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75th Anniversary of the Atomic Bombing of Nagasaki



The Future of American Jesuits

Jesuits Central and Southern

The Truth about US Cattle and "Climate Change"

An Orthodox Procession in HK

Pyramids and Human Sacrifice in China

Chinese nationalists can brag about how their pyramids and rituals for human sacrifice were better.

If there was human sacrifice in China, why was it given up? Or was this one particular group conquered by another that didn't practice human sacrifice?

National Geographic

A Greek Orthodox Church in Beiruit

One for Israel

Messianic Jewish ministry. What sort of ecclesiology do they espouse? This is their statement of faith, which doesn't have much; no references to the Council of Nicaea. Does this ministry have any associations with any of the Protestant denominations?

Yes, It's Another Fempowerment Article

But the information on agricultural reform may be interesting nonetheless.

Fears about the Election

Community Wealth Building

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The Lead Up to Hiroshima

George W. Bush, Cultural Revolution Enabler

Two Recent Episodes of JRE

podcast links: Dr. Debra Soh and Mike Baker

The Power of Regeneration

The Last Days of Burkean/Kirkian Conservatism?

Realism and Foreign Policy

A Testimony in Greek

Raised by Wolves The Hollywood Reporter story on Helen Reddy

Firearms and Home Security


Sanctions Against the CCP Collaborators in HK

Cardinal Zen Interview


The Liberals Are Still Trying to Preserve Liberalism

You Know Which Canon

Meanwhile the McCarrick report hasn't been released.

The Carnivore Code

Robb Wolf


Dr. Shawn Baker Interviews Jimmy Moore

View this post on Instagram

I recently had the immense privilege of being a guest in the MeatRx VIP Community (@meatrxofficial) and interviewed by carnivore legend Dr. Shawn Baker (@shawnbaker1967). The video has just been uploaded for the general public to view. WATCH IT NOW on YouTube:⁣ ⁣ Shawn asked me some really good questions and I appreciated the opportunity to get into some subjects that I don’t think get nearly enough attention in the general health community. One of those things is the role that trauma, especially early in life during the most formative years, plays and the inevitable health consequences that happen as a result of the trauma itself as well as the means by which you cope with it. We dove deeply into this important subject!⁣ ⁣ Those who experienced physical, sexual, or emotional abuse as a child will almost inevitably deal with chronic disease and obesity as an adult. If you look up the Adverse Childhood Events (ACE) study, then you will see how this undeniable connection has been made by researchers. And honestly, I think the trauma is only the beginning. ⁣ ⁣ How people cope with past trauma with the most powerful drug in the world—SUGAR—merely leads to addiction, chronic disease, obesity, shame, self-doubt, and an endless loop cycling through it all. Most of us who have endured weight gain are all too aware of how our trauma led us to eat for comfort which got us bigger and unhealthier which then led to more trauma—breaking free from this is incredibly difficult. It’s one of the reasons I have become more vocal about this. ⁣ ⁣ People would much rather openly judge you than to seek greater understanding from whence you came (reading the judgmental comments people left on the MeatRx Instagram page is a clear sign that too many people still lack the love and compassion needed for those of us who have gone through this). I’ve been at this gig for far too long to let those kinds of things get me down. I know who I am and I’m pretty damn proud of that man. I’m still a work in progress, but aren’t we all? ⁣😉 ⁣ Again, go watch this interview on YouTube:⁣ ⁣ #jimmymoore #shawnbaker #carnivorediet #meatrxofficial

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Why We Get Sick by Benjamin Bikman

BenBella Books

LYF Podcast

A Sweet Life interview

BioHackers podcast

KetoKamp Podcast

Transfiguration and Transformation

SSPX Scandal Enters Mainstream Latin Mass Media

A New Peasants' Revolt


Thomas Massie on TAC Right Now

Renovatio Europae

Blue Tiger

Mass immigration, decline of values, gender mainstreaming, radicalisation, parallel societies, party cartels, social polarisation, debt crises – wherever one looks, Europe seems to disintegrate before our eyes; politically correct universalism has led us to the brink of disaster. It is high time for a return to those values which once were at the root of the greatness of the West, if we want to avoid the worst scenarios.

This will only be possible through a fundamental renewal of Europe on the basis of a political creed we would like to call ‘Hesperialism’: On the one hand, we need a Europe that is strong enough to protect the individual Nation State against the rise of China, the demographic explosion of Africa, the difficult relationship with Russia and the radicalisation of the Near East. But on the other hand, such a Europe will only find acceptance if it remains loyal to the historical traditions of the West instead of fighting them in the name of a chimeric multicultural universalism.

Defence of the natural family, severe regulation of immigration, return to Natural Law, protection of a socially responsible economic model, radical implementation of subsidiarity, reinvigoration of the cultural roots of our identity and renewal of our sense of beauty – these are, in short, the pillars of such a new, ‘Hesperialist’ Europe.

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More Papal Feminism

Interpreting the Constitution

Jordan L. Perkins:
In some of my earlier academic writings, I attempted to lay out how this three-stage translation strikes me as in need of a great deal of explication, as there is an especially huge conceptual gap in how (2) becomes (3). But that is not my present point. My present point is that (2) itself seems to be a radically incomplete understanding of what ‘this Constitution’ means, even before we attempt to get to (3). This is because the words which were subject to negotiation in the 1787 Philadelphia Convention and then debate on the merits during the ratification process were interpreted in light of a specific intellectual tradition, that of the Anglo-American common law and constitution. ‘This Constitution’ makes sense only in light of that tradition, as interpreted by not only the Framers themselves (narrowly understood), but everyone directly involved in the ratification process. Constitutional texts are, as I would put it, enveloped within a shroud of implicature—they mean not only what they actually say, but also what they can be fairly understood to mean within the context of the social, economic, political, and legal tradition of the community to which they are addressed.

This is to say that ‘this Constitution’ cannot be merely the words on the page and/or what is specifically denoted by them. It must be something broader than this. The question is how far we must expand our net to capture the entirety of a plausible answer and if originalism, as a legal positivistic doctrine, can fully contain the answer which emerges. Again, I think not.

The strongest form of originalism for this debate, I think, is the original public meaning originalism which is largely dominant amongst contemporary adherents of the originalist doctrine. It holds that the Constitution (or any equivalent text) means, objectively, for all time, what it would have been understood to have meant by the community of speakers to which it was addressed. In other words, the Constitution means, basically, what the people who were engaged in the ratification debates thought it meant at the time.

Now, under this understanding of originalism, there’s a way of thinking that a legal positivistic doctrine might encompass the entire shroud of implicature (as I just put it) which imbues the constitutional text with its meaning. This is presumably because there is a fact of the matter as to what the political, legal, moral, and social conventions which provided the interpretive context in which the Constitution was initially understood, and these facts can presumably be unearthed, ideally through the law-office history which serves as the originalist jurisprudence's primary research tool.


Two things should here be noted. One is that we’ve drastically expanded the realm of meaning for ‘this Constitution’ to something which can be recovered, for the most part, through a within-the-four-corners interpretation of the text to one which requires a Quentin Skinner-esque full contextualization of the constitutional text within its complete intellectual habitat. To read the Constitution in this way properly would require fully getting inside the heads of those who wrote—reading what they read, understanding as they understood, thinking what they thought. As a conceptual matter, we might have identified a way originalism could meet the Vermeulean challenge. As a practical matter, it would be almost insane for anyone not experienced as a Cambridge School historian to try.

Or maybe a people would need a tradition with which they understood and interpreted the Constitution, and passed this tradition on to their descendants so that it would be understood and interpreted properly by them as well.
But if too many people are required to spread the tradition properly, is there any reasonable guarantee that the tradition will be kept?

If the meaning of a text could be lost so easily (and indeed even within the first generation appeals to the text alone could not suffice to prevent abuses), then maybe 1. many more things should have been explicitly written out by the ratifying conventions as addenda or the like, to be approved by all, or 2. the project of having a written constitution for a federal system should have been reconsidered. But those who ratified the Constitution were also hung up on their assumption that states were normative polities, so we should not expect them to have that much wisdom.

If the tradition no longer exists by which one can properly interpret the document, or there is no longer a shared consensus on its meaning, then is it still valid and binding as an agreement? If one cannot come to an agreement, is the compact automatically void, or does not still need to go through the motion of repealing it and replacing it with a different legal state of affairs?

I Am Woman

The Hollywood Reporter story on Helen Reddy

2020 Homesteaders Conference


The Morality of the Atomic Bombings

Cardinal Parolin Needs to Resign

An Ineffective Bureaucratic Solution

Tony Blauer and Ryan Michler

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St. Oswald, Pray for Us and for England!

Great Vespers for the Transfiguration of the Lord 08/05/20


Lord Have Mercy

Testing the Flying Silo

A Peek at the World on Fire Staff

Skills Your Tribe Will Need to Learn


Find Your Tribe


I wonder if Dreher's tribe would take him back unconditionally.

Judicial Oligarchy

CNA Article on Flannery O'Connor

Woman "Comedian"

Unity 2020

John Courtney Murray, SJ, Roman Catholic Civic Nationalist

Kirk Center

Symposium on John Courtney Murray, SJ

Race and Anti-Fragility

Regenerative Agriculture

And another piece on industrial agriculture:

Building the Brand?

Sheepdog Response Blog

More with Dean Abbott

Leadership Strategy and Tactics


Woody Tasch's New Book

Solidarity Economics

No Regrets?

NGOs in the US

A Common Human Ground

University of Missouri Press: A Common Human Ground: Universality and Particularity in a Multicultural World by Claes G. Ryn.

Find Your Tribe

Imaginative Conservative

Tolkien and Anglo-Saxon England

Can. 747 §2


"Healing the world"... where have I heard that before.

What Is There to Show for It, Two Years Later?


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In the Footsteps of Their Patriarch

He Needs to Find a Better Way to Win Hearts and Minds

Letters, statements, videos, and tweets are not acceptable.

NCRep: Bishop Barron hosts invite-only meeting to discuss 'rad trads,' online vitriol (via Fr. Z)

Latin bishops, including the bishop of Rome, will have to reconsider the distinction between dogma and theologoumena, including what they have accepted as dogma concerning their own authority. Until that happens, there will be no ecclesial reform.

A Challenge to Libertarians

The Washington Generals

Mika Nakashima 中島美嘉 『雪の華』

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Which Narrative?

Arthur Bloom:

Versus something more along the lines of a paleo or Southern conservative narrative.

Who are the real progenitors of the Yankees?

Anthony Esolen on the Patrick Coffin Show

An Account of Fordham's Cancelling of Flannery O'Connor

Let the Bishop Show His Fruits

Forced Population Transfers for the Sake of Peace


Academics Generally Shouldn't Offer Political Advice

Because they have no practical wisdom.

And not every political desire needs to be put into a category of political philosophy...

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Edward Pentin on World Over

(Full episode)

Another Podcast with Brandon McGinley

Metropolitan of France visited Bussy-en-Othe

Construction of St. Nicholas Resumes

Marshall McLuhan and Byzantine Christianity

Off the Grid

Sustainability, the Commons

A Reaction to the USCCB and Its President

Whom Does It Serve?

Fat and the Paleo Diet

Chilton Williamson on Flannery O'Connor

Kyrie Eleison

The Ghost Tweeter Isn't the Problem

I'm sure the bishop agrees with what is posted in his name.

The History of Woodland Camo

Professor Randy Barnett on Constitutional Law

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"Far Right"

Mike Cernovich recommends that Steve Bannon book.