Sunday, March 01, 2020

One Peter Five

I rarely have time for 1P5 podcasts, but the last one, on the LCs, was good.

In general I find the articles at 1P5 and the commentariat participating in the combox to be reactionary, showing ignorance of other ecclesial traditions, and a presumption that the Latin ecclesial tradition is normative for the Church. A Latin triumphalist view of salvation history is still operative in the minds of Latin traditionalists. Steve Skojec seems like he might be more open-minded and willing to learn more about alternatives to the Latin view, but then his associates on his website seem like they are strict Latin traditionalists.

I was somewhat of a Latin traditionalist for a while, but exposure to the Church Fathers, other ecclesial traditions and other viewpoints on Church history in order to be more ecumenical towards other Apostolic Christians helped me grow beyond that. Are Latin traditionalists willing to take the same step?

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