Saturday, September 19, 2020

D-Day Darlings in Blackpool


St. Theodore of Canterbury

March Through Our Military Institutions... Thwarted?

Looking for Respectability According to Liberal Standards

The Indigenous Approach

Tony Blauer's Weapon Defense Talk

I Hope Not

Might as Well Sing "Imagine" Too

Another Joke

No to Amy Coney Barrett, Again

Lord Have Mercy

Race to See Which Anglophone Country Dies First

Tactical Rifleman: Subgun for home defense

Friday, September 18, 2020

Mary Pickford

Jim Caviezel on World Over


James Lindsay, Another Member of the IDW

This is part 1:

They Should Call the Photo "A Tyrant, Dying"

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Has Passed Away

Today supposedly.

He Thinks We Have a "Democratic" System...

Ten Conditions of Revolution?

Imaginative Conservative

Female Micromanagement

Integrity and Gardening

Abrahamic Brethren

The Pharisees don't consider Christians such; why should Christians use the term as if it were a common bond? And who is the true child of Abraham?


Latin Churches in England Failing to Recruit Natives?

IDW Liberals Don't like "Patriotic Education"

A Good Question

Marion Maréchal face à Jean-Jacques Bourdin en direct

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Preparing for a Persecution of Christians?

Is one coming? A persecution of Reds in general is more likely, and hopefully not all of them will behave like Dreher.


There will be no "ecumenical" alliance until denominations get rid of feminism and clericalism and let men lead at home and in the church.

Dreher: "I see my public role now as one who tries to build bridges among Catholics, Protestants, and Orthodox, to make it feasible for us to defend each other against the threat of ascendant anti-Christianity."

He's not going to be successful if he is pushing a version of the liberal SJW woke Gospel (anti-racism)... If people want separatism, it is not counter to the Natural Law. As for Skojec, he and other Latins, traditionalists or not, will have to reconsider their ecclesiology if Pope Francis (or his successor) continues to say things that are manifestly heretical. Francis is a crisis of Roman Catholicism and of the patriarchate of Rome, not of the Church Universal. (Which isn't to say that the other jurisdictions aren't having their own problems.) The explanation for which Latin traditionalists are searching? Latin ecclesiology is wrong. But they will not be able to admit this because they take it to be dogma.

Return to Eden

Operation Market Garden


Benchmade Bugout

Product page

But... a critique from 2019:

Counterpoint from Canadian Prepper.

A more recent review:

Unite the Clans 2020

These Latin traditionalists will be supporting Trump. Do they have a plan for what happens when Trump leaves the White House?

Civil War?


Jim Caviezel on the Eric Metaxas Show

Timothy Gordon: The State of the Union and the Church with Bishop Strickland

Civic Nationalism Will Prevail if the Fed. Gov't. is Promoting It!

A Re-Interpretation

The Constitution, RIP.


The D-Day Darlings

website and FB and Twitter

Sarah Jarosz, "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"


Where's That in the Constitution?

This Is What Oligarchy Does

And the Federal Government...

Dr. Robert Lustig on Sugar

Academic Pedestalizing

Go Train

Jack Murphy with Darren Beattie on Our Domestic Color Revolution

The Green Beret Foundation

Brion McClanahan on Scale and Representative Government

Vladimir Grygorenko's Murals at St. Gregory Palamas Monastery


St. Gregory Palamas Monastery in Perrysville, Ohio
New World Byzantine

Randy Barnett on Stare Decisis

Law and Liberty

Neil Kumar: The Futility of Constitutional Originalism

A False Dichotomy

With that said, God is not a micromanager.

Progressivism: The Strange History of a Radical Idea

UND Press

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

BTS of the Order of Malta

NuAmericans at Work

The State of Christian Publishing

Is it becoming more Churchian and feminist?

This is "Conservatism"

The Week. Link just gives another version of Whig history by caricaturing Christianity and Christendom. What a joke of an ex-professional conservative, now a professional liberal.

The Historical Mind

SUNY Press: The Historical Mind: Humanistic Renewal in a Post-Constitutional Age, edited by Justin D. Garrison and Ryan R. Holston



“A nation is a creation of time and events,” Piereson writes, “and cannot be ordered in place at once,” which at least partly explains the wisdom of the Founders when they refrained from affirming the largely Protestant, English-descending cultural mainstream that prevailed in their midst. Piereson credits Lincoln—more popularly celebrated for saving the union by reasserting the principles of the Founding against the seceded Confederacy—with opening a period of cultural nation-forming that would see the American people gradually cohere around a culturally substantive expression of nationhood all the way until 1945. At just the time of the Civil War, Lincoln in fact began replacing in his speeches the term union—connoting a loose association of states with little in the way of a national bloodstream—with the term nation.

A Yankee Whiggish view of American history.

Hidden in the book’s argument is counsel for Trump to adopt one narrative ahead of November—Democrats want to end the American nation and its sovereignty as we know it. It sure doesn’t mean that a vote for Trump will magically reunite an increasingly tribalized and racialized nation, but it does mean resisting our present trend towards these gloomy scenarios. In Piereson’s brilliant summation of all these problems, America is “evolving into a multi-national, multi-cultural, multilingual state lacking the cultural underpinnings of a common culture, language, religion or nationality that we commonly associate with the nation-state.” Have conservatives realized that November is about stopping that?

Trump winning the election and serving a second term will not put an end to the divisions brought about by identity politics. So what's the professional conservatives' back-up plan.
Encounter Books: Who Rules? Sovereignty, Nationalism and the Fate of Freedom in the Twenty-First Century, edited by Roger Kimball

Martin Buber

Modern Age

FBN Changes


Climate Change Projections from Those with an Agenda

More The Future is Female Propaganda

A "Prince of the Church"

West and George Should Make a Buddy Cop Movie



More Problems in Rome?

A Review of Law and Leviathan


Esther Gokhale Interview with Yogabody

Haenel MK 556

Janes and Gunsweek and The Drive


HAENEL CR223 - The impact of precision

Does an AK-47 Need Lubrication?

Louis Awerbuck

From 2014:

The Imaginative Conservative

Why Own an AR Platform Rifle?

The Latest Tip of the Spear

Journey of the Mayflower


The Swordsman 검객


The Buddy Ensemble - Sing (originally by The Carpenters)

Not Really an Endorsement of David Bentley Hart

Though in Milbank's mind it is. For me, such praise and endorsement for the reasons presented can only evoke suspicion and maybe even a condemnation of Hart's ideas.

Chinese Male Feminists

simping and peddling dubious history...

Funny how many of these Chinese male feminists are not living in China. The CCP would have no problem subverting xiao to the interests of the state.

An Intratribe Debate

Civic Nationalism

A civic nationalist knows he can't coerce acceptance of an identity so he is left with only pleading.

Hail to the Deadites

There's More to Collapse than the Political and Social Aspects

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

CWR Review of Restoring Humanity

CWR: Restoring Humanity offers theological foundations for rebuilding Catholic culture by Michael P. Krom Jared Staudt’s new book argues that culture is nourished at home and in the parish, then strengthened and refined at the university.
Restoring Humanity: Essays on the Evangelization of Culture by R. Jared Staudt
Is culture important? Yes. But are some parts of culture more important for others? Can one speak of preserving or passing on a culture if one does not have a community? The family is insufficient for the passing on of a culture, it must do this as a part of a political community, and the children of that family, when they are of age, must marry children from other families. The moral culture is of first importance for a community; without it a community cannot be stable enough for the keeping of intellectual culture and the arts. And while Christian intellectual culture is important for the living of the faith, it is doubtful that all of the Western Christian tradition needs to be preserved in a single community or handed on as a part of "liberal education." So some treasures (e.g. the liturgy, Holy Scripture) are more important than others.

Clerically Speaking Ep 109

RePlant Capital


The Benefits of Grass-Finished Beef

Looking Forward to the Collaboration

Even though I don't know who the other woman is...

A Hacker's Teleology

Operation Market Garden

Thread Reader page

A New Book on Enoch Powell

Enoch Powell: Politics and Ideas in Modern Britain by Paul Corthorn
Enoch Powell and the Making of Postcolonial Britain by Camilla Schofield

VDARE Review of Michael Anton's The Stakes

Vox Day: Mailvox: the ideas, they spread

I Will Have to Listen to This

Just to vet both of the men involved and determine if they have something valuable to share or if they're just engaged in a hustle.

Eat Meat

A More Caring Army?

What perfumed prince is pushing this kind of stuff? Looks like it may be come from the SecArmy himself?

Still Enamored with Technology

Medieval Scottish Queens

Carl Olson on Catholic Journalism

One of the Last

American seminaries of tha tscale to be built before collapse is in full swing?


Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You - Frankie Valli x Marié Digby Cover


Monday, September 14, 2020

Posturing as the Middle

Angels and Demons

Roman Catholicism...

Paul Gottfried on Using Useful Idiots


Irene Davis Interview

Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fats

Get Rid of Back Pain


Law and Leviathan

An Interview with a Convert to Orthodoxy


AFR Interview with the Icons of Sound Project Team


The Guild as a Model for the Future University


Sunday, September 13, 2020

Christian Wisdom from Venerable Bede

Return of Guilds?