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How much blame is being put on men?

And what about male victims?

Libertarian But Not Wholly Liberal?

Do the authors accept there can be a common good distinct from the private goods of the members of a political community?

Doug Casey on Globalism and the Worldwide Populist Revolt by Nick Giambruno

Mankind has gone through three main stages of the political organization since Day One, say 200,000 years ago, when anatomically modern men appeared. We can call them Tribes, Kingdoms, and Nation-States.

In prehistoric times, the largest political/economic group was the tribe. Since men are social creatures, it was natural enough to be loyal to the tribe. It made sense. Almost everyone in the tribe was genetically related, and the group was essential for mutual survival in the wilderness. The local group was all that counted. “Others” from alien tribes, were not only in competition for scarce resources, but they might want to kill you for good measure. Tribalism is probably genetic—it’s a survival mechanism. Patriotism for your tribe also served a survival purpose, because you were always fighting with the neighboring tribes. You wanted your co-tribalists to be loyal and patriotic…

In the Kingdom phase, from around 3,000 B.C. to roughly the mid-1600s, the world’s cultures were organized under strong men, ranging from petty lords to kings and emperors. With kingdoms, loyalties weren’t so much to the “country”—a nebulous and arbitrary concept—but to the ruler. You were the subject of a king, first and foremost. Your linguistic, ethnic, religious, and other affiliations were secondary. Tribal leaders who were good warriors conquered neighboring tribes and set themselves up as kings.

Then came the nation-state, one of the mankind’s worst inventions.

Except Casey then says this:

Today’s prevailing norm is the nation-state, a group of people who tend to share a language, religion, and ethnicity. Like a gigantic tribe. The idea of the nation-state is especially effective when it’s organized as a “democracy,” where the average person is given the illusion he has some measure of control over where the leviathan is headed.

I think, however, that the nation-state is approaching its end game. What will replace it? I think Neal Stephenson was right in his superb novel The Diamond Age, where he put forward the idea of “phyles.” It no longer makes sense to be loyal to a group just because they have the same government ID that you do, or because they were born in the same bailiwick. I don’t feel any particular loyalty to the people living down the road in the trailer park, or in the barrio, or the ghetto, or the next town. As a matter of fact, they’re likely adversaries and liabilities. We’ve got little in common.

I feel more loyalty to people with whom I share values—and they could as easily be in France, or Burma, or the Congo as the U.S. Now, with the internet, modern telecommunications, and jet travel, we can find each other. Birds of a feather will wind up forming phyles, obviating the nation-state.

Loyalty is not a feeling -- it is an act of the will based on trust and experience with the other. Loyalty to strangers is just stupid. An illustration of a version of political science that has not been thought out carefully.

Friendships of Convenience

They never bothered to check and see if their core values made them compatible or not ... it was about sharing common pastimes or activities. The Trump supporters in blue areas need to find their own tribe, people who share their values and commitments and start making new friends.

Trump Supporters and Their Fair-Weather Friends by Gavin McInnes

Feels Like Saturday

Go to 2:16. "What a creep!" These days Tony would get in trouble with feminists for harassing women like that...

The Green Hornet Getting a Reboot

Will they get both the Green Hornet and Kato right this time? Screen Anarchy

Because the NRA is Evil!

And willing to do anything to stop a tough, heroic female lobbyist from protecting children everywhere! Miss Sloan -- shouldn't that be Ms. Sloan? The movie-makers can't even get their politics 100% correct.

I bet Sam Waterston was happy to play an evil right-wing male.

I hope it tanks at the box office.

Music of the Southern Diaspora by Clyde Wilson and Alan Harrelson

Joni Mitchell, 2000

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Still Planning World Youth Days

A Cardinal Takes Possession of His Titular Church

Living in the Now


鄺美雲﹕ 心聲

I'll Pass

Screen Anarchy review of Allied

has Hollywood exhausted its reserve of World War II stories, even though Nazis make for PC villains? Even when they avoid SJW casting the product doesn't turn out to be that good.


A Jeffersonian Political Economy by Clyde Wilson

Hayley Westenra. "Both Sides Now"

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A Prequel TV Series for Taken...

NBC trying to gain some viewers... it could work; I'd rather see this than the 24 revival. From Vikings to a Taken TV Prequel, Clive Standen’s Ass-Kicking Evolution

A Testimony to the Strength of the British Empire

Exclusive Clip: LETTERS FROM BAGHDAD Testifies to the Strength of Gertrude Bell

Could a woman wander around unmolested in that part of the world today?

website and FB

Screen Anarchy Interview with Yuen Woo-Ping

A True Legend

Good News!

Miyazaki Announces Plan to Return to Feature Filmmaking

How soon?

The Mighty Eighth: New Spielberg, Hanks WWII Series Coming To HBO [VIDEO] by Robert J Wright

Chinese Rip-Off of Mad Max

Mad Sheila

They might as well have thrown in a "flower boy" gang in the movie. The female protagonist looks like she just walked in from a modelling shoot. How did she survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland and where did she find her make-up? Her transformation into a strong, ass-kicking woman defies belief. And the Chinese post-apocalyptic barbarians are not very frightening at all. Maybe they should have cast some Mongols or Manchurians instead, but they probably look too soft in appearance, now, too.

Dreher Can't Help But Comment on Spencer and the Alt Right

Failsons Of Weimar America -- Is there a crisis of masculinity? Yes. But if those pushing for the Benedict Option do so on the basis on some "Churchian" version of Christianity (a Christianized liberalism) then they will not be able to head off what they fear. Men will find something that is more appealing to their natural inclinations to being men.

Juvenile Bravado Undercuts NPI Conference Triumph, and
Alt Right Speech is a Crime, Leftist Physical Attacks Are Protests
The Long Election, Stage Two: The Left Fights to Recapture the Narrative
Brimelow at NPI: Trump's America--The Next Shoe Will Drop in 2020

VD: Controlled Opposition or Media Indiscipline and Media Discipline and Great Man vs. Cliodynamics

Gordon Ramsay Teaches You How to Cook

Finally! The trailer for Silence.

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An European Cultural Institution No More

I didn't know the Vienna Boys Choir had gone diverse in its members until I saw a card for a concert being held tonight in Saratoga. Some may say that it is good to invite non-white boys who like to sing European choral music to join the choir -- they may not get a chance to do so at home. But what sort of message does this send to European boys? I doubt there is an insufficient number of European boys competing for spots in the choir.

From their Facebook:

Austrian website

Another photo.

Spiritual, Not Religious

Poster for Silence

NYT: The Passion of Martin Scorcese

Susan Boyle, "Both Sides Now"