Saturday, February 08, 2020

Thompson Submachine Gun M1A1

A Different Stripe of Ultramontane

CNA/CWR: Bishop McElroy: Abortion and climate change both crucial, voters must be prudent

Thursday, February 06, 2020

Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Tuesday, February 04, 2020

SOTU 2020

"Let the Past Die"

Reverse aging for Harrison Ford and stunt doubles?

If You Oppose the Bishops

on these points, will you get a verified yellow check?

US bishops oppose expansion of immigration restrictions
Colorado’s Catholic bishops back death penalty repeal

When the bishops are able to distinguish between Tradition, the Natural Law, theological opinion, and private judgment/opinion, maybe they can have the authority to hand yellow checks to Catholic bloggers and commentators.

Monday, February 03, 2020

A Membership Problem

CNA/CWR: In major change, Knights of Columbus drop secret initiation ceremony

The Freemasons are having difficulty getting members and they and similar organizations opened enrollment to women. One reason is the breakdown of communal bonds in general. But another would be their perceived irrelevance, and the same could be said of the KoC, who despite their good works, won't be able to recruit men who no longer go to church and the number of men who continue to go to church greys, with few younger men to replace them. When the church is feminized, of what value does being a KoC really have? What men should have been doing is organizing and bringing about reform to their local churches, either collaboratively with the priest and bishop, or through confrontation and conflict.

The Survival Striker

Durable and Reliable?

MG doesn't think their products last long, so...

The Future is Female or Something

Stop Eating Carbs

American Bishops Should Read This

CWR: Love, Loyalty, and Justice by James Kalb
Higher principles do not require a featureless global society ordered by commerce and public administration and run by billionaires and bureaucrats.

Billionaires versus the People

May the NFL Not Last That Long

Top Gun Superbowl Commercial

Probably this is the summer blockbuster to beat this year. But the movie is as woke as the actual US Navy, and the movie will still be a reminder of how badly things have changed in the last 34 years. Too bad they weren't able to film the original with the equipment they had for the sequel.

Chinese Girl Power Fantasy

Maybe it would have been better if Disney had hired a Chinese director experienced with wuxia films. Maybe not. Hey Disney, does it look and sound bad if all of your cast speaks English with accents?

Marvel Disney+

May the new streaming service fail.

The Few Good Commercials

Superbowl Fail

The 49ers weren't good enough to win. But this is the reason they deserved to lose, for peddling SJW convergence in partnership with Microsoft.

Yeah, that Superbowl halftime show was a horrendous display of girl power and feminist absolutism which is defined by the freedom to flaunt one's sexuality in the face of others.

Dawn Rider

Any good?

Sunday, February 02, 2020

Doc Watson, "Shady Grove"

The Gentlemen

Funny and fun movie. No good characters (it's a gangster comedy by Guy Ritchie), no morally praiseworthy character arcs. (It gets an "O" from CNS.) One could try to make the claim it's a Machiavellian ethnonationalist/political allergory, I suppose. It's definitely not politically correct and the SJWs are complaining about it being racist, outdated, etc. In that way it could perhaps be lumped with 1917, Ford v. Ferrari...