Saturday, December 24, 2016

Some AJ Lee Videos

Stefan Molyneux's 5 Hour Christmas Extravaganza

(via Vox Day)

FieldCraft Survival Podcast

Located in Sacramento? How do they make money in California?

website and FB and YT channel

More on The Colonel

Not sure if it is worth even the special sale price...
Pravoslavie: Keeping Christmas by Fr. Stephen Freeman
We keep the feast of Christmas, not by consuming or affirming our place within the world of consumption—we keep the feast by entering more deeply into the life of communion—with God and with others.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A New Adaptation of Dune?


Explaining the Alt Right

T. Beale links to a blog entry at Stares at the World.

Reviews for Silence


Peter Travers and The Guardian

Scorsese's interview with America.

FOX Spewing Garbage

Is someone going to defend this as "adult comedy"? What a low standard we have for adults...
Pravoslavie: Four Saints of Aberdeenshire: Sts. Machar, Drostan, Nathalan and Fergus
Dmitry Lapa
The Christian Church and monasticism developed in Scotland on the Irish model. The Christianization of Scotland continued till the eighth century, and despite the recurring pagan reaction, it was very successful.

John Denver - Take Me Home, Country Roads

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Anti-White Chief

Obama: "This is going to be a browner country"
Yesterday I remembered when the father of a 6th grade classmate, AJ, came to our class to give a talk about terrorism and Islam -- he was a bit of an apologist, and I don't mean of the Ron Paul sort. I think he was an academic, an "expert" on the Middle East and Islam at a local college/university/think tank. Maybe he was trying to teach us to be more tolerant or understanding of Muslims. Is he still doing the same thing today? (He's probably retired since then.)

Working for the New Evangelization

Evangelical Catholic

website (not to be confused with The Center for Evangelical Catholicism)

Heard about this organization from a friend; it is doing the same work as FOCUS, maybe the St. Augustine Institute. Can't help but make comparisons to Dynamic Catholic and other such organizations. Is there a place for these new forms of mass media and for these organizations that are marketing their ability to train Catholics how to evangelize? Why do they seem so necessary now?

Any inspiration from George Weigel? It is more likely that Weigel is part of the trend, drawing upon from the same papal resources.

Scott Hahn too:

FORMED: Catholicism on demand
Ignatius Press and the Augustine Institute create a Netflix-type service for religion

Taken TV Show Trailer


Of course his boss is a woman. This is a NBC show, so it may turn out to be worse than the 24 reboot, even if the premise was more promising. (Simultaneously shooting two silenced pistols? Is this a video game?) Looks like our hero will be involved with K and R work rather than counter-terrorism. (How many white villains will the show feature?)
Why do we confess to a priest? by Fr. Andreas Blom

Hrm, Archangel Gabriel Church is in Ashland, Oregon ... a stop on a future road trip?

Do Not Resist

AmConMag: When SWAT Raids Are Routine by John Payne

A conversation with the director of the documentary Do Not Resist.

Forever Country

Monday, December 19, 2016

Pravoslavie: How I wound up in the Arizona desert with Elder Ephraim by Olga Rozhneva
"I was standing in these amazing night services and thinking that women can’t go to Mt. Athos, so visiting the Monastery of St. Anthony the Great and the others founded by Elder Ephraim is a unique opportunity for women to feel the spirit of Athos. You’re touched by the prayers of the holy Athonite elder Joseph the Hesychast, through the prayers of his spiritual children who have themselves become great elders. This prayer and love can be felt anywhere on earth, even at a distance of a thousand miles. You pray in your mother tongue, and in some miraculous manner, by the grace of the Holy Spirit Who gave the apostles the gift of speaking in other tongues, the elder, having acquired this grace, understands you."

William Lind on Resiliency

Localism Means Security

Vincent Viola for Secretary of the Army


Will he help end the queerification and feminization of the Union Army?

The Blade Runner Sequel...

La Boum

Depeche Mode, "Just Can't Get Enough"

From the Abbeville Institute

Richard Taylor by Dabney H. Maury
Harvard Confederates by Clyde Wilson
Death of Kin by Randall Ivey

"Round and Round"

Destined to be a Korean film classic...

Eh! I was reminded that Hollywood is attempting a remake.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg's Sister

Up to no good, and converging Classics at the same time: Donna Zuckerberg on the Alt-Right Menace from Ancient Greece and Rome

I guess the Paideia Institute is to be avoided.

An Explanation of Courtly Love

An unexpected reveleation from someone, but not surprising. Meanwhile, continued doubts about the chinos. Should I make an effort to spend more time with some of them? Or not bother?

An Anti-Nazi Movie

in English, with non-German actors, one Irish, one British... based on a true story. Waiting for someone to compare the MSM to this protagonist, doing their patriotic duty of unmasking Donald Trump...

Orthodox Bishops and Parishes