Saturday, November 28, 2020

HK Sale

Crisis: Clergy Abuse in the Catholic Church

Building Positive Habits

Suggestions for Gifts for Men

Becky Bueller Interview

The Sort of Activism That Would Lead Me to Cease Being a Patron

But Is He Trustworthy?

Or a celeb with an agenda, or serving someone else's agenda?

Solzhenitsyn: Between Two Millstones: Exile in America, 1978-1994


UND Press

Sex Differences in Moral Psychology

Another piece that may be of interest:

The Big 0

Pope Francis Visits Pope Benedict XVI

American Awakening

Encounter Books

Nature Writing for the Common Good

A Cult?

Or is there something to Rollo's "Sisterhood Über Alles," which arises from women's solipsism and their tendency to see themselves as victims and to make everything personal and thus to project unto other women? It is also true that women do look for leadership from others even when they pretend to be fempowered.

It's Not Reducible to "Calories In, Calories Out"

Tim Jackson

Will have to do more research on him...

Maybe It's Time to Move Beyond Burke

Cambridge University Press


GDT Episode 9

Surprise, Kill, and Vanish by Annie Jacobsen

Little, Brown and Company


Black Site: The CIA in the post-9/11 World

CIA Paramilitary Operations Officer Ron Moeller, Ep. 25


Their Image Hasn't Been Ruined yet

Friday, November 27, 2020

75 Years Ago in Silesia

First Things

Marly Youmans Interview

Derek Turner Reviews Humankind

Little, Brown and Company

An Example of Why American Compass Should Be Irrelevant for American "Conservatism"

No discussion of a policy that would acknowledge the reality of collapse and seek to replace industry dependent upon cheap fossil fuel energy with an economy using appropriate technology, in accordance with the human scale, and oriented to the good of the local pol. community.

Wes Jackson and David Orr

Knowledge or Belief is Not Virtue

The Need for... Distributism



Can Steady State Economics Be Appropriated from Leftists?

Can There Be a Science of Complexity

A Serious Charge

Is there sufficient evidence of an actual collaboration rather than mere "diplomacy" taking place?

Their Agenda

What the WEF Wants You to Eat

Even if Biden were to become president, he wouldn't do this:

Feminists Hate the Patriarchy Paradox

The American Health Crisis

Copse 125

American Consumerism

Expert Recognized by the NYT?

Hypergamy Is Definitely a Factor Here

They Can't Help Themselves

The Church, which is the true heir of the "Hebrew" Bible.

Sisterhood Über Alles

The future (of the Republican Party) is female...

160th SOAR

Passive-Aggressive Timing on the Part of Bergoglio?

The pope who says he is not an expert on theology and yet writes on the moral theology of the common good. "Looking to the common good is much more than the sum of what is good for individuals. It means having a regard for all citizens and seeking to respond effectively to the needs of the least fortunate." Let him elaborate the difference between the two forms of moral calculus. Even if Bergoglio is using the novel definition of the common good advanced by modern RC social teaching, that is a good which is not identical to the good of the political community but subordinate to it and must be measured against it. The balancing is not "responsibility" vs. "freedom" (strawman) but "responsibility" vs. other "responsibilities."

Why, Indeed?

Publicly Working Out Issues with His Father?

or other men in his life?

Who's Funding Them?

Shawn Ryan Show #007 Drug Cartel / Narcos Expert Ed Calderon

New WKW Movie?!?

The Sixteen, Eton Choirbook Collection

Thursday, November 26, 2020

This Is Why Socialism Will Gain Support

Long Live the Fighters

American Empire Forever

Yetserday's Hearing

That only one outlet covered...


And don't bet on a future in which such ships are carrying electric or hybrid vehicles. Maybe such a wind-powered vessel could be converted into a regular cargo ship easily. But how much more resource-intensive is its construction compared to that of a wooden sail ship?

Deserving of the Covington Response

Uh Huh

Bond Villain on Twitter

CCP Imposing Nationalist Indoctrination on Hong Kong

Pollan's "Spirituality"

Loyalty or Ultramontanism or Something

Latin Presbyters and Bishops Can't Even Take a Stand Against Feminism

Much less SJWs, cultural Marxists, and the state.

Rorate Caeli: Can the Catholic Church be the Champion against the forces of militant secular liberalism? by Father Richard Gennaro Cipolla

Interview with the Rational Male

More with Carl Trueman

Gratitude as a Civic Virtue

Review of The Case for Degrowth

Brian Czech on Rewilding

Yukio Mishima

Lauren Chen on Transhood

FBI Malfeasance

Did He Leave Providence College in Worse Shape Than It Was in When He First Started?

Fr. Brian Shanley, O.P.

The Man Who Would Be King

Just saw this movie again a couple of weeks ago...

許靖韻 Angela Hui《謝謝對不起》[Official MV]

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Another Recommendation for the Essay on Peter Turchin in The Atlantic

Damian Thompson on a Biden Administration

Celebrity Tool of the Global Oligarchs

Another on the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Charles Hugh Smith and Gordon Long on Unfairness

This is "Fempowerment"

The Herdmates Sodcast


Gareth Wyn Jones vs. the Elites



Smoking a Turkey

A "Conservative" Pleads for Conservatives to Have a Bigger Influence in Mass Culture

Mass culture has never been a good substitute for proper paideia and leadership by one's own. Use the products of mass culture to build up your tribe if appropriate, but build up your tribe.

And respectable conservatives will never support "deplorable" alt-right platforms that are not respectable according to their standards.

Imaginative Conservative

Friedrich Engels

Glenn Greenwald Interviews Edward Snowden

Their Plan Will Proceed

There Are Severe Consequences for Boys Raised Without Fathers

Bradley Birzer is an illustration.

Spot the (F)s

Who Is He Kidding?

Go Ahead and White Knight

Just don't have double standards. "Too often, men are insulted, beaten, killed, enslaved..." Nope, we'll never get a message like that from our modern clerics, nor will we ever have an International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Men.

Spokesman for the Uhmerican Church

Huckberry x Mystery Ranch 2-Day Assault Pack

Next Generation NODs?

Anticlericalism on the Rise in Spain?

Fr. Harrison Ayre on the COVID-19 Vaccines

Gibbons v. Ogden

Fr. Josiah on the Great Reset

Clint Smith Custom AK

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

My Octopus Teacher

It turns out to be that movie... The Love Story We All Need Right Now by Amanda Arnold. How accurate are such descriptions?

Culture Proceeds from a People

By itself literary culture cannot create a people, even if "inclusion" makes those in charge feel good about themselves for being open-minded.

The Best the Left Can Do

Heinberg recognizes some of the problems, but his understanding is shaped by his preferred narrative. But he offers no solution to division other than liberalism and "democratic governance," which is statism according to his preferences.

More liberalism on display here:

Weigel on Clericalism

Who will protect the rights of presbyters when they get punished as whistle-blowers? Weigel takes a small step towards mutual accountability but can reason his way to a complete system which would protect individuals.

First Things

What Is Natural Law?

CBMW (a cuckced Churchian institution, I believe)

Does Christ Reign over the Heterodox among the USCCB and in Its Bureaucracy?

Every Successful Woman Is Now a Leader in Feminism

Would Dolly Parton consider herself a feminist? Maybe she would. Would she have as many fans as she does if she were vocal about it? Music is important for human life, but being successful in producing mass culture isn't such a great moral achievement.

Indigenous Chefs, Indigenous Cuisine

Frankie Likes It

Final Statement and Common Commitment - YT channel
10. States, large companies and international institutions work to provide quality education for every girl and boy in the world, because human capital is the first capital of all humanism; 11. economic organizations and civil institutions not rest until female workers have the same opportunities as male workers because, without an adequate presence of female talent, businesses and workplaces are not fully and authentically human and happy places;

Medieval Pedestalizing/Simping

A Decadent Institution

When such guidelines are necessary, and a punch in the face is not a licit response.

I Don't Care if the USCCB Gives This Unofficial Opinion Either

Sexual Harassment Guidelines for Roman Catholic Seminaries

What does it say about an institution if such guidelines are necessary because either its clerics don't know what those boundaries or (male) seminarians can't tell? Or that they need to figure out how to respond and report it properly?


An endorsement for the wrong thing should destroy the credibility of the one doing the endorsement. Everyone's got a hustle. But not only is Bear Grylls endorsing this, he is behind it. For what end? Is this just natural law virtue ethics, without its most important part? Or is it a not-so-bening form of secular humanism? Who is supporting this endeavor? Did Bear Grylls get his ticket punched by TPTB?

A Conversation with Herman Daly

The Steady Stater

In Deo Vindice