Saturday, January 14, 2017

Aaron Barruga

The Sort of Indugently Nostalgic, Romantic Movie that Caters to the Self-Love of Hollywood Elites

And it's a musical too, to boot. The Golden Age of Hollywood is gone, and the truth about that filthy cultural Marxist spring, surrounded by pedophile rings and casting couches, is known. Wonder if Arturo would like it.

The “La La Land” backlash: Will it last until the Oscars? by Scott Timberg
The musical's Golden Globes sweep will make this a very popular film for shallow people to make fun of

Why La La Land is Best Picture Frontrunner

The Oscar Race: The Case against La La Land

Papal Address to the Global Foundation

AmConMag: The Trouble With Silence by Tim Markatos
Martin Scorsese ponders the deepest theological questions.
So when will we have an ethnically diverse production of The Sound of Music (especially with the kids!)

More talent than you might suspect...

But the tats...

One of those days

but men don't get songs like this...

Blessing of the Water Service in Okinawa

Ice Sculptures

SJWs at UC Davis Shut Down Milo's Event

They cancelled Milo

So don't migrate?

Probably not the conclusion he wants us to draw...

Iconography Workshop at Annunciation Cathedral

June 19-24, taught by Theodore Papadopoulos

Friday, January 13, 2017

I Prefer a Close-Up of the Crucifix

Donald Trump: The Peak Oil President?

Richard Heinberg (PCI)

2017: The Year When the World Economy Starts Coming Apart by Gail Tverberg (Resilience)

Fake News, Failed States by Bart Hawkins Kreps (Resilience)

Gene Logsdon, 1932 – 2016 (Resilience)

To confront power, one must first name it: Neoliberalism and the sustainability crisis by Kurt Cobb (Resilience)

The Moral and Ethical Weight of Voluntary Simplicity: A Philosophical Review by Samuel Alexander, Jacob Garrett

Forging Permaculture Hand Tools, Part 1 by Tim Wickstrom (Resilience)

I'll Take 70s Cheese Over This

And Ponch and Baker have had their roles reversed slightly, with Ponch the more experienced and serious one. But of course! Uhmerican adult humor.

The TV show started off as a comedy in its first season but became a tad more serious with the second. What fans of the original show are going to watch this?

Fabricated City Trailer

Thursday, January 12, 2017

The "Mayor" of Rome

I doubt it...

Gavin McInnes on why he became Catholic -- perhaps he is holding out on some details; he doesn't really explain why Catholic and not some other form of Christianity. Let us pray for him that he is strengthened in his faith.

Milo is Too Dangerous for Cal

R.S. McCain: Intolerance at Berkeley as Faculty Demand Gay Immigrant Stay Off Campus

An Intro to Opus Dei Spirituality at ROK

Interesting. How to Develop a Masculine Spiritual Program

Arvo Pärt

buy here


Steep Ravine

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

America Interview with Andrew Garfield

A Typical Anglophone Female Pol

But she is probably right to be pleased...

Who changed the English title and why?

It's no longer Saimdang Herstory.

Doubt All Those Clips are of SF

"but whatevs"

Glock? Osprey?

Cappella Romana in Early Music America

Sako M92S

"Kings and Queens"

Not Marié Digby's song.

Crazy. Why?

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Advertising New Zealand

Andrew Garfield

Appleland Stupidity

Appleland City Council is a joke; I don't know how many of those jokers got voted out of office last November.

Cupertino: Marina Plaza project gets a round of approvals

Meanwhile, none of FUHSD's schools were recognized by Niche. FUHSD parents are part of the problem that is Appeland and Silicon Valley in general.
Crisis: Scorsese’s Silence: Many Martyrs—Little Redemption by Monica Migliorino Miller

Because Science

Dinner on the Farm

The drought is over?

God is merciful but we deserve a chastisement. Let's see what happens after this year.

California storms add 350 billion gallons to parched reservoirs
Philly: 'Rogue One' producer Kathleen Kennedy talks about heroic women movie roles

Illusions About Female Sexuality

What about: It's ok because I like him!

Because woman must have some other motivation for sex than wanting to have sex...

Catholic tradcons --

Pure Womanhood by Crystalina Evert

Pure Womanhood: graduate launches initiative for young women
ITI Studium Generale graduate Chiara van Voorst returned to the Netherlands to found the movement "Pure Womanhood"

Heritage of Love


The Ultimate Girl Power Movie This Year?

Vox on Ronda Rousey's recent loss.


"Promises, Promises"

Debra Winger is still in the business

But how this is a romantic comedy, when both spouses are ostensibly committing adultery, baffles me.

Sunday, January 08, 2017

FOCUS Seek Conference in San Antonio

The Chant Café: Focus on the Future by Kathleen Pluth


'How About Confederation Day?'

William Watkins
An odd dream around 5:50 this morning... there was a Hong Kong drama and Canto song involved but I don't know if they were fragments of a real memory or something made up in a mish-mash of impressions. Not sure what the meaning of the dream was, if there is one.

The Shack

The movie is to be released on March 3. I hadn't heard of the book upon which it is based until now. Sounds like it was something written to please Oprah viewers and Uhmericans...

Catholic Exchange

"Locust in the Willow"