Saturday, June 11, 2016


With half of 2016 almost over, a preview from January of this year.

Jar Jar Abrams is involved with at least two of them.

I'll check out Billions ("honorable mention") because of Damian Lewis.


Emmylou Harris


You Can Have One or the Other

Because it may be that the refugees, if they are taken in, reinforce anti-Christian bias of secular governments.

James Dominic Rooney, O.P. on Eastern Catholicism and Relations with the Orthodox

A Andrei Rublev Masterpiece

"Sally Ann" by Skillet Licorice

Sample and buy here.

Young Adult Marriage/Chastity Talks

Socon Catholics still don't get that the problem is not with sexual morality. Those who want to be Christian do not have an intellectual problem with the Church's teaching on sexual morality, though they may have difficulty observing it in their own lives. Rather, the problem is with the popular presentation by bishops, priests, and laypeople concerning intersex dynamics and sex differences and FEMINISM. Until this is corrected we will continue to have nice Catholic guys who are unable to marry.

Emasculation at All Levels

Martin Van Creveld has a new book out: Pussycats: Why the Rest Keeps Beating the West—and What Can Be Done about It.

Haha Alpha Love

Watch what women do, don't listen to what they say...

At Least It Won't Have an Anti-White Bias

Unless all of the villains/killers happen to be US servicemen and the like...

Is there a need for such a drama in S. Korea?

Probably Not as Charming as the Korean Original

If that word even applies to the original...

A bunch of old men being tourists? Emulating the lifestyle of conspicuous consumption -- it doesn't sound so masculine now, does it?

Friday, June 10, 2016

The Pope's WYD Program

Not Much Improvement

Blu-ray can't make up for the quality of the original animation, even if it was good for the 80s...

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

For Only $700

You can get a free model of VF-31J: "Macross Delta" Blu-ray All Volume Purchasers to Get VF-31J Siegfried Clear Color ver. Kit

Should we expect new issues of Macross Chronicle out soon?

Reviews by a fan.

Repeal Prop 14

Making Sense of California’s Top-Two Primary System

Another Moderate

The Benedict Option as Culture War
This Just In: Jerry Falwell Is Still Dead by Greg Forster

Politics of resentment as a straw man and fallacious psychologizing.

Such a poorly-written and researched blog posts; is First Things in need of blog posts?

a-ha - "Take On Me (Alternate Take)"

Alternative take???

Penis Envy

Dalrock: Unquenchable

From the comments:

Michael Hudson on Neoliberalism

Counterpunch: The Wages of Neoliberalism: Poverty, Exile and Early Death by Sharmini Peries - Michael Hudson

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Why not ask them to give up their religion?

Crux: Iraqi bishop asks Muslims to give up extremism for Ramadan

Who is a Catholic bishop to call it extremism?


Dual Process: The Only Game in Town by Morris Berman (via Linh Dinh)

The SJW Mind Boggles

High Civic Holy Day for a Certain Kind of American

Yesterday. A turning point in the anti-Nazi crusade.

Time to rethink the rhetoric of the "Greatest Generation"?


What Man Crisis?

Not Quite Tent-Making

The Pan-Orthodox Council

As One Comeback!


New Macross series! Learned of it only last night... animation quality seems to be lower than that of Macross Frontier. And it's another fey-looking main male protagonist.


Any Updates?

From August of last year: New Space Battleship Yamato 2199 Season in Development

community page

Monday, June 06, 2016

An Older Norcia Article

CNA: For these Benedictine monks, to brew well-made beer is to pray

Incomplete Analysis

The Immature Generation By Robert VerBruggen
Why today's extended adolescence may become a permanent reality.

No mention of the man crisis; I used to accept socon essays on the peter pan syndrome and the like, but no longer. Would the causes of extended adultlescence differ for each sex? I would think so, but the author shows no awareness of what's really going on, and the socio-economic hindrances to maturity for men.

Best Part of Outlander TV Show

The opening theme song:

Followed by the role of Jacobitism in the story so far.


CWR: "Love & Friendship" and the Holy Folly of the Twelve Commandments
The holy foolishness of Whit Stillman sharpens the wit of Jane Austen’s "Lady Susan" into wisdom
By Christopher S. Morrissey

Kate Beckinsale’s masterful performance as the charming but amoral Lady Susan Vernon in Whit Stillman’s hilarious Jane Austen adaptation Love & Friendship is a rare cinematic experience. Its memory stays with you long after viewing the film. While Stillman’s screenplay takes its inspiration, and plunders all the best lines, from Austen’s La...

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Posting a Link With Reluctance

But it's Whit Stillman: Capone talks the destructive power of language and manners with LOVE & FRIENDSHIP writer-director Whit Stillman!!!

Uhmerican Herbs

Seeking The Living Among The Dead

Rod Dreher's white-knighting version of the Benedict Option is unlikely to inspire many of these grass-eating young males to a different sort of life in the Spirit.


Saw quite a few veiled Muslim women at the SJ Greek Festival yesterday afternoon. Are they not aware of whom the Greeks fought to get independence in the 19th century?

Steve Sailer: Sincerity or Satire?

The End of Boer South Africa?

Will Boers begin leaving South Africa at an accelerated rate?

South Africa passes land expropriations bill

New Expropriation Bill is out – and it’s still unconstitutional

Baby Metal on Colbert

Never expected this...

Maybe a staffer heard about the band. But it would be funny if T. Beale had put them on the radar for the show.

Actually Somewhat of Interest