Saturday, January 09, 2021

Bergoglio Interviews

Do I Trust the Oligarchs with Degrowth?

No. It should be left to local communities to initiate as a part of their revitalization and reliency programs. The oligarchs though will use sustainability for their own purposes.

"Feminist economics"...

Men in Kilts

The Future (of the Republican Party) is Female

A message Lincoln would endorse. Have (R)s ever repudiated the idea of coerced union?

Patriot and Hero?

Hackworth praised him.

Robert George on Roger Scruton

Feminist Revisions...

Break with Sierra Farrell

Friday, January 08, 2021

Oligarchy News

Fighting for Scraps

At the Service of the Oligarchs

"Domestic Terrorism"

(R)s Will Continue Losing

Vermeule Is a Bad Representative for Latin Integralism

Thursday, January 07, 2021

The Future of US Army SF?

EDC for a Navy SEAL

Could Small Still Be Beautiful?

"When Natural Movement Was Normal"

Mark Sisson on Breaking Carb Dependency


Don't Blame Cows


US: Fatty Paradise

20th Anniversary of In the Mood for Love

From 2020:
Wong Kar-wai Amazon Series Dead, ‘In the Mood for Love’ Spiritual Sequel on Hold
‘Blossoms Shanghai’ First Look: Wong Kar-Wai’s New Series Is an Ambitious Ode to Shanghai
Wong Kar-Wai’s New Film ‘Blossoms’ Set To Shoot in July
New Wong Kar-Wai Project ‘Chungking Express 2020’ Approved by China

This is not CCP Propaganda

Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Lord Have Mercy

Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Another Gary Taubes Interview

Believe It or Not

Two Videos with Tony Blauer

They Probably Would Get Along

Catholic for Social Action sounds like a prog Latin front cloaking itself in "orthodoxy" in supporting Pope Francis and leftist interpretations of Roman Catholic Social Teaching.

" Right" v. "Left"

The "right" would defend the Natural Law but is that enough to set it apart from the "left"? Maybe. Though statists would have to be considered a part of the left under such a dichotomy.

Claes Ryn Judges the Election


Does Nostra Aetate deal with Chalcedonian Orthodoxy? (No.)

Advertising NuIreland

Who is behind this?

But What Means to Obtain the Desired End Results of "Justice" and "Equity"?

AJ Lee and Blue Summit Livestream Concert

Catholic Higher Education is not "Family-Friendly"

It is feminized.

How Is This Not Religious Indifferentism?

A New Face for the (R)s

Same pro-oligarchy policies.

Trying to Show She's More of Man

than the useless male Republicucks.

Franciscan Sentimentalism

Agape in us is possible only by the Father giving it to us (through the Son, not the Father, who became Incarnate, by the Holy Spirit).

Greta 2.0

Tool of the WEF status confirmed for CUSP?

The Book of Fish 자산어보


Monday, January 04, 2021


The Technofantasy Continues

Luxuries during a time of decline. Who would have thought the game of CIV would end in this way? Missions to Mars, the Moon and Beyond Await Earth in 2021

An Interview with Dissident Mama

Julie Fowlis' Latest

Stanford, "The Blue Bird"

Laugo Alien

product page

Gary Taubes on the Wellness Mama Podcast

Robin Wright's (No Longer Penn) Land

The ultimate girl-power movie... and yet the main character still relies on a man, in this case, to teach her how to survive. Symbolic of feminism and the modern Western woman.

Rich Collectors

The Future of the (R)s is Female

The Texan Origins of Yellowstone

Let Catholic Higher Ed Burn

Academic "mutual admiration society."

There will be no honest grappling with race issues and identity politics, or the principles of political community, just PC platitudes about racism being bad, etc. Note that there is no session on "What We Owe to Men."


The Feminization of Higher Education

And Latins are actively assisting in this.

By Denying Legitimate Ethnonationalism, They Play Into the Hands of Statists

Feminists Will Deny This

How's this going to work out? Former conservaTHOT.

Remembering Roger Scruton

Who's Pushing the Anti-Meat Agenda?

Trying to Please Everyone Localist

This is fine as a start but it is silent on the specifics and thus could readily be endorsed by left communitarians and left anarchists.

NuAmericans at Work

What Does This Say about Strong Towns?

Do they even attempt to debate him? I will have to listen to find out.

Corporations Seeking Greater Control Over Organic and Regenerative Farming

This is not a good trend. Investment should come from local communities and networks and outwards geographically.

Land Reform?

French Feminism

A New Latin News Media Outlet

Sunday, January 03, 2021

The Future of the Republican Party is Female

Eric Antonow Interviews Gary Taubes

Going to Be Taking an Extended Break Soon

MSG Dale Comstock: Hand Combat Course Reference Guide

Woke Capitalism

Pastoring, 2021

"Muh feelingz."

A modern understanding for the motives of the Incarnation, common to Jesuits, and erroneous. God loves us in spite of our sins, not "as we are."