Friday, March 01, 2019

Vanity Fair

CWR: “Vanity Fair” remains fresh and biting in the Instagram era by Nathanael Blake
A new adaptation reminds us that the spiritual marketplace from which the novel takes its name never goes out of business, it just remodels.

The Boy Genius

Touchstone: The Boy Genius
Finding Him Again Through the Patriarchal Group—Anthony Esolen

China's Ghost Cities

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Japan May Be Able to

Fight off any onslaught of cultural Marxism, but it cannot survive the consequences of industrialization and urbanization.

Higher Ed in the Hands of the Enemy

Perfumed Admirals

ProPublica: Navy Promised Changes After Deadly Accidents, but Many Within Doubt It’s Delivering on Them
Interviews and an examination of the Navy’s publicly announced reforms raise uncertainty over whether senior leaders have fully followed through on them after the 7th Fleet disasters in 2017.
by Robert Faturechi and T. Christian Miller

With a family name like that, who could doubt his loyalties?

Gustavo García-Siller

CNA: Texas archbishop: The border ’emergency’ is not what you think

Prepper Lessons

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Leadership Camps?

Opus Dei has various summer camps, some are advertised as developing "leadership" in girls and young women. Such camps are aimed at building up confidence and self-esteem, but what actual leadership skills? Redefining the "spirit of service" as leadership doesn't count, as they really aren't the same thing, even though people brainwashed into niceness might agree. Do these camps temper clique formation and the attempt by alpha hens to maintain social control?

As noted in the book Warriors and Worriers, women naturally tend to be strive to be non-offensive to other women and are [direct] conflict-avoidant. It is also known that women don't like being under the authority of other women. Leadership is not just telling other people what to do -- that is just assertiveness with respect to others, and the same sort of bossiness that is disliked in girls (and in boys). The sort of trust that is required for leadership must first be earned, as well as the other qualifications for leadership, such as being just towards others (including one's future subordinates]. This sort of understanding of social relations, one based on justice and desert, is abstract and different from one that is based on emotion and pleasing others. If we try to turn girls into men, will we be successful? And even if we are, will they have lost something that they need to be good wives and mothers? Yes. But in the age of "female empowerment" we can advertise such camps as being ways to cultivate true femininity only so far, and maybe some lip service must be paid to conflict ideals about what it means to be a good woman in order to get customers who may not be so "traditional."

Do such camps exist elsewhere in what remains of Western Christendom?

Some Commentary

Monday, February 25, 2019

Not quite the Captain-First Mate Model

OrthoChristian: A BRIEF REFLECTION ON MALE HEADSHIP by Dr. David C. Ford

Of course, every husband, as the servant-head, should always be seeking the input of his wife in the decision-making processes, which should always be decidedly mutual, with decisions being reached virtually always by consensus. Similarly, the husband should also be steadily encouraging his wife to contribute greatly to the marital enterprise as a whole, with all her particular strengths and gifts as well.

So it is of paramount importance for everyone to know and remember that this role of male headship, especially in marriage, is meant to be fulfilled with a deep sense and vision of self-sacrificial servanthood. This requires the husband in a real sense to always be laying down his life for his wife and children, which means very often putting their needs and desires ahead of his own, or in place of his own.


Some Party

with packaged dry pasta. Who believes this crap?

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Take a Punch in the Face

Something Vox has said several times in recent months is that everyone should experience being punched in the face -- it gives them a dose of humility and also teaches something about themselves and their reaction to violence.

Bossiness among girls and women -- assertiveness, or being able to boss people around, is not leadership. How many woman would be willing to take punch to the face in order to be trained for leadership? And to receive a punch in order to protect their role or to be accountable if they are given leadership?


The Latin traditionalists recognize there is a problem, but can they fix it amongst themselves? Too many of them seem to have blue pill conditioning.

1P5: The Crisis of Masculinity in the Church by Paul Krause

Catholic Intellectuals

I remember the comments made by many of the "conservative" ones in academia in 2015 and 2016 on candidate Trump. Probably they had little or no experience in politics or in real positions of authority. Being heads of departments and committees doesn't count - such departmental functions were handed to them by an institution and while academics engage in office politics, that is a shadow of tribal or communal raising men up to be leaders and the associated customs. I did not hear any of these Catholic academics who were not critical of Donald Trump and his behavior, which was the basis for their claim that he was unsuitable to be the Chief Executive of the Federal Government. They disagreed as to which of the other Republican contenders was the best candidate but they agreed that any of them would be preferable to Trump. They did not understand why Trump was needed to address certain questions facing the United states

Even among academics there is AMOG jockeying going on, though the basis of it is supposed "intellectual" power, but really is that intellectual power anything more than being a bookworm? How many of them would be able to admit that Trump would be more attractive to women than themselves?

Could any of them really inspire other men to follow them in battle or to build a community? How many of them read Aristotle's Politics and think they are worthy of being the intended audience for that lecture, of even better than that?

Such conversations among Catholic academics were probably not rare, and I felt revulsion at Catholic academia as a result of these experiences.

Neo-Yankee Statists First

The Eight Stages of the Rise and Fall of Civilizations by Msgr. Charles Pope

Sadly, the piece by Msgr. Pope is reflective of the American Catholic intellectual class - little awareness of the role of the state (in conjunction with the oligarchs they may actually recognize) in the centralization of power and the destruction of community and tradition, and a failure to name the radical ideologies and movements, like liberalism and feminism, that have been used to supplant tradition. No prominent Catholic is going to name feminism as a problem that needs to be solved, and as a factor in the decline of the United States.

Msgr. Pope should read Sir John Glubb.

A Message

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Females Gonna Female

The data on the differences between men and women (even among gun owners/users) in surveys on gun control can be easily found, and there is a difference, with women responding in accordance to their natural aversion to risk and danger.

From last year:

The Kid

Recalling the Glory Days of the Empire

New in 2019: The new Army Greens uniform is scheduled for a grand summer debut By: Meghann Myers

The Empire can't get enough men to fight its wars?

New in 2019: The roll-out of the Air Force’s new combat uniform gains steam