Saturday, August 31, 2019

Li Ziqi

What Did the LDS Do to Get This Movie Made?

A Victim Caught in the Middle

Something she didn't bargain for when she didn't decline becoming the chief executive?

Don't tell me she thinks that by staying in office she can somehow prevent things from turning worse...

Banned Protest

Photos from The Irishman


L'Acte 42

Train Like You Fight

Big Family: The Story of Bluegrass Music

Expires 9/26

The Name "Soldier" Has Been Devalued

Friday, August 30, 2019

Because We Don't Have Enough Girl Power Yet

I'd rather see the Brad Pitt movie Ad Astra.

What's closer to reality?
NASA astronaut accused of crime committed in space
Lesbian Astronaut Anne McClain Accused of First Space Crime

And back in 2007: Court Papers: Arrested Astronaut Had Bondage Photos

And then there's this feminist period piece.

This Trailer Was Supposed to Be an Improvement Over the First

Still reeks of a girl power fantasy:

And are the rumors of John Connor's death true?

Taking a Metaphor from the Greeks

What sets one ecclesial tradition apart from another, other than the jurisdiction (or ecclesial membership) of the one upholding that tradition? What is to be considered outside that tradition and what are the rules for determining this?

SDG Reviews One Child Nation

Making an Example?



"Dialogues des Carmélites"


A pretty movie for the pretty people on Netflix.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

A Drill

The Stand News

Video Statement by the Female Victim Who Was Injured in the Eye by Police

Mirror on YT

A New Movement?

Or just cultural civic nationalism?

Chronicles: Resurrecting the Old Right by Paul Gottfried

"I’ve never stopped believing that the Old Right tradition, or paleoconservatism by any other name, is the only appropriate doctrine for the right, to whatever extent the right is still concerned with social morality, a sane non-interventionist foreign policy, and the taming of the egalitarian madness that is now subverting most Western societies."

Again, no recognition that ethnic diversity may pose a problem to social cohesiveness.

Latin Blinders

Incomplete and reductionistic in so far as she ignores the diversity of ethnic groups and which became more numerically significant after the 60s. It is symbolic of the uselessness of much of Catholic academia in understanding today's problems and their causes.

The Catholic Thing: From “Home-Alone America” to “Primal Screams”: in 15 Years or Less by Mary Eberstadt

Hrm, a PC Villain?

Was that added touch really necessary for the story? That is rather disappointing.

How Yellowstone Set Up A Very Different Season 3 With Emotional Season 2 Finale
Yellowstone Season Two Ended With a Tarantino-Style Nazi Bloodbath

AA in Catholic Academia

That is, affirmative action.

Notre Dame philosopher appointed to Vatican academy on St. Thomas Aquinas by Amanda Skofstad

Service Rifles and SAWs

Tu Lam

Pushing the Agenda

Go visit China and India next, Greta!

Hot Pot Heiress?

Probably not the Asian woman below:

Cucks in Charge of the Union Army

The one on the left is a woman?

Female drill sergeants...

First enlisted female to graduate from Ranger School reflects on experience

Colbie Smulders upping her mannishness after beign an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Did she need to take extra shots of T for this job?

1. Girl power? Check.
2. Interracial relationship (or FWB at least)? Check.

What other items on the SJW/Cultural Marxist list of what is acceptable entertainment?

A powered-down version of Marvel's Jessica Jones, without the emotional issues too?

The latest shot by Disney/ABC in the culture war. "Let's just cast a woman for the part of the tough, lone wolf private eye of the 70s and 80s."

"Routine Rotation"

Josh Barnett

JRE #235: Parts 1 and 2

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

AJ Lee & Blue Summit, and Friends - "I'll Break Out Again Tonight" by Sully Tuttle

Wouldn't Risk My Life on It

Chinese Nationalists at Work

Is the CCP Telling the Truth?


My Friend's Favorite Chain


Ph website

Phil Campion

SOFREP Radio Ep 476: Phil Campion on SAS selection, EDC options in the UK, and firearm training in Europe

National Museum of the Union Army

I like how the first two "construction workers," or whatever they may be, holding the doors open are women. Not so subtle messaging there.

USASOC receives Congressional Medal

Duolingo Latin

CWR: Language learning app takes Latin from ‘dead’ to said (CNA)
Hebdomada Papae
Paideia Institute

CUHK Students

#MeToo #ProtestToo

RC Integralist Adrian Vermeule

The American Sun: Curriculum Vermeulae: The Work and Works of Adrian Vermeule

Not Surprising

It's all bout emotions for musicians.

FB alternative to the above?

Origin Boots

Inspirational Photo of the Day

Becoming a Sentinel

Order of Men

HK on My Mind

El Camino

Tuesday, August 27, 2019



What for?

The Cross and the Stag

Touchstone Conference 2019

The speakers are a mixed bag.


The King

Henry V. Might be good.


CNA/CWR: First Chinese bishop consecrated after Vatican-China deal

By what competence does the current secretary of state speak on matters of the liturgy and liturgical prayer?

CNA/CWR: Understanding the liturgy can be transformative, Cardinal Parolin says

The Witch of Hong Kong, Carrie Lam 林鄭月娥

Her latest press conference.

China News

Steve Bannon on Zooming In

Mary Sue Rey Is Still a Boring Character

Even if she turns Sith for a few minutes. And who cares about her band of misfits?

In the new trailer they're still trying to piggyback the new Devil Mouse version of Star Wars to the Lucas movies.

The cast of villains:

Something Unexpected from the Washington Times

What's the purpose for publishing this? A real shift in the Overton Window or is it a controlled hit piece?

The Cultural Marxist attack on Western society by By James Veltmeyer
It's at the root of the Democratic Party's identity politics and political correctness

A 2nd-Millenium Saint for a 2nd-Millenium Papacy?

Crisis: Nothing new under the sun: St. Bernard’s advice to a pope by Fr. George W. Rutler

Monday, August 26, 2019

Mama's Boy

AJ Lee & Blue Summit, and Friends - Doing My Time by Jesse Fichman

Sunday, August 25, 2019