Saturday, September 27, 2014

John Haldane Reflects on Celtic Lands

Why Scotland and Ireland Went Different Ways

Tazza 2 now in US Theaters

CJ Entertainment USA

Offensive to the East?

Site of so many Christological controversies in the Church of the first millenium...

Not very ecumenical. Some might respond that this is typical of the Latin mindset (or Latin simple-mindedness).

Humanity’s wounds and the theological “byzantisms” of Christians

The complete speech at Zenit.


Ethnic Extremist Leaves U.S. to Fight in Middle Eastern Tribal War by Steve Sailer
This is a good example of a general theme of mine: in 21st Century America, you can roughly divide white men up into conservatives and liberals based on their predilections toward loyalty. Everybody feels loyalties, but conservatives tend to be more motivated than liberals by loyalty or team spirit. And conservatives tend to experience their feelings of loyalty in a fairly natural concentric fashion, with their feelings of loyalty diminishing as they go outward to people less like themselves.
Tried Smashburger last week because of a coupon given to celebrate the grand opening of the new store over at Westgate in San Jose. I didn't try one of the shakes - I should have. As for what should be the main attraction, the burger - the patty was rather dry, not much fat left after it had been cooked. Maybe even drier than the patties at Five Guys. The fries were thin, shoestring - reminded me a bit of McD fries but maybe healthier. If I go again, I'll try one of the salads.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Update on Ciudad del Este

Pope removes Paraguayan priest who divided Church
One of the girls gave a presentation about some other little girl who was playing football with boys. Sad, though, when it came time for questions the boys were asking if she thought women could compete with men in any sport (or something like that), and she said no, citing the obvious differences in strength and structure between full-grown men and women. (This despite her stated intention of playing professional sports in what are now men's leagues.) Meanwhile some of the boys were calling her sexist for talking about sex differences which are obvious to a 5th grader. Uhmerica, this is your mass culture and your public education. Let it burn.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tomorrow Cantabile

Abrams and Company Blew Their Chance With the First One

Adrian... Monk.

Blessed Columba Marmion: a Life in the Trinity

Life Discernment Weekend at New Clairvaux Abbey.

A HIP Giant Has Passed

Kyrie eleison.

His website.

The Past is a Foreign Country: Why Making Music Matters

Imaginative Conservative: Aristotle on the Fullness of Social Living by Elizabeth Shaw

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Don Alvaro

Lee Yoon Ji

Affirmative Action Decided at the Top?

Greater representation by women on the International Theological Commission.

The Chant Café: Revolutionary appointments by Kathleen Pluth
Vatican Radio
Catholic Herald

Tea at Trianon: Headcoverings for Women

Tea at Trianon: Headcoverings for Women

Does Roman Canon Law override local custom? Could a local ordinary decide that women should be required to wear headcoverings, or that men and women should be separated in temple?

Kyrie Eleison.



subbed > dubbed

Good for the Japanese

What do they need a movie about talking apes for?

‘Rurouni Kenshin’ Beats ‘Apes’ at Japanese Box Office

Basil House

IBMA World of Bluegrass 2014

Back Tonight!

Scottish Gaelic

Monday, September 22, 2014

Carb Trafficking

Will Oliver Stone Carry Over His Criticism to Obama?

A Good Start

비밀의 문 - 의궤 살인사건

The Crossing

A New, International Trailer For John Woo’s THE CROSSING!!

Emma Watson on Tour

Vanity Fair

And of course the fashion-watchers were paying attention...

Peter Hitchens: Some Thoughts on Scotland After the Referendum

Daily Mail

Docudrama on Saints Cyril and Methodius

Falling Commodity Prices = ?

Low Oil Prices: Sign of a Debt Bubble Collapse, Leading to the End of Oil Supply by Gail Tverberg (Resilience)

The Notorious Topcliffe

The Notorious Topcliffe

Sunday, September 21, 2014