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A Photo Representative of Italy in Decline

Trying to Keep Up with the Times

Posting This for the Image and Not the Text

Modern Women Giving Support to the Homosexualist Agenda

One of the words that I hate to see is "bromance," which is a consequence of the sexualization of friendship -- in a depraved culture that does not understand love, friendship cannot be apart without eros, and this is true of friendships between men.

Is this also another manifestation of many women's desire to romanticize homosexual relationships?

There's even a Korean variety show called Celebrity Bromance 꽃미남 브로맨스 (꽃미남 is usually translated as "Flower Boy"? This points to the targeted audience for this sort of thing, immature girls and women. Not sure what the actual meaning of 브로맨스 in Korean is.)

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What would the Irish who died for both sides think?

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Where Do Donald Trump and NYC Fit In?

Steve Sailer: Scott Alexander Synopsizes "Albion's Seed"

The Institution is Dead

Meet the Army's first female infantry officer
Charlotte Observer

Peter Hitchens Recommends Eye in the Sky

for the questions it raises about droning - trailer

Some may say that it is "realistic" in so far as women have been promoted to such the rank of colonel and higher -- but I wouldn't pay money to watch this. Has the CIA resolved its issues with HUMINT in the Middle East?

Robert Baer: Torture, Drones, and Hollywood
Former CIA Agent Robert Baer on 'The Perfect Kill'

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Rock & Roll Reversal(Unz)

and this comment:

Much of the “teen idol” phase girls go through is because they genuinely fear the masculine power they are witnessing in their male peers during puberty. They recognize that the boys are getting much stronger than them–and the more booming and deep the voice, the stronger the boy usually is. Plus Dad—-the most powerful male in her life, if he’s around—usually has the a voice deeper than all her peers.

All of this combines to make the girl want, at first, a less-masculine boyfriend–someone who has just enough testosterone to attract her, but whose voice is high enough to tell her “it’s ok, he’s pretty harmless, he’s not super strong.” The teen idol boys fulfill this function. Later, when she’s more sure of herself, she’ll turn to a more masculine man—unless she’s in arrested development and stays with the pretty boys forever (which is becoming more common as Dads don’t stay around, screwing up her normal attraction for men with masculine power).

As for older women who are actually attracted to younger men -- looking for boy toys? Stuck in a high school mentality/maturity level? Or looking for something less threatening after a bad relationship or two?

They Can Cast an African-American as George Washington, Too

Martin Scorcese to do The General?

Snowden Trailer

“The Benedict Option: The Problems of Culture in Times of Crisis.”

Academy of Philosophy and Letters Conference - Info at FPR

Rod Dreher is the keynote speaker; other participants include Mark Mitchell, James Matthew Wilson, and Jeffrey Polet, Claes Ryn, and David Walsh). Walter McDougall will be the Saturday evening dinner speaker.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Resurrection Difference by Fr. George W. Rutler
CWR: Are Pope Leo XIII and Pope Saint John Paul II "feeling the Bern"?
Two recent conferences in Rome expressed and explored similar concerns for the poor while holding markedly different anthropological understandings of man and the state.
By Michael Severance

One week ago, the morning after the Vatican’s one-day conference Centesimus Annus 25 Years Later, Pope Francis and U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders happened to meet in the lobby of the Vatican hotel, Casa Santa Martha. Sanders had spoken at the conf..

Eastern Christian Books: Last Supper for Middle Eastern Christians?

Eastern Christian Books: Last Supper for Middle Eastern Christians?

Monday, April 25, 2016

The Economics of World Youth Day

What cities or countries can afford to hold it? How much does WYD typically cost the host city and country?

What Christian youth can afford to attend?

Even if sponsored by parish, which parish can raise the funds?

How many pilgrims from developing countries are there? (Other than pilgrims who are native to the host country, like Brazil in 2013.)

Is WYD another experience of consumption, even if the young adults are living in tents and roughing it? After all, they couldn't have this experience without someone paying for the flight over.

Would there be the same impact of local bishop had such a gathering?

Does World Youth Day promote the cult of the youth, rather than integrating into the into the local Church and holding them to expectations about adulthood?

WYD has its origins with John Paul II, and he was not hesitant about using the papal personality cult. It is the outcome of the centralization of the Patriarchate of Rome combined with the opportunities afforded by cheap energy (though this opportunity is likely reserved only for the fortunate few of the First World, rather than being equally shared by all Roman Catholics).

From Hongcouver to...

What transformation is next, with the influx of Mandarin-speakers from the Mainland? There is a similar trend in the San Francisco Bay Area; the Cantonese were followed by the Taiwanese, but recently it is primarily Mainlanders buying houses and keeping the bubble inflated. While I may enjoy visiting Vancouver because of the abundance of good Cantonese food, the demographic change is nonetheless lamentable.

Playing the Racist Card in Vancouver

City Journal

The Republic of Texas

Abbeville Institute: Texas Secession? by Kirkpatrick Sale

It may not get anywhere at all, but there are a number of people in Texas trying to get the official state Republican Party to debate the issue of secession at the party convention on… »

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Peter Hitchens: America isn't our special friend. It ruined our Navy, Empire and future

Who decided to pack Obama's townhall in London with a lot of non-white and Muslim faces? And on St. George's Day, to boot...

Daniel Defense

LAV Visits the Aimpoint Sportsman Shooting Center


Two Talks by Dr. Veniamin