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Any Advice on Protecting Their Country from Terrorism?

I bet not.

The Cult of Youth

Where is the prudence in his advice?


A Progressive Who Has a Clericalist Mindset

What a surprise... he couldn't elaborate on the lay vocation without mentioning liturgical ministries.

Catholic Street Evangelization

CWR: Catholic street evangelization and getting “back to basics”
Steve Dawson spends his days talking to strangers about Jesus—and rejects the idea that street evangelization is a "Protestant thing."
By Paul Senz

Hacksaw Ridge Trailer

Fully Converged Disney

Now developing a sequel to The Rocketeer featuring a young African-American woman as the hero. Boycott Disney.

The World War I Setting is Interesting

Enough to save the Wonder Woman movie though? The movie apparently makes the Triple Alliance the pure villains; World War I should have been another reason to keep Diana away from humanity, given the moral ambiguity of all sides. But Hollywood can't make that kind of movie. Does the DC Amazon help sustain girl power fantasies of feminists and be sustained by their purse power? Or will ticket sales be driven by the fanboys?

A Socon Website?

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pat McNamara Did a Class Down in LA in December!

No mention of how much it cost.

It would be great if he did another this year. But it won't be with Alias.

The Icelandic Clapping Chant

It is rather weak, in comparison with the Maori haka and the he like. Maybe if the clapping is replaced by drums it'd be more effective.

What is Iceland's incredible Euro 2016 clapping chant about, why is it called the 'Huh' and where did it originate?

Iceland? Motherwell? Lens? Where did the 'thunderclap' originate?

Iceland’s ‘Viking War Cry’ Is Cool, But Where It Came From Will Surprise You

Recently it has been used by members of Génération Identitaire, go to 5:34:

"La Marseillaise" is not really handy as a street chant.

White men in search of something to express their tribal bond (and masculinity)... So who is bringing back the Rebel Yell?

Jerry Doyle Has Passed

A fan favorite from Babylon 5... J. Michael Straczynski's Statement

Use the SJW Checklist

NBC's Timeless

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen réagit à l'attentat de Saint Etienne du Rouvray - BFMTV (27.07.16)

Is anything of substance happening at the DNC?

Trump pressing on with the offensive. Go to 33:20.

Repetitious for a purpose? Are normal pols like this?

In the Valley of Violence


A Failure of Assimilation and Integration

T. Beale: Jonah Goldberg -- What he doesn't understand is magic
The Self-Serving Revisionists

Finally, An Issue That is Getting Some Attention

Romance Porn: More Women are Addicted Than You Think by Lea Z. Singh

Not fully read pill (the promiscuity of women and men is probably not equally distributed): Marian Femininity Before and After “I Do” by Stephanie Gordon

Cold War 2

Icons at Lourdes

Recently added? I don't recall seeing them when I visited the basilica back in the 90s. They're reminiscent of the Year of Mercy logo.

Dr. Clyde Wilson on Shakespeare

Shakespeare and the Earl of Oxford

Fr. McCloskey on Evangelizing

The Catholic Thing: Winning New Converts by Fr. C. John McCloskey III

Fr. Rutler in Implicit Agreement with Marion Le Pen

A Christian Duty in Face of Terror (via Fr. Z)

The Hollywood Reporter Review of Jason Bourne

Todd McCarthy

Eh, I could have guessed the spoiler from the trailer but it's still disappointing. What kind of movie do you make about Jason Bourne without it being formulaic.

The USCCB Weighs In...

Rorate Caeli: Does the USCCB letter on ad orientem establish a virtual "indult" regime?

Snapshots of PNAC

In the time machine again...

Can't find the original Japanese songs...

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What of the indigenous peoples of Europe?

Mass Youth Rally in Progress

Will they end with the next pontificate?

Will Génération Identitaire Experience Greater Growth This Year?

After the Murder of a Priest in France

Marion Le Pen: Christians Must Stand up to Islam; Young Patriots Should Join the Military Like Me

Will this sort of male-shaming work? (Perhaps she is an egalitarian who believes that women should play more than a support role in the military.)

Her twitter.

Bringing Orthodoxy to Spain

Young Catholic Professionals

The name and purpose of the group sounds like "Opus Dei lite."

The local affiliate has a Legionary of Christ as chaplain/spiritual director -- is the national organization affiliated with the LCs?

For the first event there is a dress code (business professional) -- not business casual? Reminds me of the Catholic "social" group (forgot the name) which admits only people who have a college education.

Will YCP be like SJ Catholic Professionals?

Clergy-Laity Conference

Photos from the Symposium on St. John Maximovitch

As Archimandrite Irenei will become bishop of Sacramento, will someone else take over leadership of the institute?

AmConMag on the State of Conservatism

Conservatism 2016 by the editors

Trump Hass Officially Inaugurated Post-Movement Conservatism by Matthew Sheffield

Rod Dreher still pushing the Benedict Option.

Six Premiere Delayed

It was set to debut July 18. No new date announced yet. Channel Guide Mag

What Ricky (no longer Rick?) Schroeder has been up to...

Some BCM FB Posts


From Daniel Defense

Alicia Vikander

Jason Bourne out this weekend.

Oliver Stone's Snowden

Comic-Con trailer

Guy Ritchie's King Arthur Movie...

I think I'll go with Boorman's Excalibur instead...

Monday, July 25, 2016

The Real Free State of Jones

The Free State of Jones: History or Hollywood? by Ryan Walters on

Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt

I didn't know that series for the Universal Century universe had been produced continually up until now. This is the latest.


the Gundam wiki

Mass Stabbing in Japan

Daily Mail

Ivanka Trump at the RNC

Didn't get a chance to watch this or Trump's speech when it was broadcast live...

Skiptrace Trailer

The Age of Shadows 밀정

with English subs


Train to Busan

at AMC Cupertino this week...

A review.


Korean trailer

CWR Interview with Cardinal Koch

CWR Blog: The Problem of Europe’s Weak Christianity: An interview with Cardinal Kurt Koch, Part 1 By CWR Staff
"The presence of Islam in Europe calls into question a problematic fundamental conviction in Western societies: that religion should be shoved aside into the private sphere of the individual human being."

The Greatness of Benedict XVI: An interview with Cardinal Kurt Koch, Part 2 By CWR Staff

Not the Bryan Singer Movie

CWR Blog: Valkyrie and the German Resistance: Remembering the July 20th plot By Jerry Salyer

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