Friday, October 11, 2019

Another Book for Catholic Women

CWR: “We all want a sanctuary”: Finding a theology of home in daily life by Catherine Harmon
“Our faith and our homes aren’t inimical to each other,” says Carrie Gress, co-author of ‘Theology of Home.’ “When they work in tandem, they are really powerful tools of evangelization.”

What are they going to do when the bourgeois life is no longer possible? Who's going to write the book on the simple but hospitable home?


Kyle Carpenter

The Captain

Thursday, October 10, 2019


A Degenerate Age

More Footage of 2/75 Task Force Training

Neuhaus's Legacy at First Things

Did he ever use the term "Judeo-Christian"? It shouldn't be surprising if he did.

First Things: Israel’s Political Mythology by Ari Lamm

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

What is an ideology according to Francis?

Is his interpretation of the Gospel an ideology? He probably doesn't think so, because he's pope. How convenient. Circularity, anyone?

Definitely a Recruiting Ad

Is it possible...

that some Latin bishops, through acquired wisdom, suspected that the (Western) Roman Empire was in the phase of collapse but chose to say nothing because (1) they knew they could not effect change, or (2) thought it wasn't their role to lecture rulers from the pulpit or letters addressed to their churches, or (3) realized through humility that they could be wrong and did not want to use their chair to speak about particular circumstances?

Or it may be, of course, that anything they wrote or said with respect to collapse did not survive or was not recorded.

Jack Donovan Interview

Best of Man Tools

The Way of Men

Weigel's Latest

CWR: Catholicism and modernity, reconsidered and “renarrativized”

“Previous ‘framings’ of the story are unilinear,” says George Weigel about his new book The Irony of Modern Catholic History, “modernity acts, Catholicism reacts, end of story. But there has been much more going on, these past two hundred fifty years, than an action-reaction cycle.”

There is no "modern" project unless that is the project of the state, whether it be called secular or atheist; the state exalts itself above God.

Nothing new from Weigel who is stuck seeing the patriarchate of Rome as the "Church" and the state as "modernity." (And now there is the state elites versus the "globalist" elites, though many of the latter are also part of the former.)

Advertising Permaculture

Monday, October 07, 2019

Footage or Commercial?

Carrie Lam's Presser Today

希望之聲國際廣播電台 SOH Current Affairs Comments 新聞熱點/名家談時事
看中國 Vision Times
TMHK - Truth Media (Hong Kong)


They may have the excuse that they're just modelling their products using Ghost Recon: Breakpoint as the basis, but why choose one of the female characters?

A Reflection on Community

Incomplete, and the deficits are glaring (no mention of identity or mores) but it does have some items to ponder.

Dunbar’s Number and Genuine Community by Damaris Zehner (Resilience)

Stand with Hong Kong


Who's Subverting Whom?

The Sorry State of Country Music

AmConMag: Who’s Got the Country Music Blues? by David Masciotra
This truly American genre has gotten so superficial, corporate, and debased that it’s unrecognizable from its proud origins.

Mark O'Connor has a response to Ken Burns's recent series.

Girl Power!

No tradition will be left unmolested!

Edward Sri on John Henry Newman

After watching his talks for FOCUS, I question how much trust to put in his opinion.

'Star Trek: Picard' Cast on the Return of Patrick Stewart's Iconic Captain

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