Saturday, June 28, 2014

"Jungle Tab"

Butter is Back

Confucian Courtesies

Too late?

Friday, June 27, 2014

Un Dios Prohibido

The Debate...

The Naked Bootleggers

NYT Coverage of Holy Innocents and Fr. Wylie

Rorate Caeli: Holy Innocents in New York City, continued

Who knows what is going on over at the chancery, with respect to Fr. Wylie.

Nicola Benedetti on Scotland

Hymns to the Sacred Heart

TAC's Farewell to Fr. Illo

What's the Correct Term for This Article of Clothing?

Not cape, right?

Sea Fog

Fall Break Retreat at Clear Creek

How nice.

Cashews - Paleo?

Jang Yoon Jung's Mother

I tend to be on JYJ's side, but may God bring them peace and reconciliation.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity

No Royal Selfies

Kevin Carson v. Pat Buchanan

An Animated Nickel Creek Video

"Something Bad" on YT

Gremlins Reunion

Cold in July Trailer

Purity and Charity

The Western Dominican Province

Latin Trad Conspiracy Theories

On June 12th a Panel in Rome on Masonic Influence at Vatican II

Homemade Coconut Milk

A Different Response to Piketty

How Many Times Has This Story Been Written?

The Shift from Farmer's Wife to Farmer: Women Are Now Running The Business

What are these "strong, independent" women going to do when they no longer have cheap fuel to run your machinery or cheap labor?

Thomas Bertonneau on Tattoos

The Thinking Housewife: Tattoos and Being

Google Commercial: "Grads"

Apparently one gay teenaged couple is shown (getting ready for prom), and there is a lot of advertising for the higher education industry. "College is for everyone!" Google is implicated in the perpetuation of the capitalist system. Its supposed "innovation" in the "knowledge" industry is just a glossy mask for the promotion of consumerism.


Video: Order of the Garter Service 2014

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Richard Armitage Interview

Anna Lynch

The Accelerated Crash Course

PBS: Just Because It's British Doesn't Mean It's Good

But the network has been involved in pushing the homosexualist agenda for some time.

Post by PBS.

Sir Ian McKellen set for ITV gay sitcom
ITV's new gay sitcom Vicious fails to impress critics
WATCH: Sirs Ian McKellen, Derek Jacobi as Bickering Couple in ‘Vicious’

Robert R. Reilly, Making Gay Okay: "Making Gay Okay" is a "very important" and "searingly effective book"

The Gunman of Joseon Posters

More here - the official FB page.

I hope this is published.

"Something' Bad"

CMT Awards

I Don't Mind the Eye Candy...

These Two Groups Should Not Be Lumped Together

Rorate Caeli: Influential Italian Vaticanist, bewildered, reaches shocking conclusion: "In the Catholic Church, it's now Open Season on Conservatives"

The Pope speaks with the young Franciscans of the Immaculate

Even Hillary Had More Stones Than This...

even if she might have been insincere...

A plea for compassion? Does the Executive Branch of the Federal Government, under the leadership of the Democrats, have a compassion problem?

A Bridge Too Far?

Pope Francis says the split between the Catholic Church and the CofE is a 'scandal' that can only be fixed with a gift from God

What sort of gift? The conversion of hearts and repentance on those who have departed from Apostolic Tradition? Is this what Pope Francis really means even if he avoids saying it?

Could the Archbishop and the Pope Really Reunify the Church
Welby Braced for Difficulty with Rome as Church of England Prepares to Approve Women Bishops

Fury, First Trailer

Do the actors sound too much like contemporary Americans? Would our soldiers have sounded more like the actors and movie stars of the 60s and 70s? The 40s and 50s? The use of regional accents by some of the actors in the movie almost sounds too forced, like they were trying to make it more authentic. Or maybe the accents are just done poorly.

Who Will Clean Up This Mess?

Rorate Caeli: Another kind of "Reform of the Reform"? A homily by ersatz-priest Madam Marie-Josèphe Lachat

Preview for The Joseon Gunman

A positive review...

But is the review dependable?

No Tears for the Dead - 우는 남자

More videos...

Abbot Nicholas on EWTN Live

From April of this year-- Abbot Nicholas is abbot of Holy Resurrection Monastery

More Upcoming Shows

Swiss Bluegrass at the Freight and Salvage - The Kruger Brothers

The Infamous Stringdusters at Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael on July 11 and 12, Moe's Alley in Santa Cruz on July 16.

Nickel Creek in August at the Mountain Winery.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Special Issue of Spiritual Spring

The Rover, Live

ZeroHedge: How a Country Dies

Democratized Ownership Forms

Gail Tverberg, Why Standard Economic Models Don’t Work–Our Economy is a Network

Well-Tended Fires Outperform Modern Cooking Stoves

Videos after the jump...


Larry Vickers liks it


Defense Review

Videos after the jump...

700th Anniversay of the Battle of Bannockburn
Events mark 700th anniversary of Battle of Bannockburn
Battle of Bannockburn: What was it all about? by Andrew Black

Itching to get a Tomahawk

From SOG: the Tactical Tomahawk and the FastHawk

Tota pulchra es/Salve

McRaven's Successor

Blade Show 2014

Another Erwan Le Corre Interview

Get Back to the Land and...

Get in Bed with Big Ag?

Making the Wrong Enemies

Hilary Hahn and Paavo Järvi

Yes, What If?

Interview with Collin Raye

“You can always try to shoot a famous person”: Collin Raye on country music and the folly of seeking stardom by Thomas Van

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Creation of the New Union Army Continues...

Classical Q&A

Gunman in Joseon Trailer

조선 총잡이


Archbishop Cordileone on the Sacred Liturgy

An Emerson Knife to Keep in Mind


Misdiagnosing the Problem

A socon/Catholic difficulty with grasping reality. An example:

Celtic Colours 2014 Lineup

Wish I could attend!

The Chronicle Herald

Bruce Molsky, Tony Trischka, Michael Daves

I can relate.

Living Poor in San Francisco by CARL FINAMORE

Tomorrow at Don Qioxte's

Tony McManus - show info.

No More Kitchen Nightmares

They never did try to make the FOX show more like the UK version.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Looks like a trip to the GTU library is in order for later this week. Should have taken greater advantage of it when I was at Cal.

A Grand Ol' Ruckus

2nd South Carolina String Band

Some Music from Local Favorites

From some older appearances: