Saturday, February 15, 2014

Dinner tonight was prepared by the Ethiopian members of the old cathedral parish - last (and only) time I had Ethiopian food was in Boston with the New Scot and his friend M. The food today was quite good though I wouldn't say it was paleo-friendly. Too much orange juice today, too.

Was asleep for much of the symposium and tonight's vigil as I got only 3 hours of sleep last night. No good. Curious as to what next year's topic will be.
When the temporal powers take away your sanctuary, your music, your leisure, what do you have left? And those who have lost their families or children to the system?

Friday, February 14, 2014

I learned that Sr. R died several months ago and Pater V is not doing so well. Fr. V's brother passed away several months ago and he is now living alone. The earliest my mother and I can go see him is probably after Pascha. Kyrie eleison.
Need to kick the KFC addiction... the soda too.


Twitch: Berlinale 2014 Review: SPROUT's Short and Sweet Seoul Odyssey


Misc. Focus on Lee Young Ae!
Lee Young Ae Elevates the Korean Hanbok to a Work of Beautiful Art in Marie Claire Korea
"Lee Young-ae's Feast", Lee's English ability in Italy

이영애의 만찬

From earlier last year:

Forever Zero

I would think that this movie would be even more offensive to non-Japanese than Miyazaki's The Wind Rises. It is doing well at the Japanese box office.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Local vs. Organic


They talk like men...

A Romanian woman on Uhmerican females...

Chronicles has updated the look of its website - looks like they are digitally archiving old articles, which are available to print subscribers for viewing. There's still plenty of free content, though.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Peter Lawler Responds to George Will

A Defense of Downton’s Nostalgia - referring to something he wrote for ISI.
Aristocrats had relational virtues—a clear sense of the connection between privileges and responsibilities—that we don’t. When it comes to money and justice, however, we middle-class democrats know better. Astute nostalgia is always self-consciously selective. The model of that kind of analytic use of nostalgia is Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America, which is full of aristocratic criticisms of democracy and democratic criticisms of aristocracy.

On Downton Abbey, we see that the way of life of the relational place is being improved by middle-class, American, Irish, socialist, and even proto-feminist contributions, but usually not at the expense of “class” in the sense of knowing who you are and what you’re supposed to do. Who can deny that today our upper class—our meritocratic cognitive elite—lacks and could benefit from some of the class of the Earl of Grantham and his family? That’s not to deny that the Lord Grantham is not so astute when it comes to the personal longing for freedom, turning a profit, tolerance of religious diversity, modern science, and even good government. He is astute enough, though, to accept, if reluctantly, changes that will make his way of life more sustainable and even admirable. He is also astute enough not to embrace the popular moralism that turns sins into crimes or even reasons for dismissal.

When the difference is not between aristocracy and bourgeoisie but between one form of oligarchy and another form of oligarchy, then Lawler misunderstands the "virtues" embodied by people like Lord Grantham. A rigid notion of place that is based on landed wealth and an inherited title that may have some connection with responsibility but little with desert (justice) is not the sort of "place" any republican would seek to uphold - nor any true aristocrat. Is a true aristocracy, one based on merit and distributive justice, impossible to have in this world? Can we be only content with a counterfeit, or worse, a counterfeit form of a republic? There may be those who romanticize the British class system, but I have no time for it.

You're Just a Meanie

Or a bully.

What is to be done to dismantle feminism? In employing logic against feminists, men or women, one may be accused of being aggressive, hateful, bitter, or some other negatively perceived personality trait. Are we left, as Vox would claim, with only rhetoric? Regardless, we should "maintain frame," maintaining our cool and using that to our advantage.

Last week there was a woman at a certain Facebook group who claimed that women need to have a greater voice in the Church. Is there any canon that prohibits a woman from speaking with the bishop, the priest, other baptized women or men? No. Then, what does she really want? Women to have authority over men, even though St. Paul explicitly prohibits this. While not going so far as to endorse the ordination of women, she did support women having some sort of authority within the Church, so that their viewpoints (or experience of Christianity?) could be heard. Never mind the fact that she was guilty of the apex fallacy, as not all men have a voice in the Church, only a select few. Never mind the fact that most of those in the bureaucracy of the local Church, those who head ministries and such at parishes and the diocese, are probably women. No, this would not be enough for her.

Can there be any sort of negotiation or reasoning with a woman who is blind to American ecclesial reality because of ideology? (One can ask whether she has a male SO, or if she is involuntarily single because of her personality, looks/body type, or both.)

With time maybe more will come to believe that St. Paul was right, rather than thinking he was culturally conditioned to prohibit women from having teaching authority in the Church.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Vatican State continues to embrace the language of the enemy:
Vatican News:

And Vatican Radio:

Molly Tuttle Trio - "I'm Over You"

Gentle On My Mind
You Didn't Call My Name

Monday, February 10, 2014

Saw Mrs. B and her husband and younger son at Costco today. Not so awkward a meeting, though I am curious as to what she told them after she returned to them.

The Trouble with Trolls by Jan Brett - a 'sexist' book, even though the heroine figures out a way to trick the trolls at the end? Up to that point she saves her dog by appeasing the trolls, giving them something else in order to get her dog back. A book about a boy who did that would be abhorrent - he should be fighting the trolls instead to save his dog.

CNA Article on the Benedict XVI Institute

San Francisco project to promote beauty in music, liturgy by Carl Bunderson

As Fr. Samuel is here, what's going on with the Institute of Sacred Music in St. Louis?

Casting News for Stillman's Austen Adaptation

Sienna Miller & Chloe Sevigny Join Whit Stillman's 'Love And Friendship'
Miller Coming to Ireland to Film Austen Comedy

A Worthy Live-Action Version of Patlabor?

Twitch: Robots! Mop! People! Longer, Live-Action PATLABOR: THE NEXT GENERATION Teaser

Some fans have doubts.


Sunday, February 09, 2014

Translations of Two Interviews with Jack Donovan

An anthology of his writings is being prepared, and will be published in a few months.

Interview: Il Primato Nazionale (English Transcript)
Interview: Sarastus (English Transcript)

Gary Taubes, Why Nutrition is So Confusing


Rhonda Vincent and the Rage - Medley