Saturday, September 07, 2019

L'Acte 43

Another Business/Podcast Converged


Because We Can't Get Enough Poz

At least two female officers in attendance.

No Winners in the Debate

Because they have accepted the starting point of their opponents.

Catholic Herald: Why this debate between Christian conservatives matters for everyone by C C Pecknold


Ahmari is right. Defending Drag Queen Story Hour as “freedom of viewpoint” is a kind of moral indifferentism that doesn’t really redound to Christian witness either. French is right that Christians ought to be in the business of “loving our enemies,” praying for the conversion of our neighbors, and defending their intrinsic dignity as bearers of God’s image. I want David French in the courtroom defending Christians. But I think that Ahmari has the more fundamental truth on his side. Namely, that we cannot afford to settle for procedural freedom, but we must advance a substantive vision of the good. Christians might suffer either way. It has sometimes been our lot in God’s good providence. But if Christians are to suffer, it shouldn’t be for “viewpoint neutrality.” It should not be because we failed to stand for what is right and just for all men, but because we did.

This is to play into the hands of liberalism -- accepting their assumption that all differences in opinion about morality can somehow be dialogued away, and that reason alone will establish which is correct. "All we need to do is convince them that a substantive vision of the good exists!" With the loss of common culture (and morality) and the subsequent breakdown in social cohesion, only a few solutions are possible, and dialogue or affirming the "true conservative position" in stronger terms is not one of them.

Rod Dreher: French-Ahmari: A Report From The Scene

Thursday, September 05, 2019

Tazza: One-Eyed Jack

Opens on 9/20, same weekend as Ad Astra and Last Blood.

The latest Ad Astra ad:

A Distraction from the Protests

People have been critical of what they perceive to be TVB's favorable coverage of the HK Police during the protests. How is the network doing, ratings-wise?

Ron Maxwell

Director Ron Maxwell on "The Takeout"

Remember Hong Kong

Doubly Pozzed

What is being posted, and who is doing the posting.

One More

Deception by Carrie Lam?

From a FB account:

The announcement earlier today by the Chief Executive of HK SAR is basically a spin, aiming to confuse the uninformed public and foreign press / governments.

That announcement merely said that they will make a "motion" for the Legislative Council, which is dominated by the pro-government legislators and "appointees," to consider the "formal withdrawal" in the next session in the Fall. According to the proper legislative procedure, it's totally unnecessary and misleading (even in violation of the established procedure, according to a lawyer). Back in 2003, the then highly controversial "National Security bill" was withdrawn immediately by the then CE, after 500,000 Hongkongers marched to the streets in protest, without such twist and turn...

The other three so-called "actions" are essentially farce, without any use, sincerity, or effectiveness to address the five main demands by the protesters, who in the last three months marched out to the streets in the millions multiple times, as well as physical confrontations with the police force, met with brutal suppression and lawless practices...


Wednesday, September 04, 2019


(via Steve Sailer)

SNAFU: Military Industrial Complex at work?

When is the Union Army going to converge the 75th Ranger Regiment?

They're just waiting to be strengthened with the presence of female officers and grunts.

Negotiating with Commies

Sandro Magister: China and Vietnam. Two Accords Bought At a High Price

Girl-Power Fairy Tale

In a different way from Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters. In this one Gretel's name goes first in the title, possibly because she is the older sibling and in charge of her brother. (Unlike in the original fairy tale, which might leave the reader with the impression that the two siblings were relatively close in age, but before the age of puberty.)

The witch looks like a CGI creation, like something from a bad Bob Zemeckis animated film.

Hyping Their New Season

I suppose Boomers will pay for tickets.

Why Did She Change Her Mind?

Stand Down: How Social Justice Warriors Are Sabotaging America’s Military by James Hasson

American Greatness

How Obama-Era Social Engineering Transformed the Military

The Fifth Estate podcast

WMAL Interview with James Hasson

The Daily Caller: Liberals Target the Military - podcast

More cheerleading for girl-power in the military:

What did he do about this issue while he was SecDef?

Was he another cuck?

Veterans: Mattis Spent Career Tending the Status Quo by Hunter Derensis

Royal Mariens Doing Urban Operations Training

Sing Hallelujah!

Taiwan Epoch Times

Tactical Training Videos

There Will Be Another Sequel

Space Battleship Yamato 2205!

Weathering With You

Monday, September 02, 2019

No Agenda Here

Hey foreign governments we respect you and your diplomats so much, we'll entrust their security and protection to women!

2019 Conference on the Anglican Tradition in the Catholic Church

Conference Details Announced



What Has Been Suspected

And was even reported on in People Magazine. See also this.
Also from 2015: Major Lisa Jaster Becomes Third Woman to Graduate Army Ranger School: 'Quitting Was Not an Option'

Excerpts from James Hasson’s Stand Down: How Social Justice Warriors Are Sabotaging America’s Military

Daily Caller: The Inside Story Of How The Army Reduced Standards To Get Women Through Ranger Training

Part 2

James Kalb on Nationalism

CWR: Catholics, Nationalism, and American Identity by James Kalb

The claim that the United States is a “proposition nation” makes it once again simply an ideological project.


CNA/CWR: How a Kansas humanities program shaped a generation of Catholic leaders by Perry West


Mark Geist Interview

Western Stars

Bruce Springsteen...

But I might watch this instead.

The preview for Country Music expires 9/30.

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Pointe du Hoc and Beyond

But the movie seems cheaper than a war movie made in the 60s...


An Escape