Saturday, May 15, 2021

The DS is an Enemy of the People


"Pandemic"-Induced Emoting

Protein as a Macronutrient and Satiety

No Yang, Just Yin

The Future of the (R) Party is...

But He Won't Repudiate Feminism


Helena Norberg Hodge on Renerating Local Communities and Food Systems

What of the Christians in the Holy Land?

Sarah Jarosz, "Blue Heron"

Philip Bess, "The Architecture of an Urbanist Natural Law Principle"

Fake News Promoted by the DS?

ISI "Conservatism"

The Eros of Marriage

Chinese Nationalism Is Alive and Well

And so is the Chinese love for CGI-movies...


Friday, May 14, 2021

Not the Hope of France

They are not like the members of the French military who signed the letters addressing the civil government about the crisis their country faces and the civil war that may result.

Scouts Unitaires de France

CNA/CWR: Pope Francis urges scouts to ‘spread light and hope’

Pope urges French scouts to be dynamic Christians, faithful scouts

Jesse Kelly with Jack Murphy

"Science Philanthropy"

The Same Roman Pontiff Who Cooperates with the WEF

What has he done to raise men out of the degraded status of wage slavery?

Keep on lecturing those neoliberals/capitalists!

The New Right

Forget Judeo-Christian. How about Judeo-Christian-Muslim values?

If we bring back blue laws, which day do we privilege? Sunday? Saturday? Friday? This "interfaith" multicultural conservatism is going nowhere. Even if there is a recognition in the law of the rights of workers to follow their religious conviction/conscience of not being forced to work on their religious day of rest, how can this be applied "fairly" to non-believers as well?

Another Legacy of an Imperial Papacy

Latin Episcopal Choices

Why did they choose a non-Anglo to be the bishop? Are there that many Vietnamese in Parramatta?

Why Conservatives Lose

No masculine leadership in that face.

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Peter Ballerstedt and Seamus Maye on Cattle and Ruminants

Lynn Sollenberger

Mark Sisson on Grilling

Mercenaries in the Ancient World


Taleb on Minority Rule

Transition, Transition!

Mouthpiece of Imperial Propaganda

Restoring Tradition?

What would Latins know of Tradition?

The Managerial Revolution

The Smith Homestead Series

Is This Proper for a Religious?

Or is she a mistaken but willing tool for pro-"democracy" forces in Myanmar?

A Promoter of Barn-Building

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

A Review of Unbroken Thread

L for Losers

The Sort of Trust You Need in Your Tribe

This Is Rather Based

More than what I expected from the source. How long before they're put on the SPLC hit list?

Tradition... of an Imperial Papacy

Posting This Not for the Message

But for the person, who inspires no confidence in his leadership ability. Will the members of the Anglican Ordinariate have to implement an ecclesial reform on their own initiative?

A Collapsing Empire Providing Laughs


He's supposed to be admirable and a role model for this?

Is a Christian Simp's Suffering Redemptive?

Or is his suffering the result of a vice? Hahn may be readable on Scripture (but not 100% trustworthy), but any practical spirituality he offers, Opus Dei combined with his own life (in ALL of its dimensions) is definitely not trustworthy.

Who Owns Hungary?

TIME Serves Its Masters

Stop Being Naive about the CIA

Wendell Berry in 1981

Protecting a Diet with Meat

The Bugout

Tuesday, May 11, 2021



The Fusion Fantasy

WEF Stooge

What Future?

Farming for the Future

A New Edition of the BCP

Any PC revisions?

One Grift to End Another

1911/2011 Basics

How About Overcoming Its Own Corruption?

It's a Woman's World

and a dying Imperial (dis)order.

This Will Continue Right Up to the End of Catholic Higher Ed in the US

CWR Dispatch: Stretching Out to Great Things: A Commencement Address for the University of St. Thomas

“When we follow these prompts of our culture today, we become cramped souls, what the medieval philosophers called pusillae animae. The entire point of a Catholic intellectual formation is to produce magnae animae (great souls).”

More Dev Patel Garbage

One Day First Things Will Go Out of Business

And deservedly so.

Talmudic Judaism as a representative of "legitimate" tradition... laughable.

Keep Dreaming

There will be no rise of reactionary feminism.

Netflix Can Go Amend Itself


Monday, May 10, 2021

Last Days of the American Empire

Army Anime Courts Teens from a Small Poll of Eligible Gen Zers

The Great Replacement in Evidence Again

Glock G37

Adamas Knife

A Proper Grip

Their Denominations Deserve to Die Out

Ryan Anderson Interview

Sunday, May 09, 2021

Australian Military Knows It's in Trouble

Does the American imperial military know the same?

Peter Turchin Gets It

Alison McDowell on the Great Reset

Jack Carr on the Adam Carolla Show

Learn to Move

St. Xenia, Pray for Us!