Saturday, November 21, 2020

The Great Awokening

Michael Lind on Yankees?

I Doubt This Will Actually Help a Dying Part of the Music Industry

A Necessary Article?

What did the Greeks do to help Armenia? If Armenians are complaining about the Catholicos, maybe they should do something about their civilian leadership instead. Or are they incapable of republican self-rule? At any rate, how is this relevant to a website that is ostensibly about Orthodox Christianity?

Separation Now



Is Meat a Scapegoat?

Q&A with Mat Best


Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh and Gerry O'Beirne

Global Violin Sessions Week 1



Soon There Will Be a Parting of Ways with the Legacy of Russell Kirk

Kirk Center

Penguin/Random House/Doubleday

Another Witch

The Deep State

Joseph Pearce on the Legacy of Christopher Tolkien

The Imaginative Conservative


Reminds Me of the Movie Black '47

Trailer for that movie here.

Two with Dr. Jason Fung

Stuff Related to The Crown

Go Train

Lord Have Mercy

Standard GOP Strategy

The Great Resest


False Ecumenism?

When the representatives of a jurisidction do not disavow heterodoxy or scandalous behavior on the part of bishops or patriarchs with whom they are associated, how can one pretend that there can be fraternal relations with them? Fraternity requires accountability.

Cardinal Zen Responds to DW News

Chris Arnade on Poverty and Addiction

"Irish" "Women"

Sierra Ferrell, "Jingle Bell Rock"

The Crown Season 4 | Costumes of The Crown

Friday, November 20, 2020

A Discussion of the USCCB and Vos Estis

Boreanz the Pretender

Ip Man: Kung Fu Master Trailer

Convergence of an Imperial Institution

Benchmade Table Knife Set

product page


Allan Carlson on the Future of Social Conservatism


Elder Ephraim

Feminist Economics?

katie Pruitt, "Grace Has a Gun"

China News

#regenerativeagriculture Links

Paleo Turkey

Thanks Be to God

The Connections...

Sped-up Video of an Icon of St. John Cassian Being Painted

I See Barilla

which is associated with the WEF and hte Great Rest. Is this tainted as a result? Probably.

Edit. The Rockerfeller Foundation. Definitely tained. I had suspicions about Food Tank as a make work non-profit. It's worse than that.

On Whose Side Are They?

Those LEOs who have an identity formed and determined by the state will have no moral qualms seeing strangers disobeying the state as outsiders and treating them accordingly. Do you trust your LEOs?

Australian SAS War Crimes?

What is the UN Good for?

Unit Cohesion and Fraternity

A comment over at Sailer's blog:

There is a Youtube channel called Visualizing History that had a presentation on why the Wehrmacht did not collapse in 1944 like the Allies expected it to, whereas the German Imperial Army essentially collapsed in July 1918 and fought only defensively thereafter. The answer was the cohesion of the Wehrmacht was much much higher than that of the Kaiser.

While the Imperial Army suffered something like only a 1/4 of the casualties of the Wehrmacht and lost cohesion, the Wehrmacht kept it until January 1945. Despite suffering a combined nearly 800K casualties on both the West (around 140K) and the East (the balance) during the Summer of 1944. That’s more than 2.8 Stalingrad’s worth of casualties. The secret was that the Army units until quite late were comprised of people from the same region, who if they did not personally know each other likely knew mutual acquaintances and relatives. They spoke the same dialect. Military competence was rewarded and officers were more likely to die in combat than soldiers. Even Generals had only a few percentage points less casualty rates than soldiers. Each unit had its own decorations and distinctiveness, and medals were awarded not to the Aristocracy only but mostly to ordinary soldiers and not for kamikaze stuff but ordinary bravery where the soldiers survived at least the initial encounter. This was in marked contrast in every way to the Imperial Army where none of these conditions held. It is why to Ike’s astonishment the Wehrmacht did not simply collapse but kept fighting on until April 1945.


The BBC Can Go Out of Business

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Clyde Wilson on Lincoln's Project

That retread will be better than this:

The Election of Bishops

CWR Dispatch: The McCarrick Report and the choosing of bishops by Russell Shaw
If the Vatican has no problem allowing Chinese communists to have a central role in choosing bishops, what rational objection could it possibly have to letting faithful Catholics merely observe the process?

I am not proposing direct popular election of bishops, which would be a mistake in several ways.
It would be a mistake now as Roman Catholic churches are not ordered in such a way to allow that this be done well.
I only suggest that the clergy and people of a diocese have a role in proposing and vetting candidates as a routine part of the selection process. Besides helping to head off mistakes, doing so would encourage the emergence of supporting testimony on behalf of worthy individuals.
I would add: 1. No transferring of bishops. 2. No transferring of pastors without sufficient cause. Let communities know those who are put in leadership positions over them and be in a position to judge.
How Catholic parishes can be stable (and small) enough that members know those being recommended for ordination is a problem Roman Catholics need to be considering.

Appropriating Austen

Modern Persuasion

Benchmade 945 Mini Osburne

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Because this really appeals to more than a very tiny fraction of women in the U.S.

Tactical Briefs?

SF Identity Crisis?

"Not My Blood"

Matt Braynard Election Fraud Update

Another Judgment on the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict Settlement

RTร‰ Radio 1 Folk Awards

Ruth Smith interview


Sarah Jarosz Interview

Anti-Ageing Treatment?

Soon to Be Released!


They're not going to use that military to defend themselves against cultural Marxism and their own immigration policies.

Gottfried-Lind on Cultural Marxism


The Cabildo

St. Theodore of Canterbury

What Have the Spanish Bishops Accomplished in 45 Years?


Seeing the rising unemployment and recession in Spain but also in most of Europe, Omella said this is “not the moment for divisions, it’s not the moment to allow the irresponsible and ideological populist sprouts to sneak in. This is the moment for cohesion, for cordiality, working together, of looking to the long term, freeing ourselves from the short-termism of elections or the stock market.”
With what competence does he have to dictate on political matters?
During his remarks, Omella also called on politicians to avoid causing further stress to society with matters that are not a priority and which require a “serene and profound debate,” and called on Spaniards to “recover the spirit of concord that made it possible for our elders, after a very hard war between brothers and the long period of the [Francisco] Franco regime, with politics for the common good, to reach agreements that demanded sacrifices, generosity and mutual trust.”

St. Alfred, Orthodox Saint

Appletown School District

Is ZENIT 100% LC-Funded?

Or did it receive some outside funding as well?


Jack Algiere on Regenerative Agriculture

Stone Barns Center

The Greek Boondoggle

Nature of Prosperity Dialogue

The Economics of Happiness

What Is It With Latin Progs?

Are they acting out because of some childhood trauma?

Michael Shuman and Judy Wicks

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

New Sacred Cow Trailer

Task and Purpose Civnattery Revisionism

Word on Fire Additions

Except: providing a "spiritual veneer" to a life path subject to an oligarchic and gynocentric political order will not fix the problems plaguing the American Church.


Except: there can be no solidarism unless there is first a people and a natural community. The application of principles must be accompanied by the right judgment of particulars. Jumping into a discussion of legal remedies without a correct consideration of the particulars is a mistake.

Apollo5: "Where All Roses Go" by Michael McGlynn

Protein Intake

Feminism is Dyscivic and Dysgenic



A good development?

God bless Fr. Rutler!

Crisis: Father Rutler’s Peculiar Times by Sean Fitzpatrick

SOFCast Episode 3


Richard Heinberg and Helena Norberg-Hodge

The Gun Pass

Michael Sisco

New Sniper Rifle

A Soldier Doing a Woman's Work

They needed to put her in a uniform for this to happen?

The Left Can't Agree

Is Twitter Doing the Bidding of the CCP?