Saturday, June 20, 2020

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

Culture War

"Solacium migrantium."

Hey Latins, how is your ecclesiology working out for you?

For How Much Longer Will the American Eagle Fly?


Audie Murphy

Christianity May Be the Cure for True Racism

But even if everyone in the US were to be converted, that would still not be a political solution to the divisions that exist.

The Revolutionaries Must Secure a Future with Your Children

Tim Bakken Interview


Cardinal Zen

God Grant Them Many Years

Tim O'Brien and Jan Fabricius - Parlor Room Home Sessions

Revolution for Utopia

AmConMag: The Left Has Gone Far Beyond ‘Relativism’ by Paul Gottfried
Theirs is a moral crusade, with offending opinions and ways of life---all Western---to be stamped out.

No Surprise

A Mystery Solved?

NuAmericans at Work

France Before 1789

Princeton University Press

Friday, June 19, 2020

Josh Holloway Interview

The Yankee Lincoln Myth

Yes to All 12 Recommendations

Edit. How to Fight the Woke and Win by Damian Max

LRC has only abridged versions of articles to encourage people to read the full article at the original website.

Who Is Funding This?

A New Latin Integralist Project

The reification fallacy. Whether its adherents can effectively combat the revolutionaries remains to be seen.

Jefferson, Madison, and the Making of the Constitution by Jeff Broadwater

UNC Press


Mencius Moldbug

The "Market" Is an Impersonal Abstraction

What matters is who dominates and makes rules for the market: the oligarchs, including corporations.

Michelle Malkin with Mark Krikorian

Putin on the Lessons of World War II

NuAmerican Promoting Civic Nationalism

One Latin Devotion That Hasn't Disappeared Yet

Crisis: Sacred Heart of Jesus, Thy Kingdom Come by Jane Stannus

CWR: What the world needs now: To burn with the love of Christ’s Sacred Heart by Fr. Charles Fox
The love that saves us from sin and death is revealed in the Heart pierced by thorns and a lance. The world often says that “love is love,” but not all loves are the same.


Sufficient to Refute the Myth that Women Are More Tolerant of Pain Than Men?

The Latest from Patriot Nurse

SIG Cross Rifle

Sig Sauer

Curtis Sliwa on the New York Riots and Antifa

American Thought Leaders Podcast

Lipsey's Springfield Armory Vickers Tactical 1911

The Anglican Pastoral Provision

Fr. Z: 40th Anniversary of the Anglican “Pastoral Provision”: a landmark of authentic ecumenism

40th Anniversary of the Pastoral Provision and the Anglican Use

Pastoral Provision

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Peter Hitchens, Chad?

PETER HITCHENS: As the Left now controls every lever of power, we face nothing less than Regime Change

CSM Tomas Sandoval

Tomorrow, the World


Everyone Wants to Create a New Conservatism

This won't get far, either.

Michael Brendan Dougherty Reviews Caldwell's Book

The Modern Age

Table Blessing Booklets from Monastère Saint Benoît

Special offer until July 11.

Liturgical Polemics?

Peter Kwasniewski imposing a Latin theology of the Mass on a reading of Sacred Scripture. Comparative and historical liturgical studies might disagree with how old some customs are (separation of the sanctuary from the nave, for example).

Jerry Salyer reviews Walk Away: When the Political Left Turns Right

Some interesting biographical notes on James Burnham.

CWR Dispatch: When Marxists make Right
While Walk Away: When the Political Left Turns Right focuses specifically upon those who for one reason or another became disillusioned with the establishment left over the course of the Cold War, it is surely relevant for our own time.

Lexington Books: Walk Away: When the Political Left Turns Right edited by Lee Trepanier and Grant Havers

The March of Cultural Marxism

CWR: The Long March through American institutions continues by William Kilpatrick

The current chaos in the streets can be seen as a spontaneous outburst of pent-up anger, or it can be seen as the result of a long campaign to engender anger by cultivating narratives of bigotry and victimhood.

Funny Business at Zuckbook

James Howard Kunstler on the Peak Prosperity Podcast

Peak Prosperity

Pushing for Statism at the National Level

American Nationalists by Ofir Haivry and Yoram Hazony
Alexander Hamilton's Federalist Party provides a blueprint for conservatives today.

"Jeffersonian" is wrongly used to label everything that they think is wrong, even if Jefferson may be considered to be more liberal than traditional in some respects. But he had more sense than what is being attributed to him by the two non-American authors. If Americans were acquainted with real Jeffersonian political thought, they might pick that over the new "conservatism" they are trying to push.

Because During a Collapse, the Austrian School Is Still Relevant

This Bodes Well for the Future

Prepare now.

Another One

The future (of law enforcement) is female.

More Long-Distance Nagging to Come

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Another Unaccountable Bureaucrat

Really Low-Hanging Fruit

Fr. Bryan Massingale

Commonweal interview

I challenge them to think of this: if it were up to people of color, racism would have been over and done, resolved a long time ago. The only reason that racism continues to persist is because white people benefit from it.

I note the disjunction between “multicultural chatter” and “sacred.” “Sacred” had nothing to do with “multicultural”. Being “sacred” means speaking in a white idiom, praying in a white idiom, using European hymns. It’s this normative whiteness that’s ubiquitous in the Catholic Church—which is its greatest hindrance to dealing effectively with issues of race.

Normative whiteness; if you don't like the ecclesial culture, petition to make your own. If you reject assimilation, then show you have the necessary qualities to successfully inculturate Christianity into your own culture. Don't hide behind your collar or your academic title or tell me that you have a necessary vocation to teach whites about their racism. Actions, not words. Fr. Massingale is more an identitarian activist academic than a Christian presbyter, and it is pathetic that some Christians or Latins would hold him up as a credible voice on white racism.

I still remember that attempt to create a distinct African-American Roman Catholic ritual tradition. How is that parish doing these days?

At this point separation, with all of the difficulties that may require with respect to resettlement and apportioning territory, may be the only peaceful solution.

White Paternalism

If conservatives could implement such legislation, that's what it would be called. But it will never happen, because multiculturalism and the new morality.

Addressing dignity inequality requires rebuilding moral guardrails, restoring stigma to shameful modes of behavior, and honoring the patterns of life that bestow dignity.

Here Comes the US Army/Pentagon BS

Clown world.

More with WO1 Nick Lavery

Patrick Deneen Responds to George Will

More on the ASP

An Interview with Ryan Landry

EMJ and Andrew Meyer

Bitchute alternative

Anderw Meyer and Owen Benjamin

Rules for Retrogrades

Having read the review, I am not sure if the book goes far enough, but I'm still not in a hurry to pick up a copy.

Jack Murphy with John Robb and Adam Townsend


Mark Krikorian Talks with Ryan Girdusky About His New Book

Edited 6.18

Indoctrinating Your Children

Like Many Other Political Problems, It Was Rooted in a Problem of Scale

Can't rely on institutions or bureaucracies to vet over a distance.

America's Original Sin

Not racism, but allowing the enslavement of a foreign race and bringing those slaves to the colonies, without consideration of the consequences.

Oligarchs at work.

NCR: The church must make reparation for its role in slavery, segregation by Shannen Dee Williams

Human Dignity Is Black Dignity by Vincent Lloyd

Do Latins have something to say about healing and reconciliation beyond a religious version of civic nationalism? Could they even concede the freedom of association and separation as a political solution?

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Tremble All You Want (Katte ni furuetero)

NuAmericans Moving In on the Hustle

Is It Too Late to Recover the Founders’ Presidency? by Gary L. Gregg II - a review of The Living Presidency by Saikrishna Bangalore Prakash

Sen. Josh Hawley on Bostock

Public Discourse

"Do we have any recourse? Not really."

Because we no longer have a constitutional order as originally intended by those who ratified the Constitution. Is the senator willing to admit that the (R) party cannot be reformed?

Instead the senator gives the false hope that mass politics may work in the future if "conservatives" and traditional religious Americans just try harder this time. No: it is time to recognize who our enemies are, and to determine what strategies are appropriate.


The ASP as an "Option"

A Promising Start

But the author can't help but make unwarranted assumptions about the motivations or qualities of single men who gravitate to the alt right.

There is something to sex differences and how that has consequences in terms of political thinking. But this is not the essay one should read for a good explanation. There are correlations but also assumptions.

The Week: How single men and women are making politics more extreme by Ed West

Separation. The Only Road to Peace?

Conservatives and Catholics Should Read This

And remember that next time, they should gather the facts before jumping quickly to condemn in order to show "solidarity."

Why Derek Chauvin May Get Off His Murder Charge by Gavrilo David
A deeper look at the policies behind the death of George Floyd

CW1 Nick Lavery

Jack Carr Interview

I hope the TV adaptation isn't as woke as the new Jack Ryan.

Dennis Mangan Interview

In Anticipation of a Special Issue

AmConMag: Podcast: What Is American Conservatism?
John Burtka and Daniel McCarthy join the hosts for a conversation about the next print issue of the magazine

Reaction to Yesterday's SCOTUS Ruling on Bostock

Justice Gorsuch Just Opened Pandora’s Box by HELEN ANDREWS
This is not a narrow ruling. Extending civil rights law to protect a whole new category carries with it a host of ancillary protections.

The Federalist Society has shown itself to be rather useless in protecting "conservative" legal theory, much less "originalism."

I Don't Trust Haidt's Endorsement

But the book could be interesting--I want to see the evidence for all of these "early democracies."

Princeton University Press: The Decline and Rise of Democracy: A Global History from Antiquity to Today by David Stasavage

More on the Main Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces

Life Новости

Church And Army Best Allies! Grand New Cathedral For Russian Armed Forces Looks More Than Impressive
BREATHTAKING: Watch Night Footage Of Russia's Massive Orthodox Church Built For Russian Armed Forces


More With Joel Salatin

Monday, June 15, 2020

A Statement from the Maryland Roman Catholic Bishops

CNA/CWR: Maryland Catholic bishops: Fighting racism requires more than words

The Letter

Revolution Hiding Behind Rights Language

Keys to the Progressive Kingdom by Mark Mitchell

A new definition of justice/rights that supplants traditional morality. Is a Christian intellectual justification necessary for justice/rights? Or merely a Christian political order?

Straussian Genealogy Needs to Go Away

Straussian genealogy is a poor substitute for actual historiography, even if some Roman Catholic intellectuals have appropriated it. The problem is sin leading to the development and rise of the state; there's no need to replace historiography with the fallacy of reification.

Neil Howe on the AoM Podcast

Nov. 2019



The state is quaking in its boots.

These New Traditionalists won't amount to much.


Joel Salatin & Sina McCullough Interview on Their New Book

Waiting for a Fitting Parody Song

Catholic composer David Haas accused of 'sexual battery' and 'spiritual manipulation'

The New Russian Cathedral

Steve Sailer post on the cathedral.

Drone footage

Oligarchy, Not "Neo-Feudalism" or "Aristocracy"

Low-Hanging Fruit

The Latin version is slightly better, with the addition of "[Fons nostrae unitatis Spiritus Sanctus. Ipse commonefacit nos primum filios] esse a Deo dilectos".

The Holy Spirit doesn't merely remind us, He makes us adopted children of God through our rebirth in Christ.

Localism or Communitarianism, Not Anarchism

London Has Fallen

A good effort, but they need to understand what sort of conflict they are in.

The Rifleman

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Let Her Face Off with a Peer in Combat

Either in another fighter plane or an adversary with modern ground to air defenses.

Feminism is toxic everywhere:

It Shouldn't Need to Be Said

But the pope has no infallibility with regards to another religion. According to Latin teaching so far.

Universal Feast of... the Patriarchate of Rome

More on the Spyderco Canis

Weekly Update 22 - 2020: Tighe Customs, Spyderco Canis, Hinderer Eklipse, Benchmade Knives and more!

Trump at West Point

The Hill

ACF Movie Podcast with Patrick Deneen

Lucky Grandma