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+George Jones

Died: George Jones, Legendary Country and Gospel Singer

TAC: Old Possum’s Book of Practical Duets
George Jones and Tammy Wynette's collaborations are as complex as their relationship was.


Fr. Z Visits Boston College and St. John's

Mr. Jesuit

"Outwit, Outlast, Outplay" as applied to ecclesiological reality? Or "ecclesial Darwinism," survival of the "conservative" or "orthodox." For a while it has been observed that "liberal" orders and priests have been fading away with time. The strategy of containing the damage done by priests who won'tn be fired while reforming the seminary and seeking orthodox men to become priests - how many bishops have been pursuing this strategy rather one of confrontation, correction and removal, if necessary? The quality of vocations in Boston has not changed dramatically under Cardinal O'Malley, as far as I know - his predecessor and his rectors managed to keep St. John's in decent shape. The clerical scandal may have weakened the reputation of the local Church; but what about poor leadership/pastoring? How many souls has that impacted?

Fr. Emil Kapaun, Recipient of the Medal of Honor

Ignatius Press: The Miracle of Father Kapaun
Medal of Honor awarded to Army chaplain
Bio at the Army MOH website.

Army Times

Soldier saved by Kapaun gets chance to hold his hero’s Medal of Honor

Miss Plastic

Miss Korea Hopefuls’ Similar Looks Spark Online Frenzy - Miss Korea Daegu

The article links to a photo the contestants for the national pageant, without makeup. Reality!

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What's Wrong with JJ Abram's Approach to Star Trek, In a Nutshell

J. J. Abrams Says "Star Trek Has to Be Sexy"

He's taken it even further by appealing to the senses and the contemporary American psyche. (Death is treated rather cavalierly in the first movie, and perhaps even with the second - I suppose we may feel some empathy for Spock while he mourns the loss of his mother, but there is very little time for us to reflect on the death of his mother, or of a whole planet.)

Pluralism, For What Reason?

AmConMag has its token liberal - Noah Millman, who responded to Rod Dreher and Andrew Sullivan regarding Islam. Front Porch Republic has Russell Arben Fox, whose essay The Problem of Undertheorized Agrarianism in Most Actually Argued Localism also is a response to Rod Dreher, but a different topic, and is germane to his review of Mark Mitchell's book. Someone should respond to Fox, but I didn't want to do so over at FPR as I am at the moment more interested in asking the question posed above. I will say that the reason why any permanent shift in accordance with "localism" has to have an agrarian component is due to natural limits and the availability of cheap energy. Megacities are just unsustainable, and they are tied to a form of political economy (with its concomitant laws) that is opposed to the recovery of community and [extended] family.

Anyway, what are these websites trying to achieve by having contributors who have different moral or philosophical perspectives? It might be said that FPR is trying to be "ecumenical," being primarily focused on localism and communitarianism, but the actions and behaviors which anti-traditionalists seek to legitimate (for example, those which involve sexuality and marriage) cannot but have an impact on social bonds. And the sharing of a moral outlook, worldview, or customs/mores is a part of identity, and any attempt to cultivate civic friendship/community that ignores this is doomed to failure.

AmConMag may wish to appear broad-minded and open to dialogue, but Millman is a magnet for those who will disagree with any semblance of tradition or conservatism that is preserved at the website; I see very little evidence of the minds of anti-traditionalists being changed, or of Millman being persuaded by those conservative interlocutors who exert the effort to engage him.

Some might appeal to the university community, where supposed "academic freedom" reigns, as a model for these websites and others - a bunch of people who may differ on various questions but are nonetheless united in their pursuit of truth. But the fact is that in a modern university there is very little sharing of a common life - and so there are no real repercussions for the anti-traditionalist who seeks to replace traditional morals. How much more is this true of a website, the contributors to which do not even see each other on a daily or weekly basis? Only a liberal would defend the notion of a university as a place where one can radically critique tradition in the name of "reason" - discussion and inquiry in the medieval university had its limits, and the university was at the service of the political common good (and the broader common good of the Church). It did not place itself above the community as an arbiter of tradition or as a moral authority simply by being the "voice of reason."

The Classical Consortium

The Classical Consortium is comprised of educators in the Christian Classical tradition: the CiRCE Institute, Classical Academic Press, Memoria Press, and Professor Carol.

Christopher Check Rebuts the Catholic Feminists

With regards to St. Catherine of Siena: The First Catholic Feminist? by Christopher Check

Let us reject the frame put forth by the egalitarians.

Destroying the BSA

Austin Ruse, Something Rotten in the Boy Scouts

Who is agitating for change at the BSA? Some of the bureaucrats, who want to hold on to their funding, or the parents are in charge of scouting groups? (Does the majority of involved parents consist of mothers? What about the bureaucrats?)

The Plight of the Copts

The Fate Of Egypt’s Coptic Christians: Part One With Raymond Ibrahim and Part Two

An Alternative to Neo-Gothic

Dominican House Chapel, Lviv - it is located in Eastern Europe, and so icons would be more appropriate than neo-Gothic statues and the like. Still, I think it would be helpful to the recovery of liturgical piety in the Roman-rite if we recovered the use of icons. David Clayton is trying to recover a Western tradition of iconography - there is a workshop this summer (and a class in Kansas).
Par solidarité avec les contestataires contre le mariage homosexuel. Que le Seigneur vous bénisse et vous garde.

Coverage at Galliawatch.

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Il Credo nei mosaici di Monreale - Io credo in Dio, Padre onnipotente, creatore del cielo e della terra

Chiesa: The Most Beautiful "Credo" in the World Is in Monreale

Another 60s TV Show to be Remade and Ruined Thanks to Tom Cruise

The Man from U.N.C.L.E.: Armie Hammer and Tom Cruise to Star
Armie Hammer Cries U.N.C.L.E. For Tom Cruise And Guy Ritchie!

Guy Ritchie is directing; think he will slow the pace down for this one? A George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh version might have been interesting. Clooney resembles Robert Vaughn more.

Some Good News for Roman-Rite Traditionalists in SF

via NLM:

At the request of Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite will begin to be celebrated at Star of the Sea Parish, 4420 Geary Boulevard (at 8th Avenue) in San Francisco on May 26th, Trin­ity Sunday, at 11:00 A.M. and will continue each Sunday and Holy Day on a regular basis. There is ample park­ing behind the church with entrance through the gates on 8th Avenue.

To learn more about the Extraordinary Form Latin Mass you are invited to Star of the Sea School Auditorium for meetings on Tuesdays, May 7th, May 14th, and May 21st at 7:00 P.M. For further information please contact the pastor of Star of the Sea Parish, Father Mark G. Mazza, at 415-751-0450, extension 16.

The parish's website.

May our Lord bless Archbishop Cordileone.

Ralph C. Wood Reviews The Terrible Speed of Mercy: A Spiritual Biography of Flannery O’Connor

Touchstone (via Mere Comments)

Archbishop Jose Gomez Advocating... Immigration Reform!

Did you think it was something else? A Time for Immigration Reform

We want reforms so that immigrant families can remain together. We want reforms so that migrant farmworkers and others are not exploited. And we want reforms so our brothers and sisters can live with the dignity that God intends for them.

But that does not mean that they should be put on the automatic path to citizenship. They should recognize the debts that they owe American society and work to redress the imbalance, and the question of whether they should be allowed to become citizens should be decided by the local community, which will judge whether they have assimilated and are have embraced a new identity and loyalty.

Academia Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel

when it comes to research or publishing in the humanities? And under humanities I would include "economics" and political science...

UCLA Professor Says Jane Austen Was First Master of Game Theory

Michael Chwe; webpage and book site.

Something for the Mad Men Fans

NPR: Matthew Weiner on Mad Men and Meaning

Still a show I haven't gotten into, and I don't care to...

Alamire on BBC Radio 3 Live in Concert

Here - good for 6 days.

The story told in the manga version of Nausicaa is complete, but I wouldn't mind seeing more stories from that universe.

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Lee Si-Young

What is her issue? She can act girly enough, on entertainment news or in her dramas. So what explains her motivation to be a woman boxer? It's not for the betterment of the sport. To prove how tough she is by play-fighting other women? It is sorry enough that women's boxing is an international and olympic sport.

‘Boys Over Flowers’ Actress Makes Korean National Boxing Team

Mark Sisson on Protein Recommendations

How Much Protein Should You Be Eating?

James Howard Kunstler on Our Predicament

We’ve Dug A Pretty Damn Big Hole For Ourselves
Twitch: US Trailer For THE GRANDMASTER Confirms That The Weinsteins Think All Americans Are Stupid Meatheads

The HK DVD/Blu-Ray is being released, but it has only the HK theatrical version, 2 hours. Extended cut, pretty please?

Steve Martin and Edie Brickell

have a new album out, "Love Has Come for You." (Rounder)

full album

Bluegrass Today: Steve, Edie and The Steeps on Letterman

On The View - full episode (includes an interview with the two musicians).

Her website. Steve Martin.

Hong Jin Young (홍진영) , "Boogie Man"(부기맨).

I heard the song last weekend on Music Bank - it's been a while since I've heard a trot song. Maybe I should get her newest album.

Another trot singer in the news - AllKpop: Trot singer Jang Yoon Jung and announcer Do Kyung Wan to marry in September

Other than hosting 1000 Song Challenge, has she been doing much? (Local concerts?) I don't think she's released an album for some time.

Festival of the Mandolins in San Francisco This Coming Sunday, 4/28

13th Annual Festival of the Mandolins

Featured performers include The Tuttles with AJ Lee and Sharon Gilchrist and Scott Nygaard.

motnovak has more from this occasion.

The Peter Rowan and Tony Rice Quartet with Bryn Davies and Sharon Gilchrist

more from fiddlervid

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A Skill I Still Need to Develop

TED: How to tell a story (6 talks) with Chimamanda Adichie
This is from 2010: Vatican rejects “chosen people” claim, calls on Israel to end “occupation”

RT is considered to be "alternative" in the United States - is the report accurate? It is inaccurate in attributing the position to the Vatican, as it is one taken by a synod of bishops, if that. Still, Catholics who believe in "dual covenant" theology may not be Zionists; but would they take this claim (or the authority of those who made it) seriously?

"We Christians cannot speak of the promised land as an exclusive right for a privileged Jewish people,” Bustros continued. "This promise was nullified by Christ. There is no longer a chosen people – all men and women of all countries have become the chosen people."

It is not surprising that some would say the archbishop is antisemitic. Who but Roman-rite Catholics (Americans, but possibly some Europeans as well) would hold on to dual covenant theology?

critique "Replacement" theology is also [wrongly] criticized by Catholics of Jewish background.

10-24 OCTOBER 2010

Israelis not happy with synod statement, angry over bishop's remarks
First Things

Oratories in the News

NLM: New Oratory-in-Formation coming for Brisbane, Australia
Recently Formed Oratory in Maine Admits First Novice

Baek Ji Young, "Spring Rain"

Something from 장옥정's competitor on Mondays and Tuesday, 구가의서.

[MV] Baek Ji Young(백지영) _ Spring Rain(봄비) (Kangchi, the Beginning(구가의서) OST Part.4) .

Zia, "Dream on You"

Soompi: Zia Releases "Dream on You" MV for "Jang Ok Jung Live for Love" OST

장옥정, 사랑에 살다

John Woo's Flying Tigers will be a two part feature film and six hour miniseries

What Future for the BSA?

A Boy's Life with Unisex Scouts by Anthony Esolen
An Open Letter from an Eagle Scout by Nathan A. Finn

Lliurament de la Legió d'Honor de la República francesa a Jordi Savall .

Search ResultsJordi Savall recibe la insignia de Caballero de la Legión de Honor de Francia

Bio at Centre Internacional de Musica Antiga


A report of their release earlier in the day turned out to be false.

Gunmen free two kidnapped archbishops in Syria

Their driver, a deacon, was killed yesterday. Kyrie eleison.

Pray for the Safety of Abducted Bishops | Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese

Update: Apparently RR was relying on the older inaccurate reports. BBC: Kidnapped Syrian bishops' whereabouts remain unclear

The Feast of St. George

Traditional Litany for the English Nation

St. George and the Dragon in Iconography
St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church

A opposing view on the contemporary celebration of St. George's Day in England - Ed West: St George's Day – a meaningless, fake tradition invented in the 1990s to sell beer

A piece on Fr. George Rutler - Father Figure (via P Blosser)

"Rutler ran three and half miles to the towers in lower Manhattan. 'I was right there at the buildings. Everybody jumping. I remember the police going in and the firemen going in. Most of them were Catholic, so I was giving general absolution. Like on a battlefield, you can’t hear everybody’s confession.'"

Pope celebrates his saint's day with cardinals: 'absurd' to look for Jesus without the Church

There's a movie titled St. George's Day, but I don't know what it is about... Keeley Hazell is in it, though. (Apparently it's a gangster movie.)

Another interview.

Forget terrorists, conspiracy theories, false flag operations... Uhmerican geeks and Trekkies will want to know if this spoiler-filled review of the new Star Trek movie is true. "How could they do this?!?" But even if they find out the review is accurate, JJ Abrams's true fanboys will still flock to see the movie.

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Holy Mass on the occasion of Priestly Ordinations

From yesterday...

Re: the use of Latin - if the bishop of the Church of Rome, which should pride Latin above all other churches, does not think that the continued use of Latin in the liturgy is worthwhile, then why should anyone else care about it?

3 Pistols I'd Like to Personally Compare

Glock, M&P, XD

(an older video by the same channel)

The Late Boyscout: Parts 1 and 2

More videos...