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CWR Interview with Fr. Rutler

Catholicism in New York City
An interview with Fr. George Rutler, pastor of the Church of St. Michael in New York City, and noted author and commentator
Jim Graves

(via Fr. Z)

Our Catholic education system is a disaster, from kindergarten to the university level. I am continually appalled by the ignorance of Catholic college graduates I meet. They know nothing at all about the Faith or Western culture. We’ve returned to the period of 800-1200, with the Church the repository of learning in the midst of the total dearth of the life of the mind.

We have a generation of parents who did not receive the Faith from the previous generation. Fifty years ago, parents had some sense of their obligations to God and tried to pass them on to their children. But today, many parents are a blank slate when it comes to religion. They have nothing to pass on to their children. Some have turned to homeschooling, but that’s a small percentage of the total. There are also some splendid new academies and colleges faithful to the Magisterium which are opening, which I hope will serve as models for renewal for some existing institutions.

In our recent discussions of the Church and family, much attention has been paid to those in irregular situations, such as the divorced. These are important considerations, but let’s keep our focus on the traditional family unit and on how we can support it. The family is our future.

The people I find most heroic in our society are young couples bringing up children. I’ve had parents bring their babies to Mass and get embarrassed when they cry. They come to me afterward and apologize for the disruption. I say, “Don’t apologize, that’s the sound of the future.”

See also: Catholic Higher Education in Ruins by Robert Oscar Lopez

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For the Love of Money is a Root of All Kinds of Evil

"You came into the world with nothing, you will leave the world with nothing."

Some amount of external good sis necessary for the happy life, but we do not need more than what is sufficient.

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Sad News for the Show's Fans

Thursday, December 25, 2014 Interview with Jason Hall

Screenwriter Jason Hall Talks Chris Kyle & ‘American Sniper’

A Gift from Fr. Rutler

Holidays are Holy Days

Another Year Without a Visit by Rhonda Vincent and the Rage to CA?

2015 schedule so far

Patriarch John X's Christmas Message


How Big is Your Christmas?

Pope Francis's Christmas Greetings to Korean Catholics

AA America

I haven't been following this... Mass. doctor Vivek Murthy OK’d as surgeon general - Views on guns, advocacy led to Senate delay

Surgeon General of the United States: Who Is Vivek Murthy?

A Failure of Pastoral Leadership and Catechesis

Catholic Marriage Culture

Be a Witness to the Joy of the Birth of Our Savior

Christmas Message of Archbishop Demetrios

Καλά Χριστούγεννα

Christ is born! Glorify Him!
Xpιστοσ γεννται! Δοξασατε!

Great Feast of the Nativity According to the Flesh of Our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ - Celebration First Day (One of the Twelve Great Feasts, class 1)

Καλά Χριστούγεννα (Merry Christmas in Greek)

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O Holy Night

Not my favorite version--


Probably Not Dmitry Orlov – Are Americans Prepared For A Soviet Style Collapse – Interview

Meditations for Nativity

Parts 2 and 3.

More Celebs on the Papal Visit to the Philippines

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A Professional Police Force Should Not Supplant the Republican Character of a Polity

A VD reader reminds us of Sir Robert Peel's principles of policing:

Peelian Principle 1 - “The basic mission for which the police exist is to prevent crime and disorder.”

Peelian Principle 2 - “The ability of the police to perform their duties is dependent upon public approval of police actions.”

Peelian Principle 3 - “Police must secure the willing co-operation of the public in voluntary observance of the law to be able to secure and maintain the respect of the public.”

Peelian Principle 4 - “The degree of co-operation of the public that can be secured diminishes proportionately to the necessity of the use of physical force.”

Peelian Principle 5 - “Police seek and preserve public favour not by catering to the public opinion but by constantly demonstrating absolute impartial service to the law.”

Peelian Principle 6 - “Police use physical force to the extent necessary to secure observance of the law or to restore order only when the exercise of persuasion, advice and warning is found to be insufficient.”

Peelian Principle 7 - “Police, at all times, should maintain a relationship with the public that gives reality to the historic tradition that the police are the public and the public are the police; the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full-time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence.”

Peelian Principle 8 - “Police should always direct their action strictly towards their functions and never appear to usurp the powers of the judiciary.”

Peelian Principle 9 - “The test of police efficiency is the absence of crime and disorder, not the visible evidence of police action in dealing with it.”

How very far we've come -- far from such ancient ideals, and also far from having a population that they could reasonably apply to.

The "occupying army" mentality in modern police officers disdains non-cops as "civilians". That has its benefits; for example the more the force sees itself as an in-group in opposition to the "civilian" out-group, the more racial tensions within a multi-racial police force can be de-emphasized (as is normal with military forces). But it means the whole Peel program is right out the window.

Also, Robert Peel was interested in a force that could work with Englishmen -- a riotous population, but 100% white, Christian, and English. You could assume that displays of absolute impartiality would impress people and win their favor. That is not the case any more. The trend is all to the bad.

[underlining mine]

"Pray for the Conversion of Russia"... and of the West

Papal Address to the Roman Curia


Rorate Caeli: Congratulations to Pope Francis on his exercise in self-criticism - It was Benedict XVI who had a huge relationship problem with the Roman Curia

Fr. Reginald Foster on Christmas

Christmas Carols

Practical Feminism

A EO priest writes on FB regarding the restoration of deaconesses:

If the issue is the empowerment of women, believe me women are already empowered in the Eastern Orthodox Church. They serve on Parish Councils, as delegates to Archdiocesan Conventions and on the Board of Trustees of the Archdiocese. In my parish we have a woman Parish Council chair and woman treasurer. In a parish a priest who fights with the women does not survive.

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Masking the Signs of Aging

Makeup doing its job (besides enhancing certain features and mimicking certain natural signs of fertility)

How much of its effect is the concealment of aging?

Carrie Underwood - American Idol days

One of the 7 Deadly Sins

Greed explained: J. Paul Getty, Aristotle and the Maximum Power Principle (Resilience)

Black, Season 2

Valaam Icon in Space

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Gangnam 1970

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Who Can Blame Him?

The danger of a "reality" show focusing on a play-marriage. Concupiscence in the name of romance...

Chronicle of a Blood Merchant 허삼관 매혈기

"Chronicle of a Blood Merchant" Ha Jeong-woo calls Ha Ji-won a 'salmon'
[Video] Added new official trailer and stills for the Korean movie 'Chronicle of a Blood Merchant'

The New Cal Cap from Brand 47

With a generic look, the capital C for Cal. Much like the capital S for Stanfurd? (The Brand 47 cap for Stanfurd, for comparison.) And an ugly C, at that! The original Cal logo, with "Cal" written in cursive, was more distinctive.

Compare with the old Brand 47 model here.

The End of the Colbert Report

Salon: “I’m getting angry at liberals”: Watch the hilarious end to “The Colbert Report”

I didn't really watch much of the show; one of the disadvantages (or benefits) of not having cable.

Unlucky? Or a Fraud?

Japan scientist quits as cell research discredited

If the latter it took her too long to resign, in an honor-bound culture such as Japan's. But maybe women aren't held to the same standard of honor as the men?

She's ok -- is she married?

Trailer for Tsui Hark's Latest

It will be distributed in the US, but all that CGI ruined it for me...

John Taylor of Caroline

It was his birthday yesterday.

The Political Wisdom of John Taylor of Caroline by W. Kirk Wood

John Taylor and Construction by James Rutledge Roesch

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Second Trailer for American Sniper

The Society of Saint Dominic

website (via NLM)

Chicken Little?

Another Article on The Hobbit Party

Tolkien Truth: Giant Lessons from Little Hobbits (via Insight Scoop)

Bring the Hate-Fest

For that hack JJ Abrams...


Because We Can't Get Enough Girl-Power in Period Pieces


Prelate Javier Echevarría's Successor?

The Eponymous Flower: Important Strategic Course in Selecting the Head of Opus Dei

Msgr. Fernando Ocáriz

An Orthodox Twist on a German Custom

John Kerry Goes to the Vatican


More for Catholic Action

Kim So Eun in Hanbok

Gerald Celente Makes Predictions for 2015

Gerald Celente: Ein weltweiter Wake Up Call

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From That Girl to New Girl

That Girl (set in that Yankee culture capital, New York City?) is currently playing on MeTV. What does Marlo Thomas think of all the changes that her ideology of feminism has wrought on American society? That Girl may be cleaner, if not more innocent than New Girl and more realistic its portrayal of what women are like (timid in some ways) but how poisonous was it at that time? (How many readers does she have at HuffPo? And is anyone pointing fingers at her for leading her astray?)

Don't Be a Statistic

James LaFond: Getting Hammered in the Hood

Salve Regina


The Bishops and the Catholic “man-crisis”
The Extraordinary Synod held in October failed to adequately mention, address, and encourage two groups of Catholics.
December 15, 2014 12:00 EST
Matthew James Christoff

Sainsbury's Christmas - The story behind our Christmas ad

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Everyone's Making a Christmas Album

Nathaniel Macon

Nathaniel Macon and the Origin of States’ Rights Conservatism by Boyd Cathey

A New Url for Living Latin Language

Latinitatis Corpus, Reginaldo Procuratore

Jonathan Coppage Reviews Why Place Matters

The Localist Manifesto

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A Show for Conservatives to Watch?

About to turn 3, 'Lilyhammer' might just be the future of TV

Rhiannon Giddens, "Black is the Color"

Selling out to Apple?

World Over - 2014-12-11 – 'Exodus: Gods & Kings' Christian Bale and Ridley Scot with Raymond Arroyo

Knight of Cups Trailer

A different sort of Terrence Malick story?

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Not Quite Getting it

M. Shea: Masculine and Feminine, Evangelical and Catholic

One of the big examples that contrasts different attitudes towards prayer is the current worship "style" of the Roman rite in Uhmerica -- how do the emotions relate to the spirit in prayer? See Ronald Know's Enthusiasm or Archimandrite Gabriel Bunge:

Fr. P.: The next question would be about those examples that are often taken by the Orthodox as indicators of false orientation of Catholic mysticism. If for the East the crystal purity of the soul is the main condition for inner work in order that the Divine Light would act in it, then the examples of such ascetics as Teresa of Ávila show something very opposite: the aim of podvig is to attain to ecstasy where a person experiences God. Could you please comment on this?

Fr. G.: There are two types of mysticism in the Catholic Church: restrained (inner work) and ecstatic. Both schools are rooted in the monastic tradition. The first school that originated in Sts. Macarius, Anthony, and Evagrius is the inner mysticism, “inner work.” But St. Macarius’ Homilies contain the other school too, more affective mysticism. Therefore he is traditionally considered to belong to the softened or semi- Messalianism, that is a kind of ecstatic monasticism. I think, that here we could see just two different spiritual temperaments that confront one another. That’s why it’s difficult to find a common language. The follower of the inner work could say to his opponent, “You are too sensual,” and the latter could reply, “You are too reasonable. You don’t have any inner experience.” And both these opinions would be wrong.

However, I have to admit that in the Middle Ages there were purely women’s mystical movements on the West that seem strange to me and are beyond my comprehension. I belong to a different school. I don’t have anything that could help me to understand or feel deeply that affective, ecstatic mysticism. The main rule of any spiritual life for me is restriction and lack of exaltation because exaltation itself is a ground for demonic prelest. This experience we can find today in charismatics. To avoid mistakes that Evagrius calls imitation of spiritual and mystic states, we have to be very careful, wise, and to possess simplicity and purity. Today it is called a self-suggested condition, that is, an imaginative mystic (spiritual) condition.

St. Theophan the Recluse, who is very popular in the West, by the way, understood the matter of western mystics very subtly. Once he exclaimed: “Oh, these Western people, they cannot distinguish between psychic and spiritual!” And really, when I talk to people who come for confession, I see how often they mix these things. One has to teach and help people to see the difference between their feelings and true spirituality from God. People quite often feel something deep inside and think “Here it is, here is that true spirituality.”

USAF Flash Mob at the Smithsonian

Playing Christian music for Christmas. Shocking, given the direction the military, and the USAF especially, has taken. Maybe there are still some hold-outs among the generals but they will probably be all purged eventually. (via The Thinking Housewife)

Some of the more traditional-looking uniforms don't look bad. The USAF, in search of an identity...

Plenty of Good Articles at Abbeville Institute

The Revival of (Southern) Conservatism by Carl Jones

See also Forgotten Founder George Mason by Brion McClanahan and The Transformation of American Citizenship via the Crucible of War by Marshall DeRosa

David Bollier's Review of Degrowth: A Vocabulary for a New Era

David Bollier Blog

Not Suprisingly, From One of the Authors of The Hobbit Party

Did the Church Change Its Doctrine on Usury? Jay W. Richards

Does money serve the whole community? Or just those who have lots of it?

The Church and the Usurers is probably better...

Feminism in Service of Capitalism

Of course Ellen DeGeneres has no principles in this regard, selling out to Covergirl.

Girls Can by Covergirl

But Cash Back/Airline Miles is Tempting

10 Reasons I Don’t Have a Credit Card by Ralph Nader

Austen at Sea

Why Patrick O’Brian is Jane Austen at sea
What better way to mark the O’Brian’s centenary than by jumping on board with Captain Jack?

Patrick O'Brian - The Surgeon's Mate, read by Benedict Cumberbatch

BBC Radio 4 has other special programming for the 100th anniversary of POB's birth.
Radio Adaptation: Master and Commander
BBC Radio 4 Bookclub Episode: Master and Commander

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Kyrie Eleison.

And Does it Affect the Mission to Evangelize?

Saturday, December 13, 2014

We Haven't Grown Beyond the Effectiveness of this Appeal

What would be the feminine equivalent of this expression, within orthodox Christianity?

Black is Better than Blue

The light blue used by the servers of the ICKSP, that is. The use of black seems to be out of respect for the Dominican/Augustinian heritage of the parish.

Dominican Rite Solemn Mass, December 8, Portland OR

NLM: Resurgent in the Midst of Crisis - A Review by Dom Alcuin Reid by Gregory DiPippo

Is a Coloring Book Respectful Enough of Iconography?

Even if it is an icon depicting a modern Western devotion, the Sacred Heart of Jesus?

NLM: New Coloring Book for Children on the Sacred Heart of Jesus by David Clayton

Something for the nieces and nephews?

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Gone Too Far, Or Not Having Gone Far Enough?

Accomodationism v. radicalism. Too much esteem for empire, and not enough knowledge of politics?

James Kalb, What is the Church's Political Role

More of the Same

The Stray Birds

Coming to the Freight on February 6.

Worthy of Being Mocked

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Seeing Natalie MacMaster in 2015?

Her tour schedule.

May 1
Carmel, CA
Sunset Theatre
Visions from Cape Breton & Beyond - with Donnell Leahy & full band
Visions from Cape Breton & Beyond
May 2
Northridge, CA
Great Hall - Valley Performing Arts Center
Visions from Cape Breton & Beyond - with Donnell Leahy & full band
Visions from Cape Breton & Beyond
May 3
San Luis Obispo, CA
The Pavillion
Visions from Cape Breton & Beyond - with Donnell Leahy & full band
Visions from Cape Breton & Beyond
May 4 AND 5
Folsom, CA
Harris Center for the Arts - Folsom Lake College
Visions from Cape Breton & Beyond - with Donnell Leahy & full band
Visions from Cape Breton & Beyond
May 6
Chico, CA
Laxson Auditorium
Visions from Cape Breton & Beyond - with Donnell Leahy & full band
Visions from Cape Breton & Beyond

Paul Gottfried on Wikipedia and the Frankfurt School

Misadventuring on Wikipedia
The anonymized wiki editors misconstrue conservative scholarship on the Frankfurt School.

How Christian Will the Movie Be?

A Photo Of Ewan McGregor As Jesus In LAST DAYS IN THE DESERT!!

The Social Network Wasn't Enough...

A movie about Ray Kroc, of McDonald's fame... John Lee Hancock To Explore McOrigins In THE FOUNDER!!

Peter Hitchens on His Cinematic Experiences

Why I Still Go to the Cinema

Fires on the Plain

5.11 Tactical Video

AJ Lee , "Heartbreak Number Nine"

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The Pixar Movie for Girls

Post by io9.

Cultural Citizens

Perhaps a too demanding (or resource-intense) understanding of citizenship (or culture or civilization)...

Sacra Liturgia USA 2015

There Should Be More Hanbok Photos

An Unnecessary Movie Adaptation?

More POB

Unseen Patrick O’Brian sea stories to launch in December

SDG Interviews EXODUS Peeps

Hong Kong, Represent!

Christianity is No Mere Intellectualism

Study of the Church Fathers is nonetheless important...

Nickel Creek on Austin City Limits

They Do Sound Effeminate

The Pecking Order

TR: Understanding the Hierarchy of Groups within the Cultural Marxist Schema

Honest Trailer: Guardians of the Galaxy

Life on the Rock - 2014-11-28 - Eric and Ginny Dooley

The video could be analyzed from quite a few different angles...

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Nikolai Kedrov Sr., "The Lord's Prayer"

Prayer Ropes

Prayer ropes by The Master Beadsman now available at Mount Tabor Studios.

What Happened with Raul Isidro Burgos Rural Normal School

Memo From Middle America: Mexico’s Guerrero State Is “Violent And Dysfunctional”—And Amnesty Will Bring More Of It Here


Symptoms of a Weak Latin Hierarchy

Kerygma v. dogma? But eventually the "hard sayings" concerning patriarchy and the differences between the sexes will have to be acknowledged, if contemporary ailments are to be cured.

Francis, women, and Candida Moss' truth problem
A professor of New Testament at Notre Dame apparently values self-promotion and sensationalism over facts and orthodoxy

Catholicism’s Latin American Problem

Pat McNamara

TAC Alumnus Ordained Priest for Clear Creek

A Female M Wasn't Bad Enough

James Bond finally falls for a woman his own age

Just Enough

Rob Hopkins: Knowing what 'just enough' is (Resilience)

Just Enough
Simon & Schuster

C-Span: Patrick Buchanan Library Tour

From 2008.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Aristotelian vs. Augustinian Definition of Time

And Genesis/Creation/the age of the Earth... see the exchange between Laura Wood and Thomas F. Bertonneau: Is the Earth Billions of Years Old?

An Episode Not to be Missed

International Eucharistic Congress 2016 Infomercial

A certain Filipina celebrity is in this... using celebrities to advertise for religion... sounds iffy, doesn't it? Even though skater Kim Yu-Na has been a focus of attention at this blog.

Matthew Kelly on EWTN Bookmark

He seems to have gotten even older since I rediscovered him several years ago.

book page

Spiritually Bankrupt Moms

Meet Russia's 9-Year-Old "Supermodel"

Not Suspicious At All

Home of Sandy Hook shooter transferred to Newtown


7 Brothers Give Bride The Wedding Gift To End All Wedding Gifts

Divine Mercy

Will we be getting enough rain? Are we still praying for it?

More Drought Relief Headed to California This Week

Sunday, December 07, 2014

A Net Plus or Minus?

As a Replacement for the Word "Sex," No

Gender: A Word Worth Saving? by Austin Ruse

Don’t Say Gender When You Mean Sex by Dale O'Leary

Friday, December 05, 2014

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Local Heroine or Bossy SJW in Training

Milpitas girl calls out publisher over name of book series

Think ABDO Publishing wasn't all too happy to bend over for the radicals? Those who seek to make money through pushing products of mass culture will do whatever it takes to make money.

Vox: Something is Wrong with These People
No Books "For Boys"

Something on MGTOW: The Sexodus, Part 1: The Men Giving Up On Women And Checking Out Of Society

Carrie Underwood - "Remember When"

More from the Opry.

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More on The Tailors

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

I Remember When She First Debuted

Kyrie eleison.

I'm crushed!

Wasn't it obvious?

When the LGBTQ Agenda Gets in the Way of Storytelling

And with a large dose of feminism, too. That is what I get from this review of The Imitation Game: Review: THE IMITATION GAME Cannot Live Up To Its Inherent Drama (even if the reviewer won't admit it because of SJW orthodoxy)

‘Imitation Game’ Screenwriter On How Alan Turing was ‘Whitewashed’

Not SJW Enough

Review: THE HOMESMAN Takes Tommy Lee Jones Out To Pasture

Tommy Lee Jones's character doesn't convert to feminism, nor is feminism somehow vindicated by the story. And Hilary Swank's character, despite being such a strong independent woman, is unable to find a man. A good or bad Western, then, for traditionalists?

I missed The Salvation; it apparently was released in the States in October?

Shadow Days

Five Flavours 2014 Review: SHADOW DAYS, A Bold Critique Of China's Notorious One-Child Policy

Reinforcing His SJW Cred

In which a reviewer does his best to criticize Hollywood for not being feminist enough. Destroy All Monsters: Wonder Women Can't All Be Mockingjays

Archbishop Kyrill's Birthday

Swiss Guard Recruits

Looks like the recruits (and enlisted?) wear short tunics while officers have a jacket. Who is the uniform designer for the Swiss Guard?

It Would Have Been a Significant Gesture

Who is in charge of the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Constantinople (Istanbul)?

It may be that even if the rector and the Latin bishop had decided to restore the high altar or to modify the sanctuary so that ad orientem liturgies would be celebrated at the free-standing altar, Pope Francis might have nonetheless celebrated it "versus populum." I think he could have done it here anyway, especially with Eastern Catholics and Orthodox present. Does he have any sense of a liturgical patrimony and praxis common to both East and West?

His homily.

Slavery Is More Likely to Increase

As economy and disorder worsens throughout the world and we continue into the postcarbon era.


There is a rally scheduled for tonight at the Cupertino library/civic center for those protesting the proposed redevelopment of Vallco and its conversion to a mix-used zone (commercial and residential). Where were these people to protest against the Federal Government, drone attacks, its handling of ebola, etc.? Or to protest against the state government? Quite a few Chinese are involved, and I did see a white man helping distribute papers and talking up the cause. I don't know if he has been a resident all of his life, or if he is a new arrival like most of the Chinese. Residents should be concerned about the impact on traffic, though with nearby Apple HQ being built, how much worse could it get? And of course their precious schools are in danger of being overcrowded.

"If it makes things more difficult for my family and I, then I'll get politically involved."

Since $ is everything in this liberal society that they love so, then why shouldn't other people with money be able to have a say in how Cupertino is developed? And why shouldn't other people with money be able to move into Cupertino if they are able to afford it? Why should their interests have priority over the interests of others?

Monday, December 01, 2014

I Hope Their Monastery Grows

Maybe they will do more with their worship space when they have more money.

Makeup is Necessary for the Camera Maybe

But goes against the spirit of postulancy. Lifetime Network: The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns

How legit is ‘The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns?‘ Former nun gives her review
The Sisterhood on Lifetime: The Context of Discernment

Be Mindful of the Present

Not Jedi meditation...

Dr. Hibbs at The Thomistic Institute in NYC

21 Things You Didn't Know about The Hobbit Trilogy


Before I saw the first one I didn't know how dumbed down it could get. #christophertolkienwasright

Indoctrinating the Whole World

Frozen 2: the sequel is happening, says Idina Menzel

Andrea Tornielli on the Joint Declaration

The joint declaration: “Together in martyrdom”

I hadn't posted this before...
Francis to Turkey’s Christians: Divisions and disagreements must be overcome

Rachmaninov: Pianoconcerto no.2 op.18 - Anna Fedorova - Complete Live Concert - HD

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Joint Declaration

Pope and Patriarch Sign Declaration To Express Joint Desires for Unity and Peace

Bartholomew and Francis: Unity is necessary

Next Week on Running Man

Annie Staninec - Banjo Pickin' Girl

Friday, November 28, 2014

America the Beautiful 3

AICN: Capone talks to AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL 3 director Darryl Roberts about the dangers of sexualizing our youth!!!

I have not seen the first two; is the creator of the documentary, despite his dislike of beauty pageant moms, unable to acknowledge the role of female weakness and vice in the problems he documents?

The first film can be viewed online.


Who's Getting Excited Over This?


EWTN Schedule for the Pope's Visit to the Patriarch of Constantinople

Being a Bandwagon Fan This Year

Why not? They made it to the World Series after all, and I enjoyed watching some of the games with the guys. I remember going to a Giants game with the MD; tickets were given away for honor rolls students or as some other academic recognition. The seats weren't that great, but we had fun, and we went by ourselves -- no parents to watch over us, so our first taste of freedom. (And we didn't get into trouble.) I may get a Giants hat; but not one of the "authentic" ones. One of the replicas instead; the fitted hats made by '47 look good.

I'll have to brave the holiday-shopping crowds at Valley Fair and check out the Dugout store there.