Saturday, October 17, 2020

Work-Life Balance!

Unless you're fighting an imperial war somewhere...

The Liberator

Eh... it reminds me of cut scenes from a RTS computer game. Not very convincing, and it looks like they video recorded real people doing the acting and then used a computer to tweak the imagery.

Ep 14. La permaculture et l'agroécologie Part 1. avec Sébastien Manteau d'Alternativity

Living My Prepped Life, Episode 3


A Two-Part Series on the Political Thought of Patrick Deneen

The College at St. Constantine

It is related to the schools of the same name.
(Lehigh Valley)


Pope Francis on War

Modern warfare is a problem because of scale. The scale problem initiates in the state; the state is the problem that needs to be fixed.

Friday, October 16, 2020

The Pachamama Coin?

The M- Word

SAS Australia


Too bad it's on Netflix... Looks like it's a story about the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest.

Loneliness and Totalitarianism

Arendt (as a woman) thinks it's "loneliness" that facilitates the rise of totalitarianism. No, it's the destruction of community, especially male fraternity, and republicanism (by the state and its oligarchy), and the exploitation by the state of men looking for meaning that leads to totalitarianism. Totalitarianism is just the next stage of the development of the state.

AEON: Where loneliness can lead by Samantha Rose Hill
Hannah Arendt enjoyed her solitude, but she believed that loneliness could make people susceptible to totalitarianism

Cairn of Dunn Croft Permaculture Pond

Fr. Stravinskas on the First Things Podcast

Doing his part to hold up the Church of Rome, but I don't know which Roman Catholics will be persuaded.

How Many Desks Did This Pass Through at the Vatican?

Did it reach anyone in authority in the Roman Curia?

Ars Vitae and Lost in Thought

Notre Dame Capitulates to BLM

The Irish Rover

"Collapse Now and Avoid the Rush"

Living with Collapse by Erik Assadourian (Resilience)

Material: Making and the Art of Transformation

Chelsea Green: Material: Making and the Art of Transformation by Nick Kary
A review:

The Craftsmanship Initiative

The Need for Biodiversity


Urban Permaculture


David Cayley on Ivan Illich

Accad and Koka Report Ep 150

If Ivan Illich were pope... his encyclicals would probably better make the points that Francis is trying to make AND be unambiguously Christian. I'd still have the same objections to Latin claims about Roman primacy, but I'd read Ivan Illich's Christian encyclicals.

Another Diocese in Trouble

Following the Lead of the Latins

I Missed This Feast the Other Day


C. Jay Engel on (Paleo)Libertarianism

People Still Care About the Big 0's Opinion

"Community groups" imply that there is no real unity. If there is no real unity and there are fears about the abuse by a city's or county's law enforcement officers, then separation is a better answer. I have no reason to expect "community groups" to promote those who are worthy to this oversight position -- even if they claim it is more "democratic," that is a negative, not a positive. In most places, abuse by LEOs is both a problem of diversity and of governance: both must be addressed.

Language and Music Are Important for Preserving One's Culture and Identity

Dreher Being Dreher

3 Pillars of Leviathan

Donald Livingston Reviews American Secession


Central Banking

A Japanese CM

There is a serious lesson: you can't become resilient on your own. Find your tribe.

Night Stalkers Don't Quit!

柴山サリ Sally

Katie Pruitt, "Look the Other Way"

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Sad. "This is conservatism."

Jennifer Frey is another member of the privileged elite; both she and her husband are philosophy professors. She acts like a Catholic feminist, even if she doesn't write much about it (that I know of).


This might be ok. If there's any complaining about white racism, it's not in the trailer, though one shot might be suggestive of something.

Another IDW Recommendation of Shelby Steele

More Popesplaining Necessary

English translation - the Pope exercising his spiritual authority over the world.

I note that in addressing the UNESCO audience, he calls them "brothers and sisters." Again, putting appealing to a version of fraternity that is not based on Christ.

More Ag Links for 201015

A Small Farm Future is Officially Published

Land to Market

More Fempowered Wisdom Today from Amy Coney-Barrett

This Is an Ad for Tony Blauer

John Robb with Jack Murphy

Some More Photos of the Ground Mobility Vehicle Being Tested

Jesuits on the Loose

Playing Her Role as the Highest-Ranking NCO in the Chair Force

When most women can't even pull their own weight. What a joke.

Of Course They Have a Photo of a Woman to Accompany the Announcement

Charles Marohn Reviews Living in the Long Emergency

I thought I had linked to this review when it was published over at Strong Towns, but apparently I didn't. The review was in the Sept/Oct issue of AmConMag and was made available on the AmConMag website today:

Here is Kunstler with Marohn on the Strong Towns podcast.

Red GenX Men: Be Inspired

He's 51 now and still a Ranger. Eat right, get fit, train. People depend on you to be prepared for the future, and if you don't have those people, you need to go find your tribe.

Just Pooh Bear Sabre-Rattling?

Hollywood Is Desperate

NuAmerican: "Muh Liberalism"

Jimmy Lai with a Neocon

"This Is Conservatism"

Conservatism, which couldn't even conserve women's restrooms, will die with collapse.

More Than Family 애비규환 Trailer

At least it seems to be pro-life.


Wednesday, October 14, 2020

A Connection That Has Not Been Publicized in Light of the Scandal

Cardinal Becciu was charged with overseeing the reform of the Order of Malta.

Life is Beautiful 인생은 아름다워

Korean RomCom alpha widowhood? Not quite alpha widowhood, as I am guessing they did not have premarital relations, but who knows. It's still rather insulting and disrespectul to the husband, even if he has gotten boring. (And even if there is some sort of plot twist.)


Women's Politics Should Not Be Mixed with That of Men

This is women's version of the political life: conversation with other women.

Ridley Scott's Next Project

Primal Eating: An Interview With Robb Wolf

Comment survivre au «massacre économique» à venir

Our Fempowered Artists Are Brazen

Don't Turn to a Musician for Moral Philosophy

Especially a female musician...

The female pov:
1. The primacy of emotion. 2. The supposed primacy of empathy (in women).

Benevolence or kindness is not an emotion. It's an act of the will. The same woman who "loves" her female friend today could hate her tomorrow.

Chris Cheng on Gun Rights

SF Stuff

Beretta APX

Textron Submissions to the Army

NCO of the Year

Weigel Pushing Another Version of Civic Nationalism

Civic nationalism is dead. Conservatives are unable to deal with identity politics.

Also published at CWR.

Related: "Liberty and Justice for All"

The Elites and the Revolutionaries Don't Care


No Market for Mesquite?

Not even for wood fires for grilling and such?

Climate Science Is Complex

Good Luck to Holy Cross

Hey Cucks, Go Ahead and Defend This

Just Bury the Corpse that is Anglicanism Already

Stare Decisis

Hillbilly Elegy Trailer

Trailer for Netflix adaptation of JD Vance's Hillbilly Elegy is out... I've never read the book so I didn't know about the family instability and the seeming lack of a father figure.


ZARD tribute band...

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

An AK?

A friend recommended having an AK rifle or clone because of its reliability.

Leah Libresco Sergeant for the ASP

An Article on Cardinal Zen


This could be good.

Building a Caring Economy

Just like "an ethics of caring," this sounds like feminist buzzspeak.

Carter Snead's New Book

What It Means to Be Human

Snead wrote this for the NY Post: To heal America’s wounds, we need to recall that we belong to one another

His book on bioethics is probably good. But he is unprepared for identity politics. He implicitly recognizes that there are natural affinities:
We need an anthropology that recognizes that we come into the world as living bodies, embedded in families, communities, and histories that, as philosopher Michael Sandel says, we “neither summon nor command.”
And if conflicts should arise between different identity groups? Calls such as this for friendship, or even civility, will not suffice. When one is a professional intellectual, authentic community is generally lacking, so academics write of things they have not experienced.
A better anthropology and, therefore, a better politics must facilitate the creation of what the philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre calls “networks of uncalculated giving and graceful receiving,” in which we make the goods of others our own. To create and sustain such networks, we must practice the virtues of just generosity, hospitality, misericordia (accompaniment of others in their suffering), gratitude, humility, openness to the unbidden, tolerance of imperfection, solidarity, respect for dignity and honesty.

In other words, we must embrace the virtues of authentic friendship. We must remember our embodiment and what it means. And then, God willing, we will remember that we belong to one another.

They may think they have some sort of community with (some of) their colleagues, but how many of their colleagues would pass the zombie apocalypse thought experiment/test and qualify as true friends? Even if they do have (male) friends who pass that test, how many such friends do they have? Probably not even enough to fill a rifle platoon. And yet they think they are qualified to talk about community, "bcuz credential." They may think they have some sort of community with (some of) their colleagues, but how many of their colleagues would pass the zombie apocalypse thought experiment/test and qualify as true friends? The same criticism could be levelled at those associated with the American Solidarity Party. I don't expect much from professional (D) and (R) pols. But if the ASP wants to advertise itself as being different, there better be some actual basis for it, other than some sort of identity as Christian Democrats or adherence to Roman Catholic Social Teaching. Prove yourselves the trad. and natural way, not with mass politics.

Children Should Eat Animal Foods

Anne Akiko Meyers Interview

An Alternative Explanation

That Network Is Everywhere

CNA: Vatican trial for priests accused of abuse and cover-up in Vatican City youth seminary

Zero Energy Project


James Rebanks and Patrick Holden Conversation

Katie Pruitt, "Grace Has a Gun"

I guess it was only time before Rounder would start peddling fempowered stuff.

A Controlled Opposition Intellectual at Work

Hazony writes this:

And yet he thinks a tactical alliance between the two groups is possible:

That's because he's controlled opposition and may even want to neuter conservatism even more.

Not an Ad

Michael Hudson

Joe Grabowski on Distributism

Celtic Colours at Home

Livestreams and archived videos here. YouTube channel.

The Chamber of Commerce Party at Work, Undermining Red States

More on Columbus

She's So Wonderful!

I will say this about the second day of the hearings -- the "conservatives" have not disappointed with their admiration and abundant praises of ACB, thus reinforcing the point that "conservatism" is now feminist. "Conservatism" is a toxic movement.

The Day of Right Libertarianism/Paleolibertarianism Is Over

C. Jay Engel's essay in the October issue of Chronicles:

Who Will Curb Big Tech?

Christopher Rufo with Patrick Deneen Live in 80 Minutes

Given Who's Involved, I Expect 0 Discussion of Feminism

On the 150th Anniversary of His Passing

Which was yesterday. Eternal Memory.

Holy Edward, Pray for Us!

Monday, October 12, 2020

A Chance in 2024?

OSV: One election. Four points of view. And a model for charitable political dialogue. The Catholic case for Brian Carroll of the American by Charles Camosy

We don't need more people who want a turn running the state because they think they're especially qualified (in this case, because they believe in some version of RC Social Teaching, are Christian Democrats, etc.) The people who are associated with the ASP, afaik, have no experience building up true communities -- they wouldn't pass the zombie apocalypse thought experiment/test because they probably couldn't find enough friends to fill a platoon, much less, a company, true friends who would cover they're back in an actual conflict. Think you are worthy of political leadership? Prove it the natural way, instead of relying on modern political machines.

I don't give the (D)s and (R)s a pass for being the sort of people who would seek power but I don't expect much from the people and currently there are few exceptions who would surpass my expectations in a good way. Having the "right ideas" is not enough to make you different from the typical (D)s and (R)s and I expect more from those who think they are offering an alternative, even an alternative way of understanding the political life. What's your experience in living this alternative?

It's Probably Too Late to Save California

>br />
Issa may be an exception but California (R)s are generally Chamber of Commerce Party types and useless cucks. Besides, Issa is running for a federal office, not a state one. Issa's opponent turns out to be another weaponized nuAmerican, running to represent what used to be a red area, San Diego.