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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Fr. Woznicki Reviews A Hidden Life

CWR Dispatch: Terrence Malick’s A Hidden Life is filled with deep and challenging treasures by Fr. Don Woznicki
This is a film that will challenge viewers to embrace the true, good, and beautiful as presented through the transcendent and eternal values of love and marriage, family, loyalty to God and country.

Special Consensus - She Took the Tennesse River

Sexual Revolution

STUDIES: When highly developed cultures undergo sexual revolution and license they collapse with monotonous regularity within three generations

Dig deeper -- there is no sexual revolution without some form of radical egalitarianism for women, probably. Why? Because... pareto principle.

James Martin Will Be Pleased

Breitbart: German Bishops Pronounce Homosexuality ‘Normal’ and ‘Unchangeable’

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Sir Anthony

The Whistleblower

Fleece Cap

NATO Special Forces

A New Sound?

I haven't kept up with Depeche Mode's most recent releases...

Trump Derangement Syndrome in Hollywood

Some of that BS popped up in the latest Ray Donovan too, with the white supremacist group donning red hats that looked like MAGA hats.

The best part of this trailer is the use of "Blue Monday" by New Order.

This Does Not Reflect Well on Francis

Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo really should just keep quiet. The time for using clerics to function in diplomatic roles is over.

Breitbart: Vatican Bishop: ‘China Trusts Pope Francis’


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Cardinal Zen Interview

Team VTAC Episode 69