Saturday, July 10, 2021

First He Attempted to Appropriate Civic Nationalism

Now he's trying to appropriate American exceptionalism.

Establishment Choice?

"Pancho and Lefty"

When You See Things from the Narrow Perspective of RC Social Teaching

The Case for Patriarchy

Do You Even Lift, Bro?

Is This a Religious Function or a Civil One?

Why should any group associated with the Vatican be doing this sort of thing?

Friday, July 09, 2021

NGO Grifts

Wage Slaves

More from Kyle Lamb on Leadership

Never-Ending Empire

Sad But Not Surprising

no one said artists were smart or virtuous.

"Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior"

Relationship Between Climate and Body Size/Human Development?

Oh No!

More on Cell Phone Bringing Brain Rot

Another Book on Soil and Gradening

Joel Salatin with Chris Martenson

Saya Ohgi

The Stoa with Vandana Shiva

The Expressiveness of Modern Greek

Lord Have Mercy

Statism Has Not Failed

Joseph Cheng

Thursday, July 08, 2021

Expansion of the Reach of the DS

Charles Eisenstein on Localization


Avoid Brain Rot

The Tragedy of the Commons

An Ad for the MIC?

More "Conservative Feminism"

Another attempt to appropriate the word "feminism."

Guiding Star Project

Wholistic Feminism

The Winchester

Wednesday, July 07, 2021

In the Reign of Francis, Ultramontanism Is Alive and Well

Such slavishness and idolatry, if limited to the individual, wouldn't be my problem. But they pride themselves on thinking them more "orthodox" than you.

Named After Wendell Berry

"Romanians" not "Americans"

Another immigrant church.

Jock Willink and Russell Brand

More on Soil Health

Vitamin D

Dr. Peter McCullough Interview

The True Intersection

all these forces are united against white cis-het males.

The Sisterhood Über Alles

Necessary Accessories for the AR-15

How Many American Latin Traditionalists

would be Latin traditionalists if:

1. They didn't have a Latin hyperlegalist mindset?
2. Had a strong identity as an American?
3. Had a strong community outside of their parish?

Which Empire Is Worse?

Raging Fire Trailer

Can someone watch this movie without associating the HKPF with the CCP? Can one accept a "heroic image" of the HKPF in movies? I can't.

Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Maritain's Liberalism vs. "Illiberalism"

Documentary on Val Kilmer

Liturgical Living

Yasmeen Lari

War for Eternity

publisher's page

Eternal Memory

What Would They Know of "Democracy"

Actually, maybe they would be quite familiar with that degenerate form of government or regime. Especially one that is captive to feminism.

More Repairs and Reconstruction to Take Place?

America 2.0

The pledge is a product of union by coercion, and a creed for the American Empire. Catholics should have been working to resist its spread, instead of trying to improve it superficially. We see the same today with Archbishop Jose Gomez and others, and their attempt to recreate civic nationalism.

RFB Gets It

If Only...

Another Book to Get

Tell Me Why

wouldn't a barbarian horde, after killing off all the males, put to the sword as well some recalcitrant or stubborn female who refused to submit?

More Academics Earning a Paycheck

How to Build a Small Town in Texas

FPR Interview with David Cayley

Snapshot of Decline


Monday, July 05, 2021

Inaugurating a Greek Boondoggle

Not a Good Face for the Eparchy

Is She Planning a Run for the WH?

Tool of the Statists and the Revolutionaries

The Nomination and Proclamation of Bishop Gerasim

A New Collaboration Resulting from 21C

The Spirituality of Mel Gibson?

MosPat Clericalism


CCP Trying to Undo Their Mistakes

What Else Would CNN Show from ZA?

An Explanation

Even HNH Is Pushing Rewilding?

Bug Man Appropriates America

Contrast with:

Academic Snark

Cultural Appropriation Is Ok When Disney Does It

Live Fire Prototype Army M4 replacement


Short Version of the New MV from Oka Midori

Sunday, July 04, 2021

A Performance of Marc Anthony's Speech

Such Edge Lords

The Unofficial National Anthem

What was the political party affiliation of the composer of the lyrics, Joseph Hopkinson?

Would Southrons consider "Dixie" to be the "national anthem" of the CSA? Or would they prefer "God Save the South" instead? If secesssion had succeeded, would the region still want to be known as the "South" in contradistinction to the "North"? Or would they have prefered something like Dixie instead?

What Happens

When men somewhere on the spectrum or of a special position on the SSH get a hold of Thomism? Wait...

Is it true that the pioneers of the Thomistic revival in the US, especially the big nomes, were just the exceptions?

He Never Quits

We Need Healthy Soil

Clerics Need to Stop Making Political Statements

They have no specal competence. What the United States need is separation - it is the only peaceful solution to the current Kulturkampf.

Still Try to Sell the Liberal Arts

Want a purpose-filled life? Build up your tribe. Anything less is a distraction and a delusion to which one will stubbornly cling even as imperial collapse becomes more manifest.

The Disinformation Playbook

Of course technobureaucrats and practitioners of scientism have their own, as we have seen from the current "pandemic."

Piece of My Wish

A Consequence of the Fear of Death and Sin

Can't agree with the rest of his reflections: