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A Second Failure

And yet all of the women were allegedly offered a third chance to be recycled, one more chance than men are given, if any?

And what do we hear from our Uhmerican bishops about this? Nothing.

Do we need any more signs that we live under an illegitimate regime?

Women fail to enter next phase of Ranger School
5 Women Drop out of U.S. Army Ranger School After Second Chance
Women in Ranger School Fail to Finish Grueling Course
All 8 women fail Ranger School: Some Rangers say standards should change (+video)
All Female Ranger Candidates Have Now Completely Failed Out
Final 8 females at Ranger School fail Darby Phase again, 3 to restart from beginning

Idol Culture

Twitch: Crowdfund This! THE LAND OF IDOLS Explores A Uniquely Japanese Phenomenon.

Parallels could be drawn with the rest of the Pacific Rim.

The Bishop and Fatherhood

Interesting question: what can a bishop teach us about fatherhood?

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Archbishop Cordileone's Address at Sacra Liturgia

Liturgical leadership in a secular society: A bishop’s perspective

Crux: Photos: Sacra Liturgia conference
In their quest to reform the liturgy, some Catholics hope to remake the culture


Liturgies at Sacra Liturgia USA 2015 - Program Announced

Memory Eternal.

The last priest of the Chinese Autonomous Orthodox Church reposes in Shanghai

World Over - 2015-06-04 - Norcia Monks Gregorian Chant, Fr. Cassian Folsom with Raymond Arroyo

FSSP Seminarians

NAC Waiting for Reform


Saw the latest newsletter, the recently-built chapel with the altar for practice ("dry") Masses was not very impressive at all.

Following the Footsteps of Uhm Jung Hwa

Who do you think her other half will be?

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Never Knew This Version Existed

Youtube is useful for something... his vocals don't compare to Lou Gramm...

Friday, June 05, 2015

陳慧嫻 - 飄雪

Human Interest Stories Abound

Here's a neat story from last month making the rounds (again) on the web today...

Posted by Vatican Radio - English Section on Tuesday, June 2, 2015

And They Couldn't Have Designed a Better One?

Abu Dhabi to inaugurate its second Catholic Church.

Posted by Vatican Radio - English Section on Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Bureaucratic Modern Nation-State

So easy to run, a woman can do it -- Pope holds a 47-minute conversation with the president of Chile

Pope Francis on Friday met with the President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet.

Posted by Vatican Radio - English Section on Friday, June 5, 2015

Pope Meets With President of ChileJust a Month Before Pope's Apostolic Visit to Latin America, They Discussed Situation, Challenges Facing Continent

Posted by Zenit News Agency on Friday, June 5, 2015

Does this matron inspire confidence?

More Girl Power Junk

Because we can't get enough...

Stitchers -- because it is more likely that they can find a woman who is able to get a control over emotions than a man.

Another season of Murder in the First

Stephen Bochco just trying to make a living, or working enthusiastically in the system?

More Trailers for Suffragette


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MacBeth UK Teaser

Orthodox Outreach

Have you been? What did you think? Watch this short video for more!

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Not the Absent, Distant Father of the Industrial Age

Medieval Fatherhood by Rachel Moss
Published in History Today Volume 65 Issue 6 June 2015

The ‘hands-on’ parenting style, so often thought to be unique to modern western society, has deep roots in the family life of the Middle Ages, argues Rachel Moss.

Disney XD

So Disney had to make a boy-friendly channel because it was alienating boys with its programming on the regular Disney channel?

Better to have a video library and books than to accept current programming from corporations?

More on the Benedict Option

Rod Dreher explains the ‘Benedict Option’
BreakPoint This Week: The Benedict Option

Rod Dreher: Babylon and the Benedict Option

There are the critics; the program has not been well-defined yet; Dreher undoubtedly intends to give a better explanation in his proposed book on the topic. How does the rebuilding of the political community relate to the reform of the local Church? If the hierarchy of the Church should not hold political power or coercive force, then what sort of political power should Christians try to attain? Or should there merely do what they can for the Church while submitting to the temporal power? Is political reform a realistic goal for Christians?

The good of communion with God (and other Christians) is distinct from civic friendship; the Christian laity should be aiming at both goods in their life with one another; the latter good is possible with their non-Christian neighbors of good will and who share their localism. The second is less possible with those Christians who are statists and support the usurpation of local authority by the national government.

How does the attempt to shore up their Christian faith relate to inculturation and evangelization? Should they uphold some older or more traditional form of culture at the risk of alienating potential converts? If Christians seek to uphold English and standards of Anglo culture, they may be accused of being "uncharitable" to members of other ethnic groups. Can they provide a coherent defense for seeking to pass on their culture? See What is to be Done? Samizdat Classical Education, for example.

Nor should we require a sort of uniformity in the culture of American Churches, certainly not Yankee Roman Catholicism.

William Cavanaugh has talked about the Church becoming a locus of politics or political life; I'll have to reread what he says but one must be careful to circumscribe ecclesial life and community even if the external actions of its members coincide with those of political or civic life. One can help a Christian neighbor fix his roof out of charity and civic friendship, for example. But the Church will never have the authority to legislate for the sake of the local community (and enforce it through punishment). And while Christian laymen are still subject to the current temporal (dis-)order they lack the power to do this, though they can excommunicate and shun.

Responding to this article by Dreher: Benedict Option--
The Benedict Option and the Lay Vocation by John T. Goerke
The Benedict Option: What Does It Really Mean? by R. Jared Staudt

More responses to Dreher:
The Jeremiah Option vs. the Benedict Option
The Benedict Option: Why the religious right is considering an all-out withdrawal from politics by Damon Linker
Benedict Option Reading Suggestions by Peter Blair
What Do We Make of the Benedict Option? by Steve Wedgeworth

Sons of the South

The Truth About Jefferson Davis By Robert McHugh
Jefferson Davis and The Lame Lion of Lynchburg By Brion McClanahan

The Prophetic Sage of Roanoke By John Devanny
Randolph of Roanoke By Russell Kirk

Norcia: Salve Regina


Tonight on EWTN:
Experience the daily life of the Benedictine Monks of Norcia, and watch as they record their new album, “Benedicta,” which contains ancient, never-before recorded Marian chants.
06/04/2015 07:30 PM (should be PST)

Fr. Cassian will be on tonight's episode of The World Over:

"World Over” Exclusive! Cardinal Walter Kasper addresses the question of whether the Pope actually endorsed his...

Posted by EWTN on Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Daniel Gabriel on Bob Baer's New Book

A CIA Guide to Assassination
The Perfect Kill: 21 Laws for Assassins, Robert B. Baer, Blue Rider Press, 352 pages

Another Bi-ritual Dominican Soon?

NLM: Ordinations and First Masses in the Dominican Central Province

Fr Rooney has hitherto enjoyed faculties also serve as deacon in the Byzantine Rite from Bishop John Kudrick of the Eparchy of Parma, and now that he has been ordained, has applied to Rome for faculties to celebrate the Byzantine Rite as a priest. While waiting for those faculties, he celebrated a Divine Liturgy in thanksgiving with Bishop Kudrick’s permission at the St Louis Byzantine Catholic Mission.

Rhonda Vincent, "Heartbreaker's Alibi"

Check out this video of "Heartbreaker's Alibi" with Dolly from 2006. It's from the double Grammy nominated CD "All American Bluegrass Girl!! Rhonda Vincent

Posted by Rhonda Vincent on Wednesday, June 3, 2015

WGM Announcements

Are you sad to see WGM Song Jae rim and Kim So eun couple and WGM Henry & Kim Yewon Couple leave the show?“We Got Married” Announces Air Date for Song Jae Rim (송재림), Yewon’s Last Episode

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Living Tradition Symposium

Kim Ha Neul in Female Teacher

Kim Ha Neul cast in an upcoming movie!

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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

A Benedictine Considers the Benedict Option

‘Opzione Benedetto’ Turning Up All Over

One of the things that needs to be clarified is that while we may be part of some sort of social organization, whatever you want to call it, it is not a community. And I take the Benedict Option, regardless of how Alasdair MacIntyre or Rod Dreher may explain it, to be a re-assertion of the order of charity. One does not withhold the practice of charity from non-Christians, but in the political order one needs to determine who can be considered a civic friend and one who is not.

Missed This

April 19-25, 2015. The Ricci Institute recently hosted Dr. James B. Lewis, University Lecturer in Korean history and...

Posted by The Ricci Institute on Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April 23, 2015. Dr. James Lewis, University Lecturer in Korean history and Fellow of Wolfson College at Oxford,...

Posted by The Ricci Institute on Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Photos: First Mass

Photos of the First Mass of Fr. Gabriel Thomas Mosher, OP, at St. Albert the Great Priory in Oakland. He was assisted by Rev. Br. Christopher Brannan, OP, one of our newly ordained deacons.

Posted by Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology on Wednesday, June 3, 2015

How a Violin is Made

Fiddle Friday: How a violin is made.

Posted by Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse on Friday, May 29, 2015

At the Freight This Month

Jean Ritchie

Remembering Jean Ritchie today and grateful for all the incredible music she gave us. The The New York Times obituary...

Posted by Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse on Tuesday, June 2, 2015

"Lyrical voice of Appalachia".... and so much more.

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Has E! made a movie telling the true story behind CHiPs?

Did Larry Wilcox have a legitimate gripe against the producers, or were the producers merely giving Estrada the attention he deserved because his Ponch was perceived to be the exciting, sexy, non-Anglo character by female viewers, while Wilcox's Jon Baker was a boring white guy? What ultimately lead to the declining ratings, a decrease in the quality of the show because of the constant cast changes (and a loss of quite a few of the minor characters), or the loss of the rapport between Jon and Ponch? Maybe Ponch wasn't such a dominant factor in the show's success as the producers thought, regardless of what some female fans might have thought?

The Philanthropic Revolution

Front Porch Republic: The Philanthropic Revolution: An Alternative History of American Charity by Jeremy Beer

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Assist at a Mass

Dominican Liturgy: Dominican Rite Masses of Thanksgiving, Bay Area, California

Edit. The above post has been deleted. A revised list can be found here.

梅艷芳 - 似水流年

Monday, June 01, 2015

An Uhmerican Prelate

From the Archdiocese of New York, this page with, among other things, the audio of Cardinal Dolan's homily for Trinity Sunday

Posted by Vatican Radio - English Section on Monday, June 1, 2015


What's the Story...

Behind a female president in Croatia?

Here are a few more from the audience Pope Francis gave to the President of the Republic of Croatia, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, on Thursday.

Posted by Vatican Radio - English Section on Thursday, May 28, 2015

Pope Francis received the president of the Republic of Croatia, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, on Thursday. Here are a few snaps from the audience.

Posted by Vatican Radio - English Section on Thursday, May 28, 2015

Here are some moments from the Holy Father's day, which included meetings with Croatian President Kolinda...

Posted by Zenit News Agency on Thursday, May 28, 2015

President on Pope Visiting Croatia: Unlikely This or Next YearDiscusses Canonization of Blessed Alojzije Stepinac

Posted by Zenit News Agency on Saturday, May 30, 2015

Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović Meets With Pope Francis Collaboration Between Church and State, Canonization Cause of Blessed Aloysius Stepinac Among Issues Discussed

Posted by Zenit News Agency on Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Newly Ordained

Meet our newly ordained Dominican priest!

Posted by Western Dominican Vocations on Monday, June 1, 2015

Check out the first photos from the Ordination of our brothers last Saturday! More photos coming soon . . .

Posted by Western Dominican Vocations on Monday, June 1, 2015

The Story of Gallipoli, From Another Perspective

The Gallipoli cmpaign in light of documents in the Vatican Secret Archives.

Posted by Vatican Radio - English Section on Sunday, May 31, 2015

Money Down the Toilet

ICYMI: The first new Catholic high school to be built in Santa Clara County in over 50 years will be named… #TVCstory

Posted by Diocese of San Jose on Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sturmgewehr STG44

His MG 74 video: