Saturday, October 13, 2018

Betraying Their Ideological Commitments?

The storywriters for season 3 of The Man in the High Castle have a part in the story where Americans in the Japanese-controlled Pacific States are peacefully protesting for oil, as the Nazi Empire has implemented an unofficial trade embargo on the Japanese Empire. Even if there had been examples of Americans protesting in the past (veterans, suffragettes, etc.) to make up for the lack of a Gandhi in this fictional universe (I don't recall which empire controls India, but India is not independent), what would make Americans think they are dealing with authorities who would treat them mildly? Given the reprisals that had happened recently because of a resistance attack on the Kempeitai HQ, shouldn't they be fearful that the military/police would crack down on them rather severely? After all, what's a few more dead Americans? Do the writers really want to claim that the "freedom-loving" 60s is bound to bleed over into every part of the multiverse? And a self-immolating Buddhist monk protesting the authorities? This isn't Vietnam! (It is perhaps more likely that Japanese Buddhists would have been caught up with nationalism and militarism along with everyone else, if Zen at War is accurate. But even if some of them changed their minds, would they have lit themelves on fire? Is there a practice of that in Japan?)

The Future of DSJ

Diocese of San Jose Seminarians with Coadjustor Bishop Oscar Cantú, Father Ritche Bueza, Director of Vocations and Monsignor Francis V. Cilia, Vicar General.
Photo by Jen Vazquez


Crisis: Defy Mob Justice by Celebrating the Life of Robert E. Lee by ELIZABETH ANDERSON


Thursday, October 11, 2018

Knowing the Condition of Your Weapons

Midwest Marian Pilgrimage

But are KoC really necessary for a Byzantine service?

Gunny Time: Celebrity Edition

Daniel Horner

Update on Pinks and Greens

1 Timothy 2:12

The Catholic crisis, in perspective by George Weigel
“In spite of everything the newspapers say,” says the German theologian (and baroness) Nina-Sophie Heereman, “the future of the [Latin-rite] Church belongs to the U.S.!”

Also at First Things.

Nina-Sophie Heereman


Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Original Freedom


Glock G45

vs. the 19x

Seems Like LARPing

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The Latest Max Talk Monday

HK US Army Squad Designated Marksman Rifle

He's not perfect

As his speech just made clear -- virtue-signalling will not elevate him in the eyes of the alt-right but it doesn't perfection, just people who can help stem the tide in one way or another.

Brett Kavanaugh just hired the Supreme Court's first all-women law clerk team

The White House ceremony, hopefully with better audio: USA Today, CBS News

Too late for Oxford? Too late for England?

CWR: Oxford’s Catholic Revival: “The battle for freedom to practice our religion is never done” by Anthony E. Clark
University cities are seldom today locations of Christian revival, but the vibrant Catholic presence at Oxford today provides a healthy counterbalance to the secularizing trends that afflict the Academy.

A Replay

A Most P-inC Hero

"Columbus Is Ours" by Jerry Salyer

Big Blue Sea