Saturday, January 23, 2021

Female Full-Auto Fridays

And if Bergoglio is the Obstacle to Unity?

And is he really looking for unity in Liberalism instead?

Salazar's Portugal

Friday, January 22, 2021

A Book I Won't Be Buying

Without knowledge of the Natural Law or a science of politike, one is left with incorrect attempts to diagnose what exactly is disordered about our political "order" and how that is to be remedied -- I refer both to the review and the book itself.

Let the Calls for Silencing Speech in the Name of Orthodoxy and Charity Begin

Meanwhile, the real reasons for vocal opposition remain unaddressed. This is the failure of the institutional Church and of the Roman Catholic version of Churchianity.

Not an Ad

I actually do wonder about the reliability of this product. Also, it seems to me that for a tertiary weapon, one should carry a fixed blade knive. For EC I don't know how much better an auto knife would be compared to a folder, and even a fixed blade might be better than an auto knife, especially as the fixed blade is more likely to be legal.

WEF Collaborators?

Also: This is Conservatism Now

The Oligarchy Will Just Cancel a Third Party

These people don't understand that mass politics is a no go for populism, nor have they fully realized the power of the oligarchs.


If there is to be a contemporary American application of this Confucian saying, it won't be by "conservatives," who have surrendered to feminism, but by red-pilled "deplorable" men who exercise true leadership over themselves and their families and make no apologies for it.

The Revolutionaries Subvert the Rest of the Left

Recruited to Promote Cato's Brand of "Libertarianism"

This is "representation"...

Is Home Rule Possible?

The Monarchists Care

Even if they too are statists, though unwittingly.

Post-Trump "Conservatism"

Laughable. This is what ISI will do: teach young people to cry "But muh Constitution" when it is violated and do nothing else but capitulate because of the importance of "Union." Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Inc. certainly has nothing to teach about the moral framework necessary for men to function in a real community/tribe, and like all "conservatives," it has surrendered to feminism. What needs to be done? We're past the point of just talking about copying Alinsky.

The DS at Work

Amash Looking for a New Grift

Norman I will excuse for now, but Amash, the professional politician, I won't.

On Board the WEF Train

Taleb Has His Own Version of TDS

The intellectuals think they are better than Trump, but they could never energize the base like he did.

Pushing the Population Control Agenda and Enabling Oligarchs "Who Know Better"

An Illegitimate Regime

Imperial Military of an Empire in Decline

Thursday, January 21, 2021

A Short Primer on Regenerative Agriculture


Superman and Louis

CW still trying...

"Women Are More Spiritual"

A Non-Sequitur

This is just stupid feminism.

St. Paul and the natural law? We don't need those any more!

We have too many male feminists with influence and in academia.

They Need to Hide Their Soyness

A Messenger who Conflicts with His Own Message

What of the devil's temptations to power, which can be found in imperial conceptions of the Church, one of which is Latin ultramontanism? Francis is the consequence of that and he embodies it.

Nothing of Practical Use Here

Just Latin intellectuals following the trends set by the cultural revolutionaries.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Victory of the Oligarchs?

A Needed Distraction

Herman Daly on Degrowth

An Invocation of Churchian Support for Statism

and the SJW gospel.

At best this is just more naive religious civic nationalism from Gomez. But the effect is the same: acquiescence to statism and state-coerced unity.

"Head of State"

A Good Article to Summarize the Day

Professional Conservative at Work

Operating with liberal premises in subjection to the state.

G*d Bless Hong Kong

Not a Boomer, Just a Delusional Utopian Leftist

Kyle Lamb with Jerry Miculek and Col. Lynn Ashley

More Propaganda: The World to Come

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Decline of a Think-Tank

An Institution Painted into a Corner by Its Ecclesiology

A Defense of What, Exactly?

American Empire at Work

Deflecting the Blame

The Anarcho-Primitivist Thesis, Again

Discussion with Helena Norberg-Hodge

Straight Pull Action Rifle

Dolly Parton's Birthday

More with Sierra Ferrell

Guess the SSH Status of the Writer of the Letter

Don't be that guy. Build up your tribe. At Dreher's blog, like attracts like, and he holds up those like him to be "reasonable" just like him. Confirmation bias and all that.


"Let My Love Be Heard"

CCP Imperial Policy

Boycott Netflix

Farewell Address?

We'll know tomorrow?

Robert E. Lee in the Post-War Years

Monday, January 18, 2021

Activating Your Foot Muscles

FUS Conference on Economics and the State

Christianity Unity? Or One World Religion?

AR-15 Pistols

What Extended the Usefulness of Slavery in the U.S.?

Taleb May be Wrong on Trump

But his take on localism is ok.

Chris Smaje on Where the Story Takes Us

Dreher Promoting the IDW

The Future of the (R)s is Female

Problematic Fructose

Neoliberalism in Ascendency

"Lieutenant General"

Feminism is Now Conservatism


Who Controls the UN?

The Oligarchs Don't Care About Escalating Because They Think They Will Win

Useless Churchian Institutions in Action

And of course the Pharisees, too...

A Chirp Too Dangerous for Facebook Community Standards

Promoting offline harm? Merely advice that goes against feminist orthodoxy.

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Not a Serious Kakistocracy

SJW Pope

A Woman Could Do That

Find Your Tribe