Saturday, March 16, 2019


Who need college anyways?

But celebrity mom probably didn't raise them to be the kind to have buns in the ovens early and to be good wives and mothers. No idea if Lori Loughlin played that kind of character on When Calls the Heart.

Whiskey Cavalier

Any good? (Doubt it.) Will it get renewed? Good to see that Scott Foley is getting work after The Unit.

L'Acte 18

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Wild Nights with Emily

Emily Dickinson...

Two from Joseph Pearce

What is Culture?

A Light in the East: Thoughts on Education from Japan

Does the Austrian School Have Any Relevance in the Age of Identity Politics?

Decentralization and the Common Good: A Conversation with Andy Smarick by ANDY SMARICK

Robert Carlson on the Ending of IHP

Killing Socrates: The Death of a Great Books Program by Robert K. Carlson

The Future

The Future is Rural: The Unexpected Consequence of Energy Descent by Jason Bradford

Anticipating the Coming of Troubles – Envisaging a Lifeboat Economy by Brian Davey

ChiComs Ruin Everything

AmConMag: How China Drained Hong Kong of Its Color by CG FEWSTON
Despite brave protests, it’s becoming just another third-tier city on the Chinese coastline.

The author uses an opposition between "self ego" and "collective ego" (or individualism and collectivism) as a basis for talking about differences in values but what's important is that any British legacy for Hong Kong in terms of self-governance will be stamped out.


What Should Supplement the Benedict Option?

Benedict Option & Christian Resilience By ROD DREHER

Ancient Faith Radio: Chastity, Purity, Integrity

What is still missing? A robust communitarianism that gives the principles necessary for community-formation and maintenance. That is a key to the ecclesial problem of the local Church, and the political problem of the state.


Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Not Quite Alt-Right

It features one a nuAmerican descended from immigrants from the old country... but at least it's a positive portrayal of an European culture and identity.

The Professor and the Madman

10th Group Video

Ruining Confederate Flag Day in Raleigh This Year

Abbeville Institute: Crazed Leftists Strike Again By Boyd Cathey

Unmasking the Administrative State: The Crisis of American Politics in the Twenty-First Century by John Marini

Encounter Books

AmConMag: The Dawn of Big Government and the Administrative State By PAUL GOTTFRIED
New book correctly diagnoses how non-elected agencies are running the country, but falls short on how it got this way.

Would you dare drink it?

Another on Carl Schmitt

Church Life: Political Theology’s Haunting of Contemporary Politics by Michael Altenburger

Erik Peterson’s Thought Erik Peterson and Carl Schmitt had met as early as 1919 but became better acquainted in 1924 when Peterson took a Church History and New Testament...

ANÚNA (with George Hutton)

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Why Bother With the Classics?

CWR Dispatch: “Yours Is The Wisdom”: Pagans, Doctors, and Fathers by Jerry Salyer

To ask why Christian students should bother reading Cicero when they have Saint Augustine is a little like asking why babies should bother learning to talk when they could be learning to sing.

Leftists Will F----- Hate Science


Wishful Thinking

Crux: Barron says Aquinas offers remedy to polarization, rise of ‘nones’ by Elise Harris

Dialogue will not erase differences in first principles, of which identity is one -- hence Aquinas cannot be a solution to identity politics.

The Uhmerican Woman

Captain RBF, Brie Larson, almost 30.
-uptalk. check
-vocal fry. check
-Valley Girl /tween diction and vocal modulations. check

RT on Aaron Clarey's Show

ANÚNA (with Éabha McMahon)

Cobra Kai Season 2

Master Z


Russian Faith: Romanovs100: Texas Premier for Immersive Photo Album of Murdered Russian Royal Family
The Romanov family comes from an era that could be called the dawn of private photography. They left behind thousands of photographs taken by their own cameras ― revealing the intimate life of the family ruling a country on the verge of a revolution.


Monday, March 11, 2019

Who First?

VDARE: Faith Goldy: Foreign Interests Above America First? | CPAC 2019

Redefining What an Anarchist Is

I concur with his claim that the state is the enemy of liberty and tradition [and community] but what exactly is he advocating in concrete terms?

AmConMag: Why True Conservatism Means Anarchy By ALEXANDER WILLIAM SALTER
For the sake of preserving liberty and tradition, conservatives should reject the state’s legitimacy.

A Truth Neocons Would Deny

AmConMag: Israel Is Not America’s Ally by Daniel Larison

Like several other regional clients, Israel has increasingly become a liability for the U.S.

Canada! Turning Its Back on English Freedom

Oakley SI Origin

Class in Texas

Manly Tools for Latins

Fr. Z: VIDEO: Blessing “Combat Rosaries” and Benedict Medals for the Pontifical Swiss Guard

Sunday, March 10, 2019

He Makes Concessions to the Industrialized Economy

But is still a sexist!

Putin Thanks Women for Taking Care of the Home and Staying Beautiful on Internatinal Women's Day

Wilson Combat Supergrade Commander Special 1911

Sincere But Still Mistaken?

Unz: Macron Calls for “European Renaissance” in Controversial Alt-Right Pivot by GUILLAUME DUROCHER

Why, indeed?

Unz: Why Do Some People Keep Repeating the Same Mistakes? by GILAD ATZMON

What Future for Higher Ed?

CWR: Bonfire of the Humanities: The Moorings of Academy Adrift by Anthony E. Clark, Ph.D.
We must choose between a commitment to the unmeasurable things that bring us refinement and solace, such as beauty, or the destructive path of pure pragmatism and economics, which engender apathy and narcissism.

Will they ever be embarrassed by their participation in this?

Probably not -- they're as bad as boomers.