Friday, May 22, 2020

A Federal Bailout for Catholic Schools?

If Catholic schools should get a Federal bailout, how about public schools? Private schools? Are there any organizations that shouldn't get a bailout? How about non-profit organizations or charitable organizations?

We should be asking what purposes schools serve. Too many Catholic primary and secondary schools have reoriented themselves to giving their students the sort of education they need in order to be "prepared for college or university." What sort of "religious" education are they providing for their students? How many students have left a Catholic school only to become a "none" later in life?As far as I'm concerned, those schools that failed to anticipate and adapt for collapse should go out of  business; if it doesn't happen now, it will definitely happen later as the economy shrivels up.

If having a sustainable Catholic education system were that important to them, Catholics shouldn't have immigrated and voluntarily become wage slaves  in a non-Catholic land to industrialized and urbanized economies that have become increasingly fragile. They should have either stayed in their native lands and worked for reform (even if the authoritarianism of the state and the Church made that difficult) or they should have moved to rural areas where they could have set up their own communities and economies (as some Catholic immigrants did). Now they must accept the consequences of the poor decisions they and their forebears have made. There is no easy remedy to that lack of foresight.

First Things: The Idea of the Catholic School by C. C. Pecknold

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