Saturday, May 07, 2016

CWR: Farewell, Social Media by Dr. Leroy Huizenga

The technology of Twitter, Facebook, and other social media is fundamentally Gnostic. Here's why I am no longer going to use them—or be used by them.


Two from Abbeville Institute

Secession of the Heart by John Devanny

Is “White Supremacy” an Exclusively “Southern” Ideology? by Brion McClanahan

The Church in Japan

From 2014:
Bishops set out difficulties facing Japanese Catholics
Catholicism Fails to Take Root in Japan

From 2000: Translation Wars Loom in Japan: New Japanese Missal sparks controversy

It's good someone is writing these articles over at ROK; maybe some of the non-Christian readers will reconsider Christianity. The Feast of the Ascension

Not Solesmes interpretation:

Thursday, May 05, 2016

39th National Assembly of the Confederation of Italian Cooperatives

The Resurrection of Christ Orthodox Cathedral in Tirana, Albania?

Michael Harrison
2014 announcement of consecration

Jedi Princesses

Yesterday one of the schools celebrated May the Fourth be with you -- saw a lot of little girls dressed up as Rey from The Force Awakens; one in particular was fighting the Kylo Rens in the class. Not a girl power movie like the feminists claim it is? Socon fans of the franchise need to wake up to reality.

How long before we see Rey the Disney princess at the Disney "amusement" parks?

May 4th
The so-called First Couple

alt opening

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Who's Threatening Whom?

Counterpunch: Baiting the Bear: Russia and NATO by Conn Hallinan

Whence This Change?

Alasdair MacIntyre: From Socratic Subverter to Supporter of the State by Thaddeus Kozinski

While I disagree with Kozinski regarding the American founding and the tenets of the Anglo-American political tradition, the centralization of political and economic power has transformed the original federal republic or federation of states into a unitary nation-state, more or less. The power of the Federal government (and that of many of the states arguably) is problematic, to say the least.

According to Kozinski's summary, MacIntyre was not talking about the legitimacy of the use of coercive power in an abstract manner (that is, a discussion of the state's authority proper to the exposition of the practical science of politics) but making claims about the responsibilities of the modern nation-state. (I haven't watched the lecture yet and probably won't be able to do so for a while.) Maybe this change isn't so surprising since MacIntyre did support the American with Disabilities Act and necessarily the power of the Federal Government (in Dependent Rational Animals, I believe).

Someone should write a sustained critique of Charles Taylor on modernity and liberal democracy (as philosophy or as intellectual history)?
Charles Taylor on Secular Democracy

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Archbishop Kyrill


The White Knight Sallies Forth Again


Because it's May, the month of Mary? Or May has Mother's Day? Will there be something similar for men in June, with a reference to women needing to show greater respect to the non-alpha men in their lives or their non-alpha husbands, or those who depreciate their work or are always fault-finding?

As for those supposed Catholic countries where machismo reigns, or men treat there wives merely as maids, cooks, and unpaid prostitutes -- many of these countries are the same ones that have been poorly-catechized or have not really been Christianized to begin with; the problem is not an erroneous Christianity but the absence of Christianity.

Given the production values of this video, how much longer before the Vatican becomes SJW Central?

Metropolitan Gerasimos

The Psalms

Bono and Eugene Peterson

Beyond Bono and Eugene Peterson: The Most Searched and Shared Psalms

The translation by Peterson is apparently problematic; but did those who successfully inculturated Christianity and adapted other languages for Sacred Scripture use an everyday vernacular or did they seek to elevate it? What would Saints Cyril and Methodios say to Eugene Peterson?

Monday, May 02, 2016

Michael Hudson with Gordon Long

The Wall Street Economy Has Taken Over the Real Economy and Is Draining It! (Counterpunch)

The Popularity of Vikings?

The show on History channel -- what explains its popularity? Do some watch the show because of some neo-pagan/alt right attraction to the Vikings? A post-Christian white racialism? Does the show have the same sort of viewership as Sons of Anarchy? Maybe some think it isn't so PC, because it focuses on white people and there aren't any anachronistic minority characters. But the depiction of shield maidens as warriorettes should be repulsive to them. Does the show remain popular? Or is it losing viewership because of this?

I find the Vikings as they are depicted on the show to be savages and not people to be identified with -- maybe the French king and his knights are shown in a poor light as well, but one need not celebrate the other extreme in opposition to them.

Politically Relevant

But also personally relevant at the local level: Male Vs Female Forms of Group Cohesion

It will be good to go on summer break. What happens after that? Who knows...

Srdja Trifkovic on the Reaction to Trump's "America First" Message

America First Controversy by Srdja Trifkovic

Jesuits Capitulating to SJWs at Loyola Marymount

So much for the Company of Jesus. Fr. Z has the link and comments