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"I Feel"

As men have become subjugated to a female-centered social order, they have adopted female speech patterns and diction, with one example being the replacement of "I think" with "I feel." This is true even in academic discourse or discussion, though with the increasing number of women displacing men, I should say "especially true." This underscores the old stereotype of women being emotional, but it needs to be explicated through modern psychology -- RT talks about female behavior, Instinct-Emotion-Reason.

With respect to speculative matters, judgement of particulars is perhaps not so influenced by emotion, but there could be associations that nonetheless have an effect on judgment. But with respect to practical matters? Emotion can easily prevent right judgment from being developed. Perceiving or judging whether someone is a good or evil? Easily affected by emotion, and if one by nature perceives the world through emotion first, then it is necessary to have some sort of external check on this.

Similarly, with respect to general statements, a woman can take a negative general statement (such as generalizations about female [behavioral] psychology) and think that it applies to her as well, or that it is an implicit criticism of her. (NAWALT) And there is also the phenomenon of female outrage, which may be driven by a separate need but is nonetheless linked to this. Third, there is the need to protect one's self-image from anything that might affect it. We hear about low self-esteem among women, but is that really due to social pressure? Or is it linked to a desire for some good, and perceiving defects in herself that would impede her from attaining that good?

Does emotion contribute to practical reason? Of course it does. But is it the sole determinant? No. Perception of moral reality is dependent upon virtue to govern the emotions. But male virtue is different from female virtue because male psychology is different from female psychology. Hence the talk of developing a female-centered ethics by women is pointless, because most women need an external check on their emotion and to order it properly.

Always Get It in Writing


Jay Ungar & Molly Mason

Vietnamese Chant

CNA: This unique chant brings Vietnamese Catholics deeper into Christ’s Passion

L'Acte 23


Why is this Seder different from all other Seders? by Ira Glunts (also posted at Dissident Voice)

How old are these texts for the Seder meal to which the author refers in his article? And what sort of Pharisee is he, orthodox, conservative, or reform?

A Story of Survival

Cavatina from The Deer Hunter

Friday, April 19, 2019

A Sculpted Icon

The Met: Icon with the Crucifixion

Culturally Conditioned Responses?

Living up (or down) to expectations? Or are the girls exaggerating their reactions for the sake of the show? (Or under direction from those in charge?)

But, probably their reaction isn't too excessive, i.e. they are bringing shame upon themselves by acting like this, or their behavior wouldn't be frowned upon or socially disapproved. So even if the women are acting in an exaggerated manner, this is expected or they are being held to a set of standards for women. (Would standards of decorum have been different for the wives of samurai? Perhaps.)

Would such a display of fear be tolerated from men? And yet in various prank ghost videos involving Japanese men, many of those men are seen to be cowering in fear. The consequences of not being enlightened by Christ?

I've read the claim made that women have "traditionally" prefer men who are connected to their aesthetic and emotional sides, along with the claim that in Asian to be successful (in dating) one must tone down one's masculinity. I find this doubtful -- men in East Asia are generally not interested in physical dominance, nor are they raised to value it. And women, who tend to be arrested in adolescence in their adulation of soft-looking male idols may not be interested in the hard, alpha male for reasons other than a lack of physical attractiveness. They may be prioritizing someone who is financially stable and secure and yet seemingly polite (or "cultured" according to East Asian standards), not someone who is rough. And one should also ask whether these women are sexually attracted to those men, or if they are with them to get the ring, later withholding sex after they've had a child or two.

The Mark of Cain

Thoughts on the Protected Race by Andrew Joyce

I was reminded of how much protection was supposed to be given to Pharisees during the Middle Ages, thanks to the popes, while listening to an interview of EMJ. I was also thinking of Cain in relation to capital punishment -- if Cain actually did spread his moral disorder elsewhere, then why wasn't he killed, or why didn't God allow him to be killed by others? He was kept alive for a reason, than what is that reason? To witness to what?

If the Pharisees are Cain, then who then is Abel? Christ Himself? Or those who become the image of Christ?

Happy Happy Soy Soy

So much soy in the crowd. No wonder Disney is still getting box office pull for their failed franchise.

More soy:

Meanwhile, "I'm a gamer nerd too!"



Yankee Patriot's Day
PHOTOS: Battle of Lexington reenactment article and photos

244th Anniversary

Thursday, April 18, 2019

High-Trust Societies

A misnomer or an erroneous description? Which came first, that sort of naive trust in others, or the dependability and accountability upon which trust depends? It seems to me that high-trust societies, if they can be called that, are so because of the social capital accumulated. It originally was not naive trust (though that may be the form it has now, since whites hardly know one another but presume that the other conforms to the standards of white culture), but trust that had been tested and earned.

(So is it the rise of the nuclear family and the replacement of kinship ties with broader ones that is to explain for the creation of high-trust societies?)

If it is true... another Abrams MYSTERY BOX!

If it is true, the franchise has turned to an even bigger joke.

Warning. Short-sighted Thinking Ahead.

The Feminine Imperative at work.

"Destroying the brand of the Boy Scouts of America is ok because it provides a safe space for girls to be girls with other girls!"

Clueless about long-term ramifications on the brand for boys.

NCReg: How the Boy Scouts are Teaching Girls about True Womanhood by Jennifer Fitz
BSA’s troops for girls are proving, ironically, to be a bulwark against the muddy seas of gender confusion.

Blake Shelton, "God's Country"

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

High School Status Plays

Is it true that for adolescents, given their immaturity and the casual familiarity between the sexes, that the pretty people are automatically the popular people, with the unattractive seeking to be associated with them on this basis? It makes sense that jocks, who are physically attractive males, would be at the social apex -- who, then, are the women who occupy the top social stratum of high school? Those who are physically attractive have in the past become cheerleaders and the like. Or is it those females who associate with the "alpha" males of high school but are not necessarily the most attractive? What about now? It seems to me that in the past at least there were two different groups, one for males and one for females, though members of both would interact with one another. And they would use their perceived popularity (or fame) to do things like run for student body office or run a club, so that they could use their status to help them on their college applications. At least that seems to be true for the better high schools in the Bay Area, where most are college-bound. But some are not interested in the academic rat race and enjoy being part of that social circle for the status and also for the access to parties and like-minded people.

Given the ethnic heterogeneity of many of the high schools in the Bay Area, who are the females who now occupy this place? And do they only think they occupy this place, or is their status acknowledged even by members of other ethnic groups?

Piero San Giorgio Comments: Notre Dame de Paris vivra tant que votre foi vivra

Eternal Memory

Aleteia: Fr. James V. Schall, S.J., noted political philosopher, dead at 91

Weigel Still Recycling Material

in reference to Rod Dreher's post linked here.

First Things: THE EASTER EFFECT TODAY by George Weigel (probably will also be published at CWR -- edit. and here it is)

BP Still Producing Material

The Arrogance of nuAmericans

VDARE: If Ilhan Omar Is American, No One Is American by James Kirkpatrick

The Democrats’ Coming Sister Souljah Moment by James P. Pinkerton

Duped or Willing Cooperator?

VDARE: Why Teenage Climate Crusader Greta Thunberg Is A “Watermelon”—And Why She May Change by Lance Welton
In the middle of March, teenage school students around Europe went on “strike” to protest against their governments’ failure to do enough to combat “Climate Change”. [How Greta Thunberg's school strike...

Will the Editors Like the Answer?

The editors of The American Conservative ask: "what is it that we are trying to conserve?"

At this point, traditional Anglo-America, against those who seek to replace it. Are they afraid of this answer?

There Are Those Who Still Care About the Franchise

I'm not one of them. I follow the decisions of Disney Corp. and Lucasfilm just for laughs.

The Saker Interviews Dmitry Orlov

Here. is currently down.

The interview is sure to upset Ukrainian nationalists. But this feud between cousins shouldn't be the problem of Catholics or Orthodox, nor sure it be elevated that level. And in itself, it shouldn't be a problem of Americans.

The Five Stages of Collapse

The Brion McClanahan Show Episode 223: Rethinking Thomas Jefferson

Mandolin Orange, "Golden Embers"

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

What is this junk?

"Let's use Kurdish female soldiers to bolster our narrative!"

Kyle Lamb on Using a Hand-Held Light

Latin Bishops Doing the Job

of secular humanists.

Bringing Discredit to Christianity

by equating it with pacificism.

Gee, why are you Latin bishops failing to retain men in your churches?

Should absolutist pacificism be declared a heresy?

Have Voters Lost Faith in Elections?

What percentage of registered or qualified ethnic European voters actually participate in such elections?

AmConMag: Populism Hits an Establishment Roadblock in Europe By Paul Gottfried
Contra conventional wisdom, nationalist movements are having a hard time accessing real power.

So There Will Be a Sequel

To Space Battleship Yamato 2202; should have checked before completing that last post.

Anime News Network: Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Anime Gets New Sequel

Thanks Be to God

Structure of Notre Dame Saved After Major Fire

NCReg: Photos: The Great Holy Week Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral - The Editors
The fire, which began early Monday evening, sent flames and huge clouds of gray smoke billowing into the Paris sky as stunned Parisians and tourists watched on in horror.

CWR Dispatch: Sleepers Awake: What We Had, We Have Lost by Amanda C.R. Clark, Ph.D.
A Requiem for the Holy Week Fire of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Marilisa Carney

NCREG: Meet the Real-Life Marilisa From “Unplanned” by Carrie Gress
An interview with the real-life Marilisa Carney, who was played by Emma Elle Roberts in “Unplanned”

Country Music Continues to Push the Feminist Message

If Little Big Town is the future of commercial country music, then country music has no commercial future.

Pretending to be the same as men will not cure the problem is female discontent; even Dennis Prager is starting to acknowledge this. "Woman, thy name is Eve."

Soldier Systems Daily Wrap Up for the USASOC Sniper Competition

More of E. Michael Jones with Owen Benjamin

Monday, April 15, 2019

How long before they game the competition

So a woman or a pair of women can win?

How long before...

they're banned from all social media?

iirc, their FB page has already been deleted.

The French Version of the Roman Rite

As bad as any broadcast Mass in the United States, and of course there is the cantrix.


I saw Unplanned last week -- better than what I had expected from a movie associated with Pure Flix and the movie is clear as to what abortion is. Because of that, I don't expect many ardent supporters of abortion to watch the movie; will it convince middle-of-the-road millenials? How many of them would be willing to give the movie a chance?

Abortion is tool of death and destruction for the leftists and the capitalist-statist elites. While some women may be victims of abortion, others are more culpable in their intentionality, and I agree with a friend -- how can doctors and peddlers of abortion who know what it does to babies be anything than monsters? Where is the justice?

MVT on Gear

Soy Face

Asian-Canadian Rob Lim of This Incredible Life puts his on display in a publicity photo: This Abnormal Life: How a Nice Guy™ Predictably Gets Played for a Chump

Will this Be the Bond Reboot?

Apropos to Notre Dame Burning

CWR: Cardinal Sarah and Sunset of the West by Dr. Samuel Gregg
Cardinal Robert Sarah’s new book offers a bracing assessment of the state of Western culture, seeking to awaken Western societies to the truth about themselves.



Another trailer.

A Divine Sign and Warning to France

"The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord."

Dreher Has Read Weyrich

Now he has to read Lind.

To be sure, Wolfgang isn’t entirely approving of the Benedict Option: 
No one in Christian life today fills the space that Neuhaus/Novak/Weigel did 20 years ago. No one has a comprehensive vision of the near-future like theirs, and no one offers a battle plan like theirs. In that empty space, we get Patrick Deneen and Rod Dreher. They’re smart guys who are trying to think our way out of this. But they haven’t answered the challenges either. 
I can’t really argue with him there, but in my own defense (and in partial defense of George Weigel), the challenges are so massive and protean that I don’t think it’s possible to discern a comprehensive vision of the near-future, much less formulate a battle plan.

AmConMag: Benedict Option: What Else Is There? by ROD DREHER


Why target China? What is his overall goal in doing so?

AmConMag: Steve Bannon Declares War on China by
His provocative new think tank flays the Communist nation, an issue that divides foreign policy realists today.

Doesn't Hulu Want to Make Money?

Who's going to watch this? Ramy

Rod Dreher: Why Convert To Islam?
Lessons for Christians from a young Briton’s conversion

Critical Race Theory

Abbeville Institute: Critical Race Theory and the Verdict of R.L. Dabney By Boyd Cathey
Back last year an OpEd piece showed up in The [Raleigh NC] News & Observer by one Professor John Biewen, who is Audio Program Director at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University in… »

Jake Owen, "Down to the Honkytonk"

The refrain is just too catchy.

E. Michael Jones with Owen Benjamin

Also on Owen Benjamin's channel.

Uniforms of the US Army

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Is Texas Doomed?

American War Fighter

The first trailer, from 2017...