Saturday, August 27, 2016

Unjustified Optimism?

The Conversion of the Hellenistic World

The Byzantine Counterpart of St. Anthony of Padua

Dionysian "Mysticism"

Howard Shore Interview

Screen Anarchy

Not a Good Use of Time?

The bonfire, at least...

Catholic Identity Conference Organizers Burn Works of Martin Luther, Celebrate St. John the Baptist

Marion Maréchal Le Pen Il faut déradicaliser la France

Politico-economic Reality

Finance is Not the Economy by Dirk Bezemer – Michael Hudson

But of course

The Big Corporate Money Behind Jerry Brown by Dan Bacher

Feminists Gonna...

A Challenge to St. Paul on Women and a Reply to Fr. Scanlon by Harriet Murphy

The clueless female academic who may be smarter-than-average and thinks she's the equal of a man as a result?

A response: Getting Scripture Wrong: A Response to Harriet Murphy by Fr. Regis Scanlon, O.F.M. Cap

Fr. Rutler on the Canonization of Mother Teresa

Crisis: On the Canonization of Saint Teresa of Calcutta by Fr. George W. Rutler

In a brief count of saints, there are at least 148 who were mothers, and Marie-Azelie Guerin Martin’s daughter was a saint, too—like Marie Zhao Guoshi in China whose daughters…

How many

experts on Japanese culture were consulted for the story?

"Kubo and the Two Strings" is brilliantly animated neo-pagan poison by Nick Olszyk
Along with recent films ParaNorman and Boxtrolls, the Laika studio has a notable track record of promoting New Age progressive spiritual values—and Kubo reaches a new low point.

Victim of the New American State

The Martyrdom of Mary Surratt by Jack Perry

Go watch Robert Redford's underappreciated The Conspirator

The Malaise of Contemporary Conservatism

Paul Gottfried in 2008: The Decline and Rise of the Alternative Right


Friday, August 26, 2016

Originally I was going to give this a pass

due to my antipathy towards Tom Hanks. But I found out tonight that Clint Eastwood directs. So maybe...

Kampai! For the Love of Sake Official

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Don't Let the Perfect Be the Enemy of the Good?

Wyoming Catholic College may be better than larger Catholic universities and their secular counterparts, but is it, like the other alternative Catholic colleges, sabotaging its own mission by marketing a liberal education equally to men and women, and in a co-ed format?

Written by WCC's president, Glenn Arbery: Liberal Education and Conditions of Hope

Setting a Lure for the Uhmerican Consumer

Does this commercial appeal to women? And what of the African-American choir?

Only reason I paid attention to it was the cover of the Go-Go's song:

Greyman Video


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I'll Need to Check Out His Recommendations

CWR: Beauty of 20th-Century Music by Paul Senz

While avant-garde art dominated the past century, notes Robert R. Reilly, glorious and melodic music was being written all along, even if often suppressed or neglected.

The Social Justice Agenda Continues?

DOCAT, “spicy peppercorns” and the Pope’s dream
An interview with Bernhard Meuser, editor of the original German edition of DOCAT.

Reading the interview, I have no reason to think that the book will not reiterate tired talking points of "social justice Catholics," which will be some form of nanny liberalism.

Do they realize

that the movie appeals to the same demographic that would support nationalist populism? 'Hell or High Water': The Story Behind Summer's Sleeper Hit

I saw the movie last Saturday -- more on the movie when I have some time.

New STW Podcast

Molon Labe

And the demographic breakdown?

93 seminarians preparing to be priests in Los Angeles -- Archbishop Gomez


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

More on Ignacio de Loyola

The Christian East Would be Scandalized

Latins searching for spirituality while neglecting their own treasury of spiritual wisdom.

Sabatino de Ursis

There is an interview with Steve Sailer on the Sailer Strategy. Elsewhere, his assessment of what caused California to flip:

Q. Are you surprised that Trump’s appeal does not seem to be working in California, where his warnings about immigration and terror (San Bernardino!) have the most readily available examples?

A. Over the last 30 years, the Trump brand of nouveau riche opulence has appealed to rappers, NBA stars, immigrants, and Mexican oligarchs, but it hasn’t much appealed to the white upper middle class, who find it gauche. After decades of massive immigration to California raising the cost of living and depressing wages, there aren’t many white people left in California below the tasteful upper middle class.

The conventional wisdom about the electoral history of California is another one of those myths that the poor saps in the GOP elite believe because their Democratic friends keep repeating it to them and they’re too lazy to look up the actual numbers. You know, Republican governor Pete Wilson tipped California Democratic in Presidential elections by backing Proposition 187 in 1994, thereby incurring the Righteous Wrath of the Mexican Tidal Wave.

In reality, California tipped permanently Democratic in 1992, two years before Proposition 187. After the GOP won California’s electoral votes nine out of ten times from 1952-1988, Bill Clinton crushed George H.W. Bush by 13.4 points in California, on a day when California elected not one but two Democrats to the Senate.

So what happened in 1992? Largely due to immigration squeezing out white people below the upper middle class, California ran out of the kind of people who naturally vote Republican.

Covering Up a Failed Presidency

and a questionable marriage... the Obama romance. Southside with You

They couldn't find an African-American with the right shade to match Barry. And though the foreignness of his name may be addressed in the movie (see her father's reaction to the name), it seems the movie attempts to make Barry a normal African-American rather than the privileged child of the Dunham family who happened to have an African for a father.

And they also did a job on Michelle, making her more likeable and warm than she really is.

A Side of Morrissey I Did Not Know

Morrissey’s Greatest Hits by Nicholas James Pell

Red Prairie Dawn / Star of Munster

William Coulter and Annie Staninec

Do Not Resist

Monday, August 22, 2016

Ignacio de Loyola

A new movie about St. Ignatius of Loyola, playing at Great Mall (Milpitas) from August 26 to September 1.

website and FB

"Making of" videos

The Leaders of the Movie Industry in France are Cucked

If they picked this as the best film... it's not the technical aspect but the story that mattered to them.

The multicult fantasy in France is coming to an end. Of course we won't get the rest of the story, where the daughter becomes radicalized after she meets a son of Muslim immigrants who decides that his identity is to be found in Islam, not French secularism.

Variety review

Carolina in the Pines - AJ Lee - Blue Summit


A serious independent movie about gun rights? Or something used to discredit those advocating gun rights?

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Importance of Holy Communion

Voyage of Time

Terrence Malick's latest, a meditation on creation.

The Haden Triplets: NPR Tiny Desk Concert