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Brig. Gen. William Darby

Human Nature Is Constant

A Shocking Development

Is the report anything more than a summary of credible allegations? After all, a criminal investigation or conviction is not possible. How can there be a conclusive investigation if the accused cannot defend himself or provide evidence that could clear him?

CNA/CWR: L’Arche reports sexual misconduct by founder Jean Vanier

L'Arche founder Jean Vanier sexually abused women

It seems that no Christian institution, no matter the reputation for being charitable, can be trusted. Rather, the care of the "less abled" must be relocalized and facilitated for families or in non-familial settings where accountability is enforced.

From last year:

Jean Vanier:

‘The Beauty of Compassion’ Jean Vanier in the Holy Land
In Search of the Human Face: Identity and the Challenge of Disability
In Search of the Human Face: Identity and the Challenge of Disability

Larry Vickers on the Nightclub Scene in the First John Wick Movie

Moving into the SUT Market?

朱咪咪 - 舞女

Shaolin Wing Chun

What lineage is this?

Kirkpatrick Sale: "By 2030, Industrial Civilization Will Have Collapsed"

Beat That, Zoolander

Is the HKPF Scared Yet?

Friday, February 21, 2020

Are You in Love 사랑하고 있습니까

Haven't seen Kim So-Eun (김소은) for a while...

Melliodora Tour with David Holmgren & Su Dennett


Lord Have Mercy

St. Nicholas of Japan

Agree 100%

Crisis: Suppress the Legion of Christ by Michael Warren Davis

75th Ranger Regiment


Hey Blue Boomers

Jim Morrison has a message for you...

It reminds me of this post at Viking Preparedness.

One Critic's Lists for Korean Movies for 2010-2019

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Some Commentary on Once Upon a Time In Hollywood

Comment notre monde a cessé d’être chrétien

Orthodoxie: Review of Guillaume Cuchet’s book: “How our world ceased to be Christian. Anatomy of a collapse”

Éditions du Seuil

Fools & Dreamers


Weigel's Apologia for Clerical Celibacy

Beyond Amazonia

"Celibacy, a total gift of self to God, only makes sense in a Kingdom context."

What does "total gift of self to God" really mean? Loving God above all others? All are called to do that. Giving up every good other than God, food, water, oxygen too? Loving God only? So we shouldn't love our parents or friends? Even monks still love others and the Church, even if they are free from any other concrete duties to others.

This theological language is very sloppy and doesn't help the Latin apologetic for clerical celibacy/continence. I thought it was sloppy in Karol Wojtyla's writing too, especially when compared to the scholastics.

If total gift of self requires the giving up of one good, why not the giving up of other goods as well? Hence my examples of food, water, oxygen. Now the response may be that it is giving up of all goods not necessary for life. Then why shouldn't "total gift of self" entail the giving up of all family ties and friendships, and a host of other goods not essential to survival, television, alcohol, golf and whatever else priests may indulge in? If the apologists for clerical celibacy talk about the "total gift of self to God" as just meaning celibacy, then yes, there is a problem with their use of words and logic. The current preferred Latin theological defense of clerical celibacy/continence (which was formulated and gained prominence only within the last 50 years or so) strikes me as just being a post hoc rationalization since it is so poorly thought-out.

Now it may be that someone can explain celibacy no longer as a "sacrifice" or the giving up of some good (wife and family), but I don't know of anyone who has done that yet.

The most reasonable claim would be a rather pragmatic one, that the celibate priest is free from the responsibilities of marriage (but not from responsibilities to family, friends, or even the political community necessarily), and in theory he would have more time to devote to ministering to his parish community. But let's not say that this is because the priest is making a "total gift of himself" -- that turns out to be a rhetorical exaggeration, at best.

A Reminder But Will Young Women Be Humbled By It?

Not if they just live in the present.

Not Unexpected

Rod Dreher looks at the neoreactionaries and flinches.

Persecutorial Progressivism

The Most Recent (D) Circus



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First, The Greek Knight, and also this

Just found this trailer...

A one-man brownwashing campaign.

Friend Zone

Did He Watch the Same Movie?

A Hidden Life Hides Too Much of Franz Jägerstätter's Life by Shawn Storer

I found the movie addressed everything that was supposedly missing or weak in his critique, but perhaps he wanted everything spelled out explicitly rather than artistically and through association.
The real life figure who was evocative of Revelation’s triumphant Lion of Judah—who comforts, encourages, and shows the way—is rendered in the film as a docile, existentialist lamb led to slaughter.

I didn't see the portrayal as contradictory -- rather it is multifaceted, as it should be, and this image of the Lion of Judah was apparent, too.

Whatever is received is received according to the mode of the receiver.

Still No Transparency

CNA/CWR: Chinese media: Recent meeting of Sino-Vatican diplomats was pope’s idea

PN on CV

The Hispanicization of the Uhmerican Church Continues

CNA/CWR: Christ is hope for the Church and the world, Archbishop Perez says at installation
During a February 18 Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul in Philadelphia, Archbishop Nelson Perez was installed as the 14th bishop and 10th archbishop of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.


Vanity Project

Why is Dev Patel brownwashing the role of the Green Knight?

Tuesday, February 18, 2020


Hrm... Demonic Males by Dale Peterson and Richard Wrangham

A Painting by Don Troiani

A Needed Explanation

to defend the Establishment.

CWR Dispatch: What Is Synodality? by Bishop Robert Barron
In a synod, the point is discerning, not the will of the people, but the will of the Holy Spirit, for the Spirit in that context is sovereign, or in the language of Pope Francis, the “protagonist.”

"Whatever Pope Francis means by “synodality,” he quite clearly doesn’t mean a process of democratization, or putting doctrine up for a vote. He means, it seems to me, a structured conversation among all of the relevant ecclesial players—bishops, priests, and laity—for the sake of hearing the voice of the Spirit."

How is one to judge who is spiritually qualified among the laity to participate? And if it is not representational, or excludes those who should have authority among the laity, then of what use is it? What should a synod be discerning that they should not already be discerning individually, and if there is no heresy to reject, what sort of concerted action are they considering? Can ecclesial reform really be done by a snyod that mandates the creation of solutions but does not look to address internal problems that may have always been there?

More Revelations

Where's the reform?

CNA/CWR: Court evidence suggests abuse cover-up by high ranking Legionaries of Christ

Rod Dreher: The Rotten Legion of Christ

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Fukuoka 후쿠오카



The Moral Component...

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Wilson Combat X-TAC Supergrade Compact

This Would Trigger the Patriarch of Rome

"Help, Help, I'm Being Oppressed!"

How '1917' Was Filmed To Look Like One Shot

How Subversive Will The Series Ending Be?