Saturday, September 20, 2014

Two More Korean Entertainment Pieces for Today

And something on Korean culture...

Bourdain in Shanghai

Statement of the Assembly of Orthodox Bishops

An Unnecessary Sequel

ABC Desperate

Julie Fowlis Wasn't Enough

Looks Like the Bonnie Blue...

Can't read the words...

Nickel Creek's Message to Fans

Standing Orders: Cowardice

Pertinacious Papist: Cardinal Dolan: The culture war is over

Pray for bishops - they will be judged severely.

JMG on the Extraenvironmentalist Again

Plus Chris Martenson: Episode #81 // Falling Empires (Resilience)

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

HSBG Will Be Here Soon...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Lee Ann Womack Interview

Dolores Keane, "Caledonia"

Should a Bishop's Opinion on This Matter?

Facebooking Sins

Baek Jin Hee in Talks for P&P

The Heir from the Stars

Found out that a former FSSP priest who once held a rather high position in the district had petitioned to be reduced to the lay state. He had also come out of the closet and recently "married" another man.

I felt rather dismayed.

The priesthood is not therapeutic - it is not meant to be a way for those struggling with homosexual inclinations to avoid or ignore the fact that they have these inclinations. There seems to be a latent clericalism in the thinking of some who see becoming a priest as a solution. It seems appropriate to close the discernment process to those who are still struggling with chastity and their sense of "identity" or any other psychological issues.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Eastern Catholic Monastic Communities on the West Coast

More P&P Casting Rumors

Secret Door Teaser

Nam Sang Mi!

Photos from Archbishop Cordileone's Pontifical Mass Last Sunday

Sancta Trinitas Unus Deus - more photos and video to come.

May be appealing to the Roman-rite traditionalists, especially American ones (fiddleback!)... maybe one of these days I'll swing back to appreciating that aesthetic.
Telling the Truth about Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn by Daniel J. Mahoney

Monday, September 15, 2014

Peaky Blinders

Bourne Will Be Back!

The Wrong Sort of Lesson?

In Weddings, Pope Francis Looks Past Traditions
Pope Francis Marries 20 Cohabiting Couples In Push For Inclusion
Vatican Insider

Marrying those who have repented of fornication? Nothing wrong with that. Publicizing this as such? Potentially or actually scandalous, as if it trivializes the sin and the need for repentance. So who is leaking the information, and what is their agenda? They too share some responsibility for weakening Catholic consciences. If it is the pope himself, or those around him, then this actually problematic, despite what his defenders may say. Honoring marriage is important, but one must also make it clear that contrition and the sacrament of confession are necessary, and why make actual people the examples of this? Why not "protect" their privacy and avoid giving scandal? Was there an official press release?

The Crossing

Not So Culpable Because of Her Parents?

How much responsibility do they bear in pushing their daughter to the celebrity track? "Who am I to judge?"

Another Version of Catholic "Feminism"

Benedict XVI: Feminist by Peter Strzelecki Rieth

Why is Imaginative Conservative publishing this? Because it fits its brand of "conservatism"? Or because the author is a member of the Hillsdale staff? The author does not define patriarchy but decries it. Why? Because he's an egalitarian?

Sunday, September 14, 2014