary Indulgence

For those who attend to the blessing by television or radio or in person. Is there anything more representative of the exaggerated claims of the bishop of Rome? Would any non-Latin(non-latnized) church presume to do this? I don't think so. There's a reason why the theology indulgences and the practice of "giving" indulgences did not develop elsewhere.

CWR Dispatch: Full text: Pope Francis’ “Urbi et Orbi” meditation

Choral Evensong


Debt Forgiveness, Debt Jubilees, and Personal Responsibility

Michael Hudson: Our Neo-Feudal System Is on the Verge of Collapse and A Debt Jubilee Is the Only Way to Avoid Depression

Vox Day: The need for a debt jubilee and The answer to the "responsibility" objection

Paul Craig Roberts: Everything Accomplished During the Great Depression to Make Capitalism Workable Has Been Taken Away Resulting in Economic Crisis that Only Debt Forgiveness Can Mitigate and Debt Forgivness and Nationalization Are the Answers to the Economic Crisis

Michael Hudson and Paul Craig Roberts: A Brady Bond Solution for America’s Economic Crisis and Unpayable Corporate Debt

Many have rejected debt jubilees and debt forgiveness because it is "unfair" to those (usually including themselves) who kept themselves out of debt. Bragging about having shown personal responsibility within a system that doesn't care about you while showing no solidarity with others who failed those traps? It is almost like the Boomer boast of how they are self-made people and that younger generations should be more like them. It's as if your obeying the rules of the system somehow give you merit -- sure it's framed in the language of responsibility, justice, and so on, but who is defining these terms and with what laws? The laws of the oligarchs. If some somehow prevail and stay debt free, while the weak are exploited, should they look down on those who are exploited? Have they walked in their shoes? Do they know their personal circumstances? Some of those with debt may be irresponsible flakes but are all of them like that? What have you done to encourage personal responsibility for them? If you say that you have no connection to these people, and that you have no responsibility for them, then they are the responsibility of others, and the state. What is it to you if the state decides to undertake certain measures to protect them? You couldn't do so, or you weren't willing to do so.

If you don't like what the system is doing, then work to change it, but show some consideration to those vulnerable to exploitation by the oligarchs and guide them, when possible.

Would Pope Francis Go Along With This?


Former UK Prime Minister Calls For Global Government to Fight Coronavirus by Paul Joseph Watson
Gordon Brown wants new powers for international bodies to deal with outbreak.

Andy Chan Ho-tin 陳浩天

AmConMag: Why I’m Nominating a Hong Kong Freedom Fighter for the Nobel by Jason Morgan
As the China-originated coronavirus reminds us, truth and democracy must always prevail over lies and authoritarianism.


Mgr John Armitage Shares the History of Walsingham

Crisis: Be England Thy Dowry by Christopher Ortega and The World Must Come to Walsingham by Michael Warren Davis


Bp Athanasius Schneider & Dr Taylor Marshall discuss Theology and Liturgy

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Peaceful Hostile Takeover

The Wrong Spokeswoman for a Real Problem?

Sandro Magister: The Cry of Lucetta Scaraffia Against Another Plague: The Abuse of So Many Women in the Church

What is her justification for this claim?

I therefore think that at this moment of history it is the task of the laity, and primarily of women, strong in the preference given to them by Jesus as shown in the Gospels, to fight for the rebuilding of our beloved Church, by bringing the truth to light. Nothing good is ever built on lies, one cannot even draw from the treasury of tradition anymore, as we see these days.

The fight against abuse is driven forward with more clarity and determination by women, who often speak the truth with courage and without losing sight of love for the Church. I would just like to mention Marie Collins, the Irish victim whom Pope Francis had called to join the commission on abuse and who - alone - had the courage to resign when she saw that there was no serious progress in the right direction, publicly denouncing this.

Rangers Big 5 Philosophy

Interview with William Cheung

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Children of the Sea

St. Constantine School in Lehigh Valley

website for the school

Something Tolkien for Today's Feast

Never Visited This One in PHX


Exaggerating the Writings of One Pope on One Topic

and perhaps elevating them to the level of the ordinary Magisterium. This is Latin confusion concerning the papacy.

CWR: 25 years after Evangelium Vitae, we still need a “new feminism” by Michele M. Schumacher
In his encyclical, Pope John Paul II called for a “new feminism”—“new” in the sense of the radical novelty of Christianity itself, not a reactionary Christian answer to secular feminism.

Similarly, this post: Be Not Afraid of the New Feminism by Courtney Barnes
Pope St. John Paul II used Edith Stein’s insight in his Theology of the Body discourse, his 1995 encyclical Evangelium Vitae, as well as his pastoral Letter to Womenpromulgated that same year. In fact, John Paul II went so far to coin the term “New Feminism” calling all Catholic women, “to promote a ‘new feminism’ which rejects the temptation of imitating models of ‘male domination’, in order to acknowledge and affirm the true genius of women in every aspect of the life of society, and overcome all discrimination, violence and exploitation” (Evangelium Vitae, 99). This call has been answered by many consecrated religious and Catholic intellectuals such as Helen Alvaré and Women Speak For Themselves, Feminists for Life, The Sisters of Life and Endow to name a few. However their voices are often muffled by the old feminism that is alive and well in the secular media.

This is a new book published by Ignatius Press and the Augustine Institute: Sex and the Catholic Feminist by Sue Ellen Browder

"Equality Now"

Let women reap the consequences for embracing or tolerating feminism.

And of course there are "Catholic" feminists who think that combat roles should be open to women -- Catholic Feminists and the Military ft. Brianna Hughes.

National Medal of Honor Day


YT version


Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045

Luis de Milán - Pavana & Gallarda

Blessed Feast of the Annunciation

Petros Gaitanos et al.

Honest Trailers | Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


Did they think they had Divine Protection? The secular (and secularized) authorities in Israel have more sense.

Concern Over Coronavirus Spread in Orthodox Jewish Communities

B.C. Sacred Music Symposium

A hopeful sign for the Latin churches in British Columbia? The video advertises a diverse and young group of people who are interested in preserving the Latin patrimony of sacred music.


Is the Solesmes interpretation still being handed on as THE tradition or do we have a competing interpretations in North America now? Where is the innovation or the attempt to do something different, other than from musicians who specialize in early music and historical reconstruction? Too bad Cappella Romana isn't interested in doing such reconstructions, specializing as they do in Byzantine and Slavic sacred music.

Different interpretations of Gregorian chant may sound different with respect to the music, but not to the range of singing, and I have not found an American group that incorporates a larger range of male voices. The English sound of Anglican sacred music sounds like it has more T, and the same is true of Catholic choirs in the UK. Is it just the lack of male voices in the lower ranges? Or is there something about the Gregorian melodies as well? I don't think so -- I can hear a wide range of male voices in recordings from Solesmes. So it is something about the interpretation and/or the melodies.

Some historical recreations of "old Roman chant," including a couple of tracks by Ensemble Organum:

Enjoy It While It Is Available

Antony Beevor: WWII and Lessons from the Past - 'Arnhem: The Battle of the Bridges'

Remembering Arnhem



Will have to listen to this for what he offers.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

General James Gavin

Battle of Haditha Dam

May God Save England!

CWR Dispatch: The Annunciation and the re-dedication of England to Our Lady by Joanna Bogle

This coming Sunday, March 29th, the Bishops of England and Wales are formally re-dedicating the country, through the faith of its people, to Mary, in a long-planned act for which people have been preparing for the past eighteen months.


One Explanation of Neoliberalism

I would point out to the author: Neoliberalism may be notionally distinct from "classical liberalism" or capitalism but the people involved are the same, the oligarchs, and control of the state, even if it is nominally a democracy, is one of their goals.

You're a Slave to Money, Then You Die by Eugene McCarraher

Jonny Kim

NASA bio

SIMP Culture

SIMPS: Twitch Star's Male Fans REVOLT

November 2019: Michael Yom on the Situation in Hong Kong

They're Working on the Fifth Draft

'The Passion of the Christ' actor: Painful movie ‘mistakes’ made hit film ‘more beautiful’

(via Breitbart)


Pietro De Marco on the Social Changes within the Patriarchate of Rome

Sandro Magister: On Top of Coronavirus, This Is a Turning Point in History. That Is Dragging the Church Along With It

I am increasingly convinced that the Church, of course, is not of the world, but lives “in” the world; and therefore that its life is affected, more than is usually admitted, by the more general processes of contemporary society (as, in a particular case, I have written about the patriotism of Italian priests). In short, it is necessary to look at these more general processes within which ecclesiastical events are situated.

So: what happened in the world, in Western society “in primis” but not only, after 1945? What influenced this context undergoing very rapid change in the culture widespread in the hierarchies, in the social base of the parishes, in the emptying of the seminaries, in the change of sexual morality, in relationships between people, in the crisis of the principle of authority, in the end of transcendence?
On these aspects historical culture (but not only) has had something to say: just take an overarching book such as “The Age of Extremes” by Eric Hobsbawm and read its pages on “The Golden Age” and its social and cultural effects to become aware of this. It is no coincidence that the English historian underlines, without any complacency, indeed with some concern - he is a Marxist and a Communist! - that the first “victims” of this immense transformation were the family institution and the Churches, not only the Catholic.

The transition - at the level of widespread mentality and common feeling, as well as in high culture - from a prevailing holistic-hierarchical conception of the world to an individualistic-egalitarian conception - a passage that had a prologue in 1945-1960 and a full implementation later - inevitably posed enormous problems for the Catholic Church, which from the apostle Paul to “Mystici Corporis” based its ecclesiology on that previous vision. In short, as Seneca said, “ducunt volentem fata, nolentem trahunt,” fate leads those who want to be guided and drags along those who do not, even the Church!

For this reason, the reversal of the trend will not be able to take place only within the Church (and besides, with what resources, if priests now reason in the way De Marco describes so well?), but through a global paradigm shift, as occurred after 1945 and at other times in history.

Advice from Bishop Schneider

Lifesite: Bishop Athanasius Schneider on how to go on living when Masses are suspended
Bp. Schneider declared that 'the entire human race' has become 'a kind of prisoner of a world 'sanitary dictatorship.'' Here is how he recommends the faithful proceed.

SAS Stuff

Monday, March 23, 2020

The Battle of Haditha Dam

Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas - The High Reel Set - Live at McCabe's

Find Your Tribe

Coronavirus, economic networks, and social fabric by Richard Heinberg
In Tough times, Our Community Becomes Our Safety Net by Quint Studer (Resilience)

Call to Action for the US Transition Movement by Marissa Mommaerts


7 Lessons on the Sovereignty of Labor (Resilience)

Worker Self-Directed Enterprises: The Cure for Capitalism (Resilience)

Parts of the Global Oligarchy

Transnational Institute: Corporations as Private Sovereign Powers: The Case of Total

Fempowered NYC Dweller

How's that feminism going for you?

Before You Lecture...

Make sure you understand the concrete circumstances which you are addressing. The author of the following, academic dean at Xtendom, does not understand the causes of intergenerational divide in blue urban mass population centers, nor does he understand the particulars of American population centers or the impact of the oligarchs, statists, and leftism or cultural Marxism.

Piety in the Time of Coronavirus by Ben Reinhard

Does the Constitution Matter at This Point?

Will we have a peaceful transition to a pure Constitutional order? Are the states able to check the power of the oligarchs? If not, then isn't complaining about what the Federal Executive might be doing in order to solve problems of real people futile? Now the good professor is helpful to explain what the Constitution originally intended for the Federal Executive and we can learn something from it, but we are not returning to that original order, and we need to learn what its weaknesses are if we are to create a new, better order in the future.


Or more than that? This is a consequence of Rome's claims about its authority.

CNA: Pope Francis to give a special Urbi et Orbi blessing amid coronavirus pandemic
America: Pope Francis calls on Christians worldwide to combat coronavirus pandemic with midday prayer on March 25
CNS/NCR: Pope announces extraordinary 'urbi et orbi' blessing March 27

Living in the Long Emergency

AmConMag: TAC Bookshelf: James Howard Kunstler’s ‘Long Emergency’

BenBella Books

Review at Mud City Press

alternative but truncated

I Hope the Political Alliance Is Helping the US

And the delusional? or rather the statist leftist has to chime in:

One nation, one people? BS!

May Pius XII Be Vindicated

Crisis: ‘Hitler’s Pope’? Not So Fast by Marek Jan Chodakiewicz

Sarah vs. Bergoglio on the Question of Mass Immigration

First Things: On Loving Thy Neighbor by John Waters

No need for the mental gymnastics to reconcile the two. On this issue Sarah is right, Francis is wrong.

An Interview with COL Charlie Beckwith

Another Charlie:

Devil Mouse Fempowerment

Straight from the CEO's mouth.

Korean Fempowerment Movie

A twist on Taken and other rescuing kidnapped loved ones movies.

No Mercy 언니

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Another Ad

Just an Ad

American Tomahawk Display Stands

More on CRF

One of the Token NYT Conservatives

Decadence? How about the moral sickness that is the urban mass population center?

Douthat: Decadent societies lack babies, and hope

Will She Be Back in 2024?

Where's My Handout?

One Converged Government

HK G41

An Interview with Elizabeth Lev

CWR: “Beauty attracts…beauty also wounds”
Art historian Elizabeth Lev on how beauty opens us to transcendence and truth—while “breaking through our shell of complacency.”

The Conference Will Definitely Be a Mixed Bag

Virtual Catholic Men's Conference

Presented by Just a Guy in the Pew (FB and Twitter) and Metanoia Catholic (FB)
What happens when a national pandemic shuts down your Catholic Men's Conference?

You see this at the bottom of the page giving conference information:
Praise & Worship led by
Taylor Alexis Tripodi
Dee Simone
Brandan Bosanko (Member of a Latin youth ministry program which is run by women.)

How clueless can the leadership for this conference be if they think contemporary praise and worship music, especially when sung by women, would be appropriate for a conference such as thus? It totally undermines their credibility as "experts" on Christian masculinity. Will they play any Hillsong favorites?

The following sounds too much like a polished, studio recording rather than what would be sung liturgically, because of the slow expressiveness of the main mail singer, but still liturgical music, or even paraliturgical music, would be better than contemporary praise and worship music.

Fempowered Country Music

Miranda Lambert, no surprise...

The bluebird of happiness
Bluebird meaning
Bluebird - symbolism and meaning

Latins Going to Latin

Another proclamation of a plenrary indulgence.

Rorate Caeli: IMPORTANT: Plenary Indulgence to all faithful caught up in the Coronavirus situation

Day 2 of the Stay at Home Festival

Clips from Stay at Home Festival, Day 1